The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 14 - Lost In Time

The black hole loomed over the rips as it grew larger starting to absorb the surroundings around it. The energy screamed in anger as it moved creating a deeper vast emptiness. The area grew dim with the pull of the tides losing over to the dark side where no light or matter could escape its massive bond.

Nadroj felt lonely without his Taylor as he drew deeper into his mind to protect himself from the uncontrollable powers that still grew within him. He was at peace knowing that Taylor was now safe. His love was intense thinking how he almost gave up his own life to protect and help him. He smiled thinking of these wonderful beings who were so much apart of who he was. A strange calm filled him as he sensed a odd growing energy that seemed to be growing in another part of his mind. He looked at it wondering if this force was normal in his growth or if it was caused by the imbalance of his powers. For some reason he didn't fear this power as he grew more attracted by it watching it dance as if it was trying to find something to attach itself to.
"My Taylor? I know you can't hear me, but you have given me hope. I can go on now. I know that you have saved me! My Ike and Zac? Thanks for giving us the energy to fight when Taylor grew weak. Your minds are beautiful. I love you three so much. Without you I would not be who I am." Nadroj shouted in his mind.

Taylor shifted as Don closely watched him noticing that he seemed restless. He put his hand on his forehead checking to see if he had a fever. He felt cool as he heard him groan knowing that he seemed to be okay. Don looked up hearing the door to the lab slide open watching Rotcod come into the room.
"Taylor is sleeping fitfully. I don't understand why. I can tell he is not into a REM sleep pattern like he should be." Don said with concern filling his voice. Rotcod walked up to the boy on the other side and looked down at him cocking his head.
"That is strange. I noticed that with the other two young ones also. Neque is worried about them." Rotcod expressed as Don crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Do you think it has to do with the bond that Taylor had with Nadroj?" Don asked standing up and walked over to the machine where the pituitary gland was growing. He peered inside seeing the cells forming into the gland perfectly.
"I don't see why this would be happening to them. They need to rest their bodies and minds or they will grow very sick." Rotcod said still looking down at Taylor with his body glowing in light shade of green. He wondered if he should induce the REM sleep or not. He grabbed the tool to extract some blood and placed it against Taylor's arm. Taylor jerked and woke up looking confused as he turned seeing that Rotcod was taking some of his blood.
"What? What are you doing?" Taylor asked weakly with his eyes half shut.
"Just taking a sample my young one. Sorry if I woke you. Just go back to sleep now." Rotcod said in a gentle, caring voice. Taylor nodded and closed his eyes again falling into a light sleep.

Walker and Neque sat watching his sons twist and turn feeling worried about them. Demi walked in the room with Mayte following behind.
"Are they still sleeping restlessly?" Demi asked watching Walker nod looking very sad.
"Haelz went down to the lab to tell Don and Rotcod what is happening to Ike and Zac." Mayte informed them when Zac opened his eyes and sighed deeply looking up at the ceiling.
"Dad? Why is..is everyone here?" Zac asked turning his head weakly with his eyes half shut.
"We were just talking. Go back to sleep Zac." Walker said not wanting his son to know what was really concerning them. Zac nodded and closed his eyes feeling extremely tired. He rolled onto his side clutching his pillow tightly. Walker looked down at his hands hating to think that something else was now going wrong. They all turned when Haelz entered the room glowing in a shade of blue.
"Taylor is having the same problem my friends. Rotcod doesn't know what to make of this new problem facing us. All three of them are somehow affected by this." Haelz sadly moaned sitting down next to Mayte.

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