The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 12 - Together As One - Continued

"That's it! Growth! What controls and regulates growth in us? It has to be the pituitary gland!" Don shouted feeling excitement run through him at the realization.
"Pit..pituitary?" Rotcod questioned cocking his head to the side wanting to understand.
"Here. I will show you." Don said stepping up to the screen and brought Taylor's image of his head to the forefront. He pointed at a small piece that layed in the center of the brain near the bottom. "This is it, here. This gland is apart of the controlling interest in growth, sexual activity, thyroid function in our kind Rotcod. Now let's see if Nodrow has it."
Don flipped the screen to Nadroj's image and brought up the same area of the brain as he and Rotcod both sucked in a breath. It was there but it appeared to be very tiny as if it never developed as it should have done.
"My Don? I think you have found the problem." Rotcod announced turning into a bright shade of gold as Demi, Neque, and Haelz walked up to them.
"My loves you have discovered the mystery?" Neque asked looking to one and then the other.
"Yes we did!" Don shouted with joy watching them as the room suddenly filled with tiny lights dancing around him with their bodies glowing in shades of gold.
"Now we have to somehow cure this abnormality. For some reason Nadroj's gland did not develop right and I think that is due to the fact that this part of the brain here must have absorbed the gland as he grew." Rotcod explained pointing at the screen so they would understand. Demi nodded his head.
"But if we repair it will that part do the same thing again?" Demi questioned when he saw Rotcod turn a light shade of blue.
"Hmmmm... I see what you mean. Somehow we have to figure a way so this doesn't interfer with the needed pituitary gland." Rotcod stated thumping his finger on the screen pointing at the area.
"Ah...Rotcod? Actually I think he needs a new one. That one is almost destroyed by the looks of it." Don interjected licking at his lips as he thought deeply about the situation.
"We will have to take a cell from Taylor's gland and just grow a new one that will then be placed into Nadroj's brain." Rotcod explained as Neque stepped back not wanting to interfer. She was just happy that finally they knew what was wrong. She hoped deep in her heart that they would solve the matter.

Neque, Demi and Haelz left the lab to let the doctors work. They entered the living area seeing Walker and his sons were still in the room. Ike looked up sensing that they had some news.
"What is it?" Ike asked blinking slowly and looking very pale.
"They know what the answer is my friends and now they will solve the problem." Demi explained as Walker stood up feeling excited.
"What was it? Is Tay and Nadroj okay?" Zac asked rubbing his forehead feeling extremely tired due to all the trances they kept going in.
"It is something called the pituitary gland that Nadroj lacks. Don told us that it controls growth in your kind and that his never developed correctly. He needs it to survive." Neque explained squatting down in front of him. Zac cast his eyes downward with tears filling his eyes.
"I hope they can heal him soon. Taylor can't stand much more of his link with Nodrow. He is really getting sick." Zac rasped swallowing hard. Neque touched his leg gently looking deeply into his worried eyes.
"They will heal him. I know that in my heart my Zac. Please don't worry." Neque crooned softly wanting to comfort the young one. Zac nodded blinking back his tears.

Taylor looked up weakly at Nadroj and smiled. He sighed watching the colors gently swirl around them. He could feel that Nadroj was in fear for him. He knew no matter what happened that he was going to help in any way he could. He thought back to how many times these beings helped him when he was in pain or danger and it was now his turn to try to give some back. Even though he was feeling weak he wasn't going to give up. Nadroj meant the world to him.
"Stay with me my Taylor." Nadroj crooned softly as he let Taylor's head rest on his shoulder. He hated that his powers were making Taylor weak and he could see that he was growing ill.
"As One. I'm here for you." Taylor whispered weakly licking at his lips.
"They see it my Taylor. They know what it is now." Nadroj smiled with tears filling his eyes. Taylor leaned back searching his face.
"I see it too. Oh God thank you! They know." Taylor moaned when he felt his heart skip several beats. He leaned his head back on his shoulder again needing to rest.
Nadroj started to rock wanting to sooth Taylor watching the young one close his eyes and smile. How much he loved him. It worried him though that he heard them say that they were going to take a cell from Taylor's gland. The young one was very weak as it was, and he wondered if Taylor could withstand the procedure that they were planning on doing. He looked into the swirls of color and just rocked the one he loved, hoping in the end that they would make it through together. Their lives were now in the hands of their friends.

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