The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 15 - The Race Against Time - Continued

Taylor jerked and opened his eyes rasping for a deep breath of air. At the same time Ike and Zac woke up also as Haelz bolted over to them seeing that their faces had a look of fear and confusion as they looked around them.
"Dad? The black hole. Nodrow is in the black hole!" Taylor screamed in agony sitting up on the bed feeling his head spin. Walker saw that Ike and Zac sat up also looking just as fearful.
"You can see him Tay? Is he alright?" Walker asked fearfully sitting down next to him. Taylor leaned against him with his body shaking uncontrollably.
"He...he is so..." Taylor began licking at his lips.
"He's scared. He can't fight the pull." Zac finished with tears misting in his eyes. Everyone stood in shock not knowing what to do.
"I can't lose the bond. I have to stay with him. I..I see him..." Taylor whispered as he slowly looked up into his father's concerned eyes. Walker crinkled his eyebrows together not understanding what Taylor meant.


Nadroj reached out to his Taylor just as the hole sucked him in. Fear engulfed his mind as the darkness surrounded his being. He felt the link with Taylor as he tried to fight the magnetic waves that tingled against his skin. He slowly turned trying to see the entrance but all he could see was blackness. His body swirled with the rainbow colors causing a light source around him.
"My Taylor! Help me!" He screamed in agony knowing that somehow he must hold the bond with the young one or he could be lost forever in time. He noticed that the uncontrollable powers stopped as the cold blackness drew him in deeper. He could feel that Taylor passed out and then somehow he could feel Isaac and Zac also. He wondered why all three minds were suddenly connected to his.
"Nodrow?" Taylor shouted in his mind as tears of intense emotion overwhelmed him.
"My young ones. The black hole has captured me. Please help me." Nadroj expressed with desperation and fear.
"You can't get out? How? How do we do it?" Zac asked with his voice cracking with emotion.
"I don't know!" Nadroj cried with fear as he felt the saddness engulf Taylor, Ike and Zac.
"They are trying to wake us. I can't wake up! I hear my father's voice." Taylor moaned feeling his brothers fear.
"Wake up Taylor! You have to help me and the only way is through them. They must know what to do." Nadroj explained sensing that Taylor was fighting to open his eyes.
"I can't! If I wake up will you be alright Nodrow? I..I..."
"Yes my Taylor. But don't lose the bond. The link is the only way out!" Nadroj expressed strongly when he felt his body drift to the right. He felt the pull drawing him in further as if the black hole had a mind of it's own.
"What was that?" Ike questioned sensing the pull against Nadroj's body.
"Don't worry my young one. I must not lose control or this blackness will absorb my body." Nadroj said concentrating on only the bond that was formed between them.
"Nodrow? I will hold the link and never let go!" Taylor avowed with emotion in his voice.
Nadroj could feel Taylor open his eyes and saw him look up into Walker's concerned eyes. Nadroj bowed his head as he shivered from the cold.


Neque squatted down in front of Taylor and gently grabbed his hands looking deeply into his eyes. She knew that somehow the young ones were still linked to their Nadroj.
"Tell me my young one....are you still together?" Neque crooned softly watching Taylor nod his head as he bit at his lower lip looking scared.
"Yes. We have to hold the bond with him. If I lose it... he'll be..be..." Taylor rasped with dread filling his heart at the thought. He looked over at his brothers who nodded understanding his fear.
"Thank the great one that he reached you before the hole pulled him in. Without you he would be lost." Neque expressed reaching up and gently caressed the side of cheek.
"How are we going to get him out of there?" Zac broke in as everyone turned to look at him.
"I want to read the Book of Serpow. Even without it I know that you three are the answer." Neque informed them as they all looked at one another and swallowed hard.
"But if we go in that... that black hole won't we be lost then too?" Isaac asked looking at her as she stood up and walked over to him sitting down next to him. Ike looked up at her with questioning eyes.
"No my Ike. You won't go in the hole. That would be wrong. Somehow we have to pull him out of there." Demi said standing at the end of the bed near Taylor.
"Umm... maybe I can pull him out." Zac announced as everyone turned to look at him wondering what he was thinking. Zac rubbed his hands against his thighs nervously.
"How Zac? We..." Taylor began.
"Well we are connected with him now and I thought that maybe I could pull him out with my...."
"I don't think you have the strength against a black hole Zac." Ike sadly said running his hand through his hair.
"Guys? Aren't we forgetting something here?" Taylor asked smiling a little when everyone turned to him.
"What?" Ike asked wondering what his brother was getting at.
"We are together. When Nodrow bonded with my mind you were somehow pulled in also. Our powers...I think...are now working closely together since we reached a new level in our bodies. If Zac uses his telekinetic powers we all will work together as one." Taylor explained noticing that Zac was now smiling and looking excited.
"I know what you mean Tay. Since we were pulled in by Taylor when Nodrow bonded with you we came in too. I think from now on we will never use our powers separately anymore. We really are three minds as one!" Zac breathlessly stated as their alien friends glowed in a shade of bright gold.
"You are right my young one. We have to save our Nadroj as soon as possible before the black hole starts to absorb his powers." Haelz said with deep concern as she gently ran her hand down Zac's hair on the back of his head.
Walker looked at Taylor noticing he was staring off into space. He remembered how Nadroj did the same when they were trying to save Taylor from the Faction. It felt weird thinking how the tables had turned with Nadroj needing his sons help. He wished somehow he could tell Nadroj that everything would be alright.
"He's going in deeper guys. I see him." Taylor expressed sadly wishing he could somehow reach out and touch him in his pain.
"I know Tay. We better do something now!" Ike said standing up looking anxious.
"You must go in alone my young ones." Neque informed them while Walker frowned looking up at her.
"What do you mean? I don't want them to get hurt." Walker said with concern watching Taylor stand up and then turned to face him.
"Dad? We will be fine. I know how to travel the rips. We have to save Nodrow. I don't know how to explain this to you, but our bond will protect us." Taylor stated and then saw his father nod with understanding.
"I believe you Tay. Just be careful and let us see what is happening out there. Okay?" Walker declared sternly as Taylor smiled at him.
"We will Dad." Ike affirmed walking up next to Taylor. Zac stood up and walked up behind Ike. Walker looked at his sons and nodded. He watched them go to the center of the room and saw them open a rip into the tides.
"It really looks bad in there." Zac stated looking a little unsure of going in. Taylor grabbed his hand and squeezed gently.
"We'll be alright." Taylor exclaimed feeling Ike slip his hand into his. Zac smiled as the powers between them became as one. Walker saw a blue light surround his sons as they stepped through into the balance of the tides.

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