The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 15 - The Race Against Time

Taylor enjoyed the bath as he stood by a mirror combing his wet hair when suddenly his vision faded and he could only see a ominous blackness before him. He sucked in a sharp breath sensing danger around him.
"Nodrow?" Taylor thought desperately knowing that his friend was in terrible pain. He dropped the comb hearing it clatter against the floor. Taylor carefully turned around reaching his hands out in front of him wanting to reach the door. Fear struck his heart knowing that something was happening to Nadroj as he rubbed at his eyes trying to clear his vision, but he still couldn't see anything but blackness before him. He took several steps suddenly feeling the door and felt it slide open. Taylor stood frozen to the spot not knowing where to go as his eyes grew wide with fear.
Rotcod and Don turned around hearing Taylor enter the room and then wondered why he was sweating and had a look of pure terror covering his face.
"Nodrow?" Taylor mumbled shivering in fear as he stared into space. Don jumped up from his chair and ran over to him with Rotcod following behind.
"Tay? What's wrong?" Don asked noticing that Taylor didn't seem to hear him. Rotcod gently placed his hand on his shoulder while his body glowed in a light shade of green, sensing there was something very wrong.
"Nooooooo..." Taylor moaned in a whisper as tears filled his eyes.
"Taylor?" Don asked again grabbing him by the shoulders trying to make Taylor look into his eyes.
"Black... black hole..." Taylor rasped in a whisper when he suddenly rocked forward collasping into Don's arms. Don saw Taylor's eyes roll to the back of his head as he lifted him up into his arms carrying him back over to his bed placing him down gently. Rotcod bent over him wondering why the young one said the words 'black hole'.

Zac sat by the crystal window enjoying the view of the planet feeling content thinking about his alien friends. He felt a relief knowing that soon they would be able to help Nadroj with the new gland that was growing in the lab, that they took from his brother. The only thing that confused him was how Don and Rotcod were going to perform the operation knowing that it was difficult to even get near Nadroj in his present condition. Zac turned his head and saw Isaac sitting next to Neque discussing something with his father as they leaned over looking at something on the table. Slowly he stood up wondering what was being discussed and wanted to find out. He took a step when suddenly everything went black.
"What the?" Zac moaned with fear realizing that somehow he was feeling and seeing through Nodroj's eyes. He heard Ike cry out also screaming Nadroj's name.

"Ike?" Walker questioned wondering why his son suddenly bolted up and had a look of pure terror cross his face. He turned and saw that Zac was in the same state. Neque stood up and gently put her arm around his shoulders glowing in a shade of light blue.
"Noooooo..." Ike and Zac said in unison when their bodies began to shiver violently.
"What's going on?" Walker shouted standing up and ran over to Zac who was just staring into space with beads of sweat pouring down his face. He grabbed Zac by the shoulders and shook him gently hoping he could somehow snap him out of this trance like state he seemed to be trapped in.
"Zac? Can you hear me?" Walker rasped with emotion as his heart started to race with fear.
"Black... the hole..." Zac crooned in a whisper when his legs gave out from under him. Walker caught him and flipped his body up into his arms seeing that Zac passed out. He turned noticing that Ike was in the arms of Neque also. He couldn't understand why both his sons were out cold. He jumped slightly when Don burst into the room with a look of concern and worry covering his face.
"Taylor! Something is very wrong. We can't wake him. He..." Don yelled and then stopped looking at Walker and Neque holding Zac and Isaac in their arms sensing fear in the room.
"What? What is happening here?" Walker cried out desperately as he walked over to Neque with his heart pounding violently in his chest.
"Oh God. They must be feeling the same thing as Taylor." Don expressed with concern feeling totally helpless.
"Tay passed out too? Why?" Walker moaned looking down at Zac in his arms as tears filled his eyes. He didn't like how pale his son looked.
"Bring them to the lab. I think something happened to Nodrow. Taylor said something about a black hole before he passed out." Don explained as they quickly went down the hallway.
"Zac said the same thing." Walker mumbled feeling out of breath carrying his son through the open door, following Neque and Don into the lab. He saw Rotcod petting Taylor's head gently with his body in a shade of light blue. He turned watching them carry the other too young ones and gently laid them down on two other beds in the room that Don and him were using to rest.
"It happened to them too?" Rotcod questioned looking deeply into Neque's sad eyes. She nodded sadly looking down at Isaac and then turned and glanced at Taylor and Zac also.
"They are very interconnected. What ever one feels the other two will feel also. Our Nadroj must have reached out to Taylor and they all feel him." Neque explained noticing Walker frowned and that his hands were shaking while he gently caressed Zac's face.
"Zac? Zac can you hear me? Wake up!" Walker begged noticing that Zac wouldn't react to his touch.
"My Walker? It is Taylor who has to wake up first. Taylor is causing this reaction in all of them. I fear that something terrible has happened to our Nadroj. We have to wake him up so we will know just what it is that is going on out in the tides of the balance." Neque stated with deep concern walking over to the bed where Taylor laid looking very pale with beads of sweat dripping down the sides of his face. Walker came up behind her and then squatted down next to the bed with tears filling his eyes.
"Tay? Come on... wake up! You have to wake up!" Walker shouted gently slapping the side of Taylor's right cheek. He noticed that Taylor didn't move or react to his plea. He tried again with no luck.
"Taylor!? Wake up son!" Walker exclaimed lifting Taylor's upper body into his arms and felt his son's head flop onto his shoulder. He grabbed his head lovingly pressing it against him. He rocked his body a little feeling totally helpless.
"Why won't he wake up Rotcod?" Don hissed feeling his stomach turn into knots. Rotcod just stood watching and waiting while he stared at the man holding his young one. He was amazed at the love he saw in Walker's eyes. These humans were very fascinating to him.
"Taylor? I'm right here. You have to wake up so we can help." Walker whispered gently when he suddenly felt Taylor move. He let Taylor drop down a little in his arms and gazed deeply at his son's face. He could see that Taylor was fighting to wake up. Taylor let out a soft moan opening his mouth slightly.
"Keep talking to him my Walker. He hears you." Neque murmured watching intently.
"That's right Tay. Keep fighting. You have to wake up." Walker cooed softly watching Taylor's facial expressions. He saw a tear drip out of from under his right eyelid. Just then Mayte and Haelz entered the room glowing in shades of blue knowing that something was wrong. Demi followed them into the room looking just as concerned.
"What has happened my wiseone?" Demi asked with concern seeing that the young ones were all laying on the beds. Neque stood up and faced them bowing her head hating to tell them that something terrible was going on with Nadroj.
"My Demi and Mayte? I am afraid for our Nadroj. I think the black hole has..." Neque began noticing that Mayte's body changed into a shade of green.
"NO! Not my Nadroj! Mayte moaned in fear sensing the danger surrounding her young one. Demi and Haelz put their arms around her trying to comfort her.

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