The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 11 - Finding The Mystery - Continued

"That's strange. The levels went way down and then went back up again." Don said looking closely at the screen.
"The young one is using his powers to keep the balance under control, but how is he doing it?" Rotcod questioned with pure fascination when they both jumped as Demi bolted into the room in a shade of light red.
"What is it my Emitforecnalab?" Rotcod asked as Demi approached them.
"The answer lies in the back of their minds. The light shows this." Demi explained as Don's eyebrows went up in question.
"What light? What are you talking about?" Don asked standing up to face him.
"The young ones know. There is a red light that emanates from the back of Nadroj and Taylor's heads. The Book of Serpow even shows this. Ike and Zac want you both to know this. The answer is there. That is the area where the problem lies. Something is missing in Nadroj that Taylor has there in that spot." Demi told them as Rotcod turned quickly and brought up the image of only their heads on the screen. He stared at the image intently.
"I don't see it." Rotcod murmured feeling excited at the news. He remembered the young one Taylor did say something about a red light but he brushed it off thinking it had no value in what he was trying to solve.
"Make it scan the area." Don grumbled as Rotcod did as he said. They all intently watched as the computer scanned the back of their heads. Rotcod felt frustrated not seeing anything that might reveal the problem.
"I still don't see it, but the human brain is made up differently then ours. Their are similarties but there are many differences also. How can we know what part it is that Nodroj doesn't have that he needs from the human side of him?" Rotcod expressed feeling desparate and angry at the same time.
"It's there and we have to look for it. Even if we have to go one step at a time. I will not let Taylor die or Nadrow for that matter. I am going to discover what it is and we will do this together Rotcod. We have to put our knowledge together and figure this out." Don declared as Rotcod looked up at him liking this human and his undying determination.
"Well it is going to be a long night my friend. Let's start now! Thank you Demi. This was a big help and now at least we have pin pointed the area of the problem. It makes it a little more easier." Rotcod said as Demi turned into a light shade of gold. He left them to do their work as he walked up to the table and lovingly looked down at the both of his young ones. He could see that Taylor was growing weaker. His face was very pale and drawn. He gingerly caressed his cheek as a tear escaped from under Taylor's eyelid slowly dripping down the side of his face. Demi wiped it away and looked intently at the wetness on his fingertip, remembering how the first time he did this when he first went into his mind that seemed so long ago now.

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