The Ties That Bind Them

Chapter 11 - Finding The Mystery

Don walked into the lab after everyone was resting or sleeping. He couldn't sleep himself wanting to see Taylor and Nadroj again. He quietly walked up to the table where they were laying and walked to the side near Taylor. He looked down at the boy still feeling amazed by the fact that this alien and Taylor were actually united together as one being. He gently lifted up the cover and took it off placing it on the chair that was next to the table. He licked his lips as he pushed up his glasses wanting desperately to discover why and how they could actually achive this state of being. Don walked to the end of the table looking intently at the legs where the skin was melted together. He gingerly touched Taylor's leg noticing there was heat where the skin met.
"It's quite incredible isn't it my friend?"
Don jumped turning around quickly seeing Rotcod standing a few feet away from him. He nodded crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Yes it is. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. It isn't just the skin that is melted together...the bone and inner flesh are joined together also. But how?" Don asked watching Rotcod walk up to the side of him in a shade of yellow feeling amused.
"It is the dimensions that let us join together. When the bodies are connecting we are actually in many different levels of time as once. Then once the transformation is formed we come back to this time, but the body is still in a way in many dimensions of time and space. Taylor and Nadroj are there now. As one and I am very concerned about it. I don't know if your kind can hold the bond as we can. The young one here does not attain the level of power that Nadroj holds inside him." Rotcod explained sadly gazing at them laying helplessly on the table.
"Maybe not, but there is something about Taylor that is helping Nodrow and I want to find out what it is." Don grumbled when he saw Taylor's head move a little. He ran up to the side of him.
"Taylor? Can you hear me?" Don exclaimed watching his mouth open slightly. He heard a soft moan escape him.
"He isn't awake Don. It's just a reaction." Rotcod told him watching him petting Taylor's hair back from his forehead. He walked up to the computer screen and viewed the image of their bodies checking for any power levels. He saw that they were both still in a deep sleeping state. He turned looking at Don who was now standing next to him.
"What is it? What could it be that Taylor has inside him that is helping Nadroj control his powers at this time?" Don questioned staring at the screen wishing somehow he could solve the mystery.
"It is there my Don. It is probably lurking there right in front of us, yet somehow we are not seeing it." Rotcod murmured feeling the same way and was extremely frustrated.

Neque sat next to Isaac watching him and his brother sleeping fitfully. She gazed down at him lovingly with a sense of fear running through her soul. Somehow she knew that Isaac and Zac were feeling the effects also from the bond between Nadroj and Taylor. She was worried for all of them. She sadly watched Ike turn over onto his side facing her. Beads of sweat were forming on forehead. She slowly reached out and softly caressed him wishing she could put him at ease.
"Tay?" Ike groaned in his sleep as his face twisted in agony.
"Tay?" Zac moaned as she turned when she heard him asking for Taylor also. She looked up and saw Walker sit up in his bed looking at his sons with a concerned expression covering his face.
"Que? Why are they asking for Taylor?" Walker asked flipping his legs out over the side of the bed.
"Somehow they are feeling their brother. Their bond is very close. Taylor was reaching out to them when he became as one with Nadroj. The link is still there." Neque explained when Walker stood up and walked over to Zac squatting down next to him.
"Is it hurting them? I really am scared." Walker expressed pulling a piece of Zac's hair lovingly behind his ear.
"I am worried too. I don't understand what is going on between them. They shouldn't be able to feel him like this, yet they do. They are so interconnected. Apart they hold their own individual powers, but together they form one being as powerful as Nadroj and I think that is what is happening to them now. They are together as one." Neque sadly determined when Isaac suddenly bolted upright with his eyes wide with fear.
"Taylor!?" Ike shouted as he started to shake. He sucked in a deep breath when he realized where he was.
"You're safe my Isaac." Neque cooed as he turned to look at her with his bottom lip trembling a little.
"No! Taylor? Where?!" Zac yelled flinging his arms desperately in the air as Walker grabbed them trying to calm him down.
"Zac? It's okay! It's okay!" Walker declared as Zac opened his eyes licking his lips sucking in rasping breaths of air. He sat up and wrapped his arms tightly around his father's neck, hugging onto him with sweat pouring down his face. Walker hugged back holding onto him as he rubbed his back trying to comfort him.
"Taylor is ...is....." Zac began squeezing his eyes shut trying to regain his emotions.
"What is wrong guys? Is something wrong with Tay?" Walker asked with fear in his voice.
"They are scared Dad. Zac and I can feel them. It is as if even though they are together somehow the balance is off. Taylor is trying to hold it together. He ...oh God...he is trying so hard to help Nadrow." Ike explained with fear in his eyes.
"How long can Tay keep it up?" Walker angrily said as Zac leaned back running his hand through his wet hair. Zac looked at Isaac fearfully then back at his father.
"I...we don't know Dad." Zac mumbled blinking sadly looking deeply into his father's concerned eyes.
"Can you reach out to them my Ike? Can you speak with Taylor?" Neque asked watching Ike cast his eyes down to his hands.
"No. We can only see them. It's like...how can I explain...like we are bystanders and can only watch and feel." Ike explained with saddness feeling very helpless.
Walker stood up and sat down on Zac's bed feeling frustrated. He desparately wished that Taylor wouldn't have become one with Nadroj without telling anyone what he was up too. Walker slammed his fist onto the bed making Zac jump.
"Why did he have to do this?! I can't help but feel mad at Taylor." Walker angrily shouted with Zac reaching out and lightly touched his arm.
"Dad? If Taylor wouldn't have done this....Nodrow would be ...be beyond help now." Zac explained watching his father crinkle his brow and look at him sadly.
"What do you mean by that Zac?" Walker asked as Zac swallowed hard trying to think of a way to explain why he felt this way.
"I don't know why I know this...but Nodrow was to the point where his powers....."
"Would be beyond his control. When Taylor became as one with him he somehow brought back the balance for the time being." Ike finished with Zac nodding his head in agreement.
"But how long can Tay hold out?" Walker asked looking up at the ceiling in desperation.
"Taylor must know what the answer is now. The answer is within them and they must see it." Neque declared watching them all look at her with wonder.
"Yes! If Tay is holding it together he must sense what it was that made Nodrow out of control. The answer is with them now. Maybe somehow Taylor will let us know." Ike said hoping with all his heart that in the end everything would turn out alright.
"Que? What does the book reveal about what is going on?" Zac suddenly asked looking at her intently.
"That is a very good question my Zac. I will go and look at it right now." Neque stated getting up as they all got up following her. They quickly headed to the main living room. Demi and Mayte turned wondering what was going on as they both sat together near the window seeing them enter the room.
"What is it my friends?" Demi asked watching Neque open the Book of Serpow.
"We want to know if the book will reveal anything about what the future holds for Nodrow and Taylor." Walker answered as Demi nodded his head. Neque flipped through the pages gazing intently at the last page.
"It doesn't reveal anything. It only shows them together as one for now. I guess we will have to wait awhile yet before it writes any further." Neque sadly expressed looking at Walker frown.
"Just when I want to know something from that thing now it doesn't show anything!" Walker declared sighing and saw Ike crack a smile.
"What does it show?" Zac asked curiously.
"It shows Taylor and Nodrow together with the color of red surrounding both of their heads." Neque explained as Zac sucked in a sharp breath.
"Is it behind their heads?" Zac asked as Neque nodded wanting to know why he knew this without seeing the book.
"That's weird. Didn't Taylor say something about the red light behind Nodrow's head?" Ike asked looking at Zac who nodded.
"Yeah remember we all saw it Ike. Tay said that he thought that was where the problem was in Nodrow. And now it shows in the book with both of them having it! That's it guys!" Zac exclaimed with excitement running through him.
"What is it? I don't understand." Walker said looking very confused as he looked from Zac to Ike.
"It is something in the back of the head. It has to be." Ike explained flipping out his hand smiling when he suddenly rocked backwards as Zac did the same. They both felt a dizziness overcome them. Walker grabbed Zac catching him as Demi caught Isaac. They led them to the crystal couch letting them sit down.
"Are you alright?" Walker asked feeling scared noticing they both looked very pale. Ike swallowed and nodded closing his eyes.
"Yeah. We'll...we'll be fine. Taylor just grew weaker again, but he is holding on." Ike whispered and reached out grabbing onto his father's arm.
"Dad we have to tell Don and Rotcod what we know. Tell them Dad." Zac pleaded resting his head against the back of the couch still feeling dizzy.
"I will tell them right now my young ones." Demi said as he quickly left the room.

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