The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 14 - Lost In Time - Continued

Taylor jumped feeling Ike and Zac were near him. He turned seeing them looking as confused as he was.
"Taylor?" Zac asked wondering why his brothers were in his dream.
"I'm so exhausted. This dream is weird." Taylor said when Ike turned and looked at him with a shocked look on his face.
"What do you mean Tay? You're in my dream." Ike stated smiling looking at both of his brothers.
"No. This is... but this is... wait a minute here, I know that I am not dreaming." Taylor said as he shifted onto his side with his eyes closed.
"Yeah... I hear them talking. But why are we together like this? Zac? Are you creating the link?" Ike asked feeling a little angry and annoyed.
"No. I'm not doing anything. I want to sleep! Why can't I sleep? I'm really tired." Zac moaned defending himself.
"I want to sleep too. Let's go to sleep guys." Taylor declared looking at both of them sadly.
"Yeah I will end this connection." Ike boldly stated as his brothers watched seeing nothing happening.
"Well?" Zac asked looking at Ike waiting for him to go.
Ike licked his lips nervously and then a bolt of fear went through him.
"I can't seem to end this!" Ike said fearfully as Taylor bowed his head.
"Why is this happening to us? It seems like we are in some kind of other time balance." Taylor exclaimed when he saw a darkness suddenly surround them.
"What do you mean Tay? Like we are lost or something?" Zac fearfully expressed suddenly feeling weird. He could sense that his brothers were feeling the same thing. They all turned when a strange blue light appeared in the darkness. Taylor pointed at it as it came toward them.
"I want out of here! What is that thing?" Ike fearfully droned as he grabbed onto his brothers. They all swallowed hard trying to back away from the blue light but couldn't move as the darkness seemed to stop them.
"Ike? Zac? It is getting closer!" Taylor rasped as they all ducked down but the light covered them as they all felt a tingling sensation over their bodies.
"I feel... feel dizzy." Taylor moaned noticing that they were all glowing with the blue light.
"I do too. It is weird I can feel you guys. Like I am you." Zac expressed looking into his brothers fearful eyes.
"I feel that too! Oh God what is happening to us!?" Ike shouted out in fear when suddenly they seemed to be melting into one another. They tried to back away but the darkness was closing in pushing them together as one.
"I can't see myself! Where... where are you?" Taylor cried out with fear overwhelming him and his brothers.
"What is this?! Help us! Please?" Zac moaned helplessly as their bodies seemed to be the blue light. They all felt a heat rise up in them as the light was growing more intense and blinding. Ike, Taylor, and Zac could see and feel all the memories of each other pass in and around them. It was as if they were growing into one another. Every sense and feeling that they once held separately were now intermixed. They stood helpless watching as fear raged through them when the light pulsated growing more intense with each passing moment.
"IT..IT IS GOING TO EXPLODE!" They all screamed together as one, when they all bolted up in their beds with sweat pouring down their faces.

Walker watched with their friends as Ike and Zac looked around with wide fearful eyes sucking in rasping breaths of air. Zac turned looking at Ike as they bounded up from their beds running out of the room down the hall.
"ZAC? IKE?" Walker shouted out as he bolted up to run after them with everyone following behind him.

Taylor saw Rotcod and Don looking at him with concern when he looked toward the door as his brothers came running into the room. Taylor weakly slid off the bed as they all ran into each other's arms hugging onto each other tightly. Rotcod cocked his head wondering what just happened. He turned noticing that the others came quickly into the room with confused expressions covering their faces.
"Tay!?" Ike exclaimed knowing that something just unexplainable took place between them.
"What was that? What happened to us?" Taylor questioned with his legs shaking under him, holding the cover around his waist.
"What are you guys talking about? Answer me!" Walker bellowed with fear not liking that they weren't letting him know why they were all acting so strange. Ike turned around and swallowed hard knowing everyone wanted some kind of explanation.
"We were... in a dream like state... I think and something..." Ike began not knowing how to explain the light.
"Yes?" Walker wanted them to continue. He walked up to them still seeing them sweating profusely. He sensed that they were scared and totally confused.
"I don't know what happened. It was like we were all together in a dream. Then we realized we weren't dreaming at all but..." Zac continued with tears welling in his eyes.
"It was as if we were meant to be there. I think our bond or something just went up to the next level in us. We are... are... I feel everything now. I know what Ike and Zac are feeling. I feel..." Taylor tried to explain as his brothers nodded.
"Tell me what took place my young ones." Neque asked looking at them with awe.
"A blue light covered us..." Ike said.
"Then we felt a weird sensation over our bodies and we were glowing blue like the light..." Zac continued.
"We tried to pull away, but we couldn't. It started to melt us into one another and we lost our bodies. We could see and feel everything about us..." Taylor stated rubbing the side of face fearfully.
"Finally it or we were pulsating and we exploded." Ike finished throwing out his hands for emphasis.
Neque cocked her head to the right listening intently.
"But you are okay?" Walker asked looking to each of them as they nodded their heads in unison.
"Que? Do you know why this happened?" Ike asked sensing something from her.
"You just reached a new level like Taylor said before. Your bond is now greater then ever. That is why they couldn't go into REM sleep. Their powers were generating causing a influx in their bodies." Neque explained wondering if they understood.
"But what happens now?" Zac asked curiously searching her face for a answer.
"Nothing really my Zac. You will just experience a closeness like you never felt before." Neque stated glowing in a light golden hue.
"Uhhh... I just thought of something. If this happened to us... maybe that is why Nodrow suddenly started to grow out of control. His powers were rising to the next level also." Taylor exclaimed as Rotcod grew astounded at the realization of what he was talking about.
"But the only problem was that his body was missing the pituitary gland and he lost the control of his powers. My friends that is it! Nadroj is growing into a higher power. I only thought that the missing gland would only stablize the powers he had, but he is growing even greater. Once we cure him... what will he become?" Rotcod explained as everyone stood in awe.
"But another question is... what kind of powers will he have?" Walker questioned and said outloud what everyone else was thinking also.

Nadroj slowly came out of the deep sleep and fearfully sucked in a breath as he looked out into the tides seeing a giant massive black hole coming toward him. With all the strength he had left in him he backed away at lighting speed only to see it following his every move. It was as if he was attracting it somehow. Bolts of energy flew out from his body as he shook in pain.
"What have I done?!" Nadroj bellowed with dread filling every fiber of his being as the black hole crept slowly toward him.

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