The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 13 - The Operation

Ike and Zac stared at the melted bodies of their brother and Nadroj. Ike gently touched Taylor's arm wishing he could somehow tell him that everything would be fine. He didn't like that his brother's face looked very pale and drawn. He could see that his bond with Nadroj was taking its toll on his strength. He knew Zac was just as concerned as he looked up and saw the worry in Zac's eyes.
"He doesn't look right." Zac muttered sadly watching Ike nod agreeing with him.
"I just hope that Rotcod and Don know what they are doing. Tay is very weak as it is." Ike expressed when they both jumped seeing Taylor's head move backwards a little and his face crinkled as if he was in pain.
"Tay?" Ike rasped with fear when Don walked up to the table wondering what concerned the brothers.
"What's wrong Ike?" Don asked as Zac pointed at Taylor swallowing hard.
"Taylor moved his head. He had a expression of pain cover his face." Ike explained looking desperately into Don's eyes.
"He's okay Ike. I assure you. It is just his link with Nodrow that is causing that reaction. Pretty soon you will both have to leave. We want to prepare them for the operation. Rotcod says that he wants to preform the operation as soon as possible. We really don't know how much more Taylor can keep up this bond that he has with Nodrow." Don explained gently seeing the fear in both of the boys eyes.
"What exactly are you going to do?" Zac asked curiously sucking in a shaking breath of air, feeling nervous and scared for his brother's life.
"We have to extract a cell from Taylor's pituitary gland and then grow a new one from that." Don answered not knowing if they really understood what he was talking about.
"How long will it take and what I want to know...is can Tay take it? I...I mean he is really weak." Ike fearfully stated swallowing hard when Don reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder.
"With their technology it won't take as long as you think. Rotcod will be doing the operation. Don't worry we will be monitoring his vitals through out the procedure. He will be in safe hands guys." Don smiled trying to reasure them sensing their great concern. Zac rubbed his forehead in frustration still feeling scared about what they were going to do, but he knew it was the only way they could save their friend's life.
"My young ones? You will have to leave now. I want to set up the room for the operation." Rotcod suddenly cut in watching them nod and start to walk toward the door.
"Please take good care of them." Ike mumbled with tears brimming in his eyes as he turned when he approached the door.
"Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine." Don assured them watching them go out of the room and seeing the door slide shut behind them.
"I want the table near that machine over there." Rotcod told Don who nodded still feeling sorry for Ike and Zac and wishing he could somewhat comfort them more.
"How is Taylor doing?" Don asked helping Rotcod slowly move the table carefully across the room.
"I have great concern for him. I don't like his heart rate. He is very weak and unstable. That is why I want to do this now before it will be to late." Rotcod expressed noticing that Don frowned looking down at Taylor.
"He has to pull through this. It is the only way to save them." Don proclaimed watching Rotcod set things up. He moved a odd looking piece of machinery near the table and passed his hand over a yellow switch on the side of the machine. He jumped a little when a bright light shot out covering Nadroj and Taylor's bodies as it hummed loudly.
"What is that?" Don asked with fascination.
"It is sterilizing the area and them." Rotcod explained as Don raised his eyebrows and smiled.
"That is remarkable. I wish our world had something like this." Don exclaimed pushing up his glasses.
Rotcod felt amused that this human doctor found what he took for granted to be so interesting. He pulled up the monitor that had the images of Taylor and Nadroj's heads in the location where he would perform the operation. He gently reached out and grabbed the young human's head pulling it a little forward.
"This is where I will enter the brain my Don. It won't take to long. I want you to monitor his vitals and tell me if anything looks wrong or unusual as I extract the cell." Rotcod instructed watching Don sit down in the chair next to the monitor.
"Do you have to shave the head?" Don asked as Rotcod cocked his head curiously at the question.
"No. Why would I do that?" Rotcod asked noticing that Don smiled bowing his head.
"Well... on Earth whenever we preform brain surgery of any kind... we do that." Don explained as Rotcod picked up a sharp looking instrument.
"Oh. This tool will go into the back of his head releasing a long thin thread and it will attach to the area I direct it at, such as in this case the pituitary gland. Once it is done it won't leave any scar to the patient at all." Rotcod told him as Don listened intently watching him place it against Taylor's head as he was ready to begin.

Taylor fearfully looked up at Nadroj knowing that they were going to begin the operation. He sucked in a deep breath feeling scared.
"Stay calm young one. They are helping us." Nadroj cooed softly hating that his Taylor was very weak. He watched him cast his eyes up and down as he licked his lips.
"I feel it. It..it hurts!" Taylor moaned suddenly feeling very dizzy. Nadroj closed his eyes as he to suddenly felt weak.

"Rotcod?! Wait! His heart rate is slowing down dangerously." Don shouted watching Rotcod stop, still holding the instrument steady in his hands.
"I can't stop now. The thread is in." Rotcod said turning into a shade of light green. He saw that Taylor's body was starting to bead with sweat. He knew he was probably going into shock.
"It's coming back up." Don rasped watching and praying as the heart rate was suddenly stablizing again.
"Tell me when Don." Rotcod declared waiting as he held the thread steady waiting and watching Don nod his head.
"Okay. It looks good. You can proceed again." Don breathlessly stated resting back into his chair feeling relieved and wondering why Taylor suddenly stablized.

Walker paced the room feeling nervous when suddenly Ike and Zac both sat forward at the same time.
"Tay? Just hold on." Ike bellowed out loud staring off into space with Zac doing the same. Walker squatted down in front of them next to Neque who was holding onto Ike's hand.
"What's happening now?" Walker asked with his voice cracking in fear.
"They are with them. Taylor grew very weak when Rotcod injected the thread. They gave him back his strength." Neque explained as Walker rubbed the side of his face with fear raging through him.
"What do you mean thread?" Walker asked noticing Demi was glowing in a shade of green as he stood behind his sons.
"That is how he is going to extract the needed cell from Taylor's brain." Demi informed him looking down into Walker's worried eyes.
"Will he be alright?" Walker groaned hating that this was happening to his sons.
"Taylor and Nodrow are stable Dad. Don't worry. We are going to make sure that nothing happens to them. We will give them the energy to hold on." Zac professed as Ike and him concentrated feeling their brother intensely.

Taylor sighed with tears in his eyes knowing that his brothers were somehow transfering their energy to him. He could feel something lurking in his mind and it hurt him very much.
"I don't like this. What is he doing? Why does it hurt so much?" Taylor cried starting to shake feeling his head throb in agony.
"It will be over soon. They are coming near the area now." Nadroj explained hugging Taylor close to him. Taylor grabbed onto Nadroj tightly with his body shaking.
"Oh..Oh God! Ohhhhhh..." Taylor moaned when the thread touched the pituitary gland. He could feel a sharp, deep painful sting. The thread jumped and then pulled back as Taylor's eyes rolled to the back of his head. Nadroj's heart fell into his stomach when he felt the energy around him suddenly burst out of control.
"My Taylor! NO! Hold on!" Nadroj screamed with fear knowing the bond was separating.

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