The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 12 - Together As One

Taylor moaned as Nadroj sadly watched him trying desperately to hold on bringing forth more power.
"My Taylor... I am so sorry." Nadroj expressed as they both floated in a sea of blinding colors that surrounded them.
"I won't let you die. I can do this. They have to discover it soon." Taylor rasped as his head ached in the back. He felt scared but at the same time he was glad that he controlled the powers bringing back the balance in Nadroj's mind. Nadroj reached out and brought Taylor into his arms wanting to comfort him sensing his extreme pain. He feared and knew that Taylor was growing weaker by the moment. He didn't know how long the young one could keep up the power that leveled out his.
"I wish they could see the problem. It is right there in front of them." Taylor cried looking up into Nadroj's eyes.
"They will see it my Taylor. They can then take a cell of that part of your brain and then create one for me. Just hold on." Nadroj said running his hand through Taylor's hair lovingly.
"I can't release the link with Ike and Zac. Everytime I grow weaker they feel me. I'm so scared I am hurting them." Taylor stated licking at his lips as he sucked in a deep breath.
"You need them my Taylor. Don't release the bond even if you discover how. Okay?"
"Without them you wouldn't be able to hold on as you are doing now. You are drawing your strength from them. Remember you are three minds that make up a whole." Nadroj explained lifting up Taylor's chin as he gazed into his eyes.
"Where are we Nodrow?" Taylor asked looking at the colors gently swirling around them.
"We are in our inner minds. We are in a dimension of many different levels of space and time."
"I don't understand. Nodrow? I..I... Taylor moaned growing weaker again as Nadroj lifted him up higher into his arms feeling his body grow limp. He rubbed his head against the top of Taylor's head wishing he could give him strength. Taylor closed his eyes as he felt the power rise in him again.

Ike and Zac stared off into space as Walker looked at them with concern. He could see they were somehow in a trance like state. Every once in a while they seemed to look pale then they would seem normal again. Haelz sat down in front of Zac and gently touched his knee noticing he did not respond.
"What is going on with them?" Walker asked as Haelz looked up at him.
"I think they are seeing their mate....I mean brother my Walker. I think Taylor is drawing power from them. He must need them very much to keep up the bond that is balancing Nadroj's powers." Haelz explained as Walker nodded still not really understanding. He sat down next to Isaac and noticed they were finally coming out of it. Ike slowly turned his head and looked into his father's eyes.
"Did you see them?" Walker asked darting his eyes back and forth.
"Yes. Taylor is growing weaker, Dad. I am really worried about him. But I sense that he doesn't want to break the bond with him." Ike said as Zac leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees.
"I'm so tired. Did you see that red light Ike? It is behind their heads like it showed in the Book." Zac questioned looking down at his feet sadly. Haelz reached out and gently pulled back his hair on the left and ran it lovingly behind his ear. Zac weakly smiled up at her knowing how much she wanted to protect him.
"Are you in any pain my Zac?" Haelz asked with concern.
"I'm fine Hazel. I just feel Tay's pain. He is...is trying so hard to hold on. I'm glad that he reached out to us. He needs our strength. Everytime he grows weaker he draws his energy from us." Zac explained sitting back against the couch again and breathed in a deep breath.
"But isn't that hurting you?" Walker asked licking his lips nervously as he looked at both his sons.
"No Dad! We are letting Tay do it. I hope he realizes that. We can't seem to connect to speak to him." Ike explained smiling at his father. Walker smiled back and squeezed Ike's hand in approval.
"I could never de..." Ike began then jumped falling back into a trance once again. He watched as their faces drained of blood also.
"Taylor must need them again I guess." Walker sadly groaned wishing something would be solved soon.
"I wonder how long they can keep up with this. I am worried about them." Mayte stated walking toward them since she was standing by the window listening in on the conversation.
"I agree with you. I wonder if Rotcod and Don has found anything yet?" Haelz expressed and stood up. She walked toward the door and then looked back at Walker who was watching her.
"Are you going to the lab?" Walker asked.
"Yes my Walker. I have to know if they have solved anything." Haelz declared and left the room.

She quickly went down the hall and saw the door. She approached watching it slide open. When she entered she noticed that Neque and Demi were by the table as Don and Rotcod were studying the data by the computer screen. She walked up slowly next to Demi.
"How are they my Emitforecnalab?" Haelz asked watching Neque gently stroking Taylor's arm.
"I fear for them. Taylor is growing very ill. His heart rate is unstable according to Don. If something isn't done soon I am afraid the young one may die." Neque rasped with her heart breaking in two. She loved the fact that Taylor wanted to help, but he was to weak and fragile in structure. Demi turned into a shade of blue after hearing her words. He gently petted Nadroj's head not wanting to believe that they could lose him. He turned his head looking toward Don and Rotcod who were working feverishly.

"Okay. So now we know what the differences are between your kind and ours. Now we have to determine what is the same." Don concluded putting down his notebook.
"There is only one problem my friend. Nadroj is not like the rest of his people. He carries both human and slegan DNA. And he has organs from the two beings." Rotcod said in a frustrated tone of voice.
"Slegan? It that what your people are called?" Don asked looking up into his eyes.
"Yes. That is the name for us and our world is called Ecapsemit my friend." Rotcod informed him as he picked up a piece of paper that showed the data from their findings.
"Nadroj's structure is amazing. I see organs that are ours and then some that are unlike us. To think that a creature such as him even lives." Don exclaimed rubbing the side of his face feeling in awe of him.
"I know. Even the young one carries some of our DNA and it doesn't hurt him. We are more interconnected then we thought. But what is it that Nadroj needs from the human side so he can gain back his control? He has no control over the growth of his...." Rotcod began when suddenly Don bolted out of his chair throwing his hands up in the air as Rotcod backed up in surprise.

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