The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 13 - The Operation - Continued

"I got it! Now to just..." Rotcod said when he quickly withdrew the thread and stepped back feeling thrilled knowing he had the cell that would save Nadroj's life and placed it carefully into a machine.
"Something is happening here! It... oh no! Taylor is losing the hold! He passed out or something." Don shouted drawing in a sharp breath and stood up watching Rotcod turn into a deep shade of blue.
"We have to bring them into the tides immediately! They can't separate in this time!" Rotcod bellowed when they both jumped seeing the door slide open with everyone bolting in.
"We must get them into the dimensional tides NOW!" Neque shouted as they all fearfully could see that Taylor and Nadroj were glowing in a intense shade of white.
"What do we do?! Please help them!" Walker screamed as Demi and Rotcod ran up to the table. Neque opened a rip in the center of the room as Demi helped Rotcod lift them up. Zac and Ike shook with fear watching as they carried their brother who was starting to shake uncontrollably. They rushed into the rip that opened before them. Haelz and Mayte led them both following the others quickly. Don stood up when he was left alone and then sadly plopped down into his chair with his heart still racing in fear.

They all bounded through the rips when they finally stopped and gently released their bodies as they floated helplessly in the tides.
"Why is this happening? Oh MAN! Taylor?" Walker groaned as Neque grabbed him pulling him back when she raised a block around everyone to protect them.
"They must separate. It is the only way to save Taylor my Walker. Nadroj knows this. We will be here for them when the separation takes place. Taylor will be very weak." Neque explained trying to take control of the situation knowing how fearful her human friends were.
"But will he be alright? And what about Nodrow?" Ike asked licking his lips watching swirls of rainbow lights go around them.
"Don't worry my friends. I have the cell to save Nadroj. We must remain calm." Rotcod expressed glowing in a shade of light blue.

"Nodrow? No! I..I can't let you go!" Taylor screamed feeling sick and dizzy as he felt intense heat penetrate through him.
"Just let go. I will be alright my Taylor. Right now it is you that I am worried about. Your body can't take the bond anymore. You have helped me my Taylor. I love you for that. Just relax and let me release our bond." Nadroj pleaded looking deeply into Taylor's sad blue eyes.
"I..I..." Taylor sobbed as he felt his body separate as he flew backwards into the rips. He blinked as he started to shiver and saw Nadroj frown with the red light growing large behind his head again.

Neque dropped the block wall as everyone bounded toward them. Rotcod grabbed onto Taylor knowing the young one was very sick and extremely weak and flipped him up into his arms.
"Nodrow?" Taylor whispered with tears spilling down the sides of his face. Walker petted his head noticing how pale his son was. Fear bolted through him.
"We must get him back to the lab. He doesn't look to good. His heart is damaged. The energy he used has made him very weak." Rotcod expressed with deep concern watching Walker swallow hard.
"What about Nodrow?" Ike asked sadly looking fearfully over at him watching Nadroj who seemed to go into a deep sleep with his body floating limply in the tides.
"He is in a deep coma state. He did that on purpose. When the gland is ready we will place it into his brain, but until then he will remain here. Don't worry he will be fine my Ike." Neque explained running her hand lovingly down the back of his head.
She gently took hold of his hand and followed behind as they brought Taylor back to the lab.

Don stood up when he saw Rotcod rush into the room through a rip with Taylor in his arms. He ran to the table and laid him down. Everyone came through with worried expressions covering their faces as they gathered around the table.
"Taylor?" Walker rasped with tears choking his voice as Taylor weakly looked up at him. Demi placed a cover over his shivering body as he petted his head gently.
"How are you doing son?" Walker whispered hating that Taylor looked so pale.
"Nodrow? I..I..." Taylor moaned with tears brimming in his eyes.
"He's going to be okay Tay and so are you." Walker assured smiling with tears welling in his eyes and watched Taylor nod and shut his eyes drawing in a deep shaking breath.
"My friend? Let us take care of him now." Rotcod said placing his hand softly on Walker's shoulder in understanding. Walker turned looking at him and nodded. He bent over and kissed his son's forehead gently.
"We love you Taylor." Walker softly said as he backed away from the table letting Rotcod and Don do what had to be done. Isaac and Zac looked up at their father who nodded to them trying to say that everything would be okay silently.
"Can't we stay?" Zac asked looking to Neque who reached out and ran a finger gently down his cheek.
"You two need to rest also. Let's leave them now. Taylor will be just fine." Neque said as they left the room to wait until Don and Rotcod would tell them when they could see Taylor again.

Taylor looked up at Rotcod and then turned to look at Don who smiled at him as he put a cuff around his arm to check his blood pressure.
"We are going to check you over to make sure that you are okay Taylor." Don said as Taylor licked his lips feeling extremely thristy.
"Is Nodrow going to be fine now? Right?" Taylor asked weakly as Rotcod monitored his heart rate with interest.
"Young one? What you have done for him is truly amazing. Feel rest assured you have saved his life." Rotcod expressed softly as he glowed in a deep golden shade. He saw Taylor smile with tears in his eyes.
"Did you get the cell?" Taylor asked as a shiver went through him again.
"Yes Taylor. The new pituitary gland is forming right now as we speak. Once it is matured we will then place it into Nodrow's brain. Now just stop asking questions and rest." Don smiled feeling in awe of these kids once again.
"Can I have a drink of water? I am so thristy." Taylor asked weakly when Don walked over to the desk and grabbed a bottle that he hadn't opened and brought it to him. He untwisted the cap and placed his hand behind Taylor's head lifting it up and brought the bottle to his lips. Taylor drank slowly letting the wet cool water sooth his dry throat. He raised his hand when he had enough. Don stopped letting him lay back down gently on the pillow.
"I am going to heal you now. Your heart took on a lot of stress. Then I want you to rest for awhile my Taylor." Rotcod explained as Don stepped back watching him glow placing his hands on Taylor's chest. Rotcod brought forth his healing light and healed the damage of the young one's heart. Taylor closed his eyes feeling the soothing heat enter his chest. When he finished Rotcod cocked his head looking down at the young one who was very drowsy and sleepy now.
"Just go to sleep now. Later you can be with your family again." Rotcod crooned in a gentle voice.
Taylor fell into a deep sleep as Don covered him with another blanket.

Walker sat nervously down onto a crystal chair and noticed that Isaac and Zac seemed suddenly calm and looked extremely tired and worn out. Zac blinked trying to keep his eyes open wanting to find out how Taylor was doing. Ike was doing the same fighting the sleepiness that was overcoming him.
"Why don't you young ones try to rest? You need to sleep." Neque cooed softly lovingly looking at the both of them.
"But I want to know if Taylor is alright." Ike said yawning as he looked at her with his eyes half shut.
"He is doing fine and resting peacefully." Everyone jumped hearing Rotcod speak as he came into the room glowing in a soft shade of gold walking up to Demi and Mayte.
"When can we see him?" Zac asked leaning forward a little.
"Just let him sleep for awhile. He needs it very much. The bond made him very exhusted." Rotcod answered watching Zac sit back and nod his head blinking slowly.
"Well I am so sleepy myself. I think I will go to bed too." Zac said getting up off the couch with Isaac following him. Walker looked at them as they left the room.
"Are they okay?" Walker asked crinkling his eyebrows together in concern.
"They are feeling just as tired as Taylor. Their bond is very close. Don't worry my Walker." Haelz explained as Walker smiled relaxing.
Rotcod looked back at Demi and Mayte who cocked their heads feeling curious to why he was standing in front of them.
"I want to apologize to the two of you my friends. Nadroj is not what I thought he was. He is our future and hope. Please accept my...." Rotcod expressed when Demi stopped him.
"There is no need too my Rotcod. We understand and you have helped my Nadroj and Taylor to survive." Demi crooned glowing in a shade of intense gold.
"Nadroj still has to face a operation yet my friends. He is still out there, but I have confidence that everything will go according to plan. It will at least take about two days for the cells to generate a new gland for him." Rotcod explained wanting to be totally up front with them.

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