Tuning Delicate Strings

Chapter 6

Zac and Taylor sat across from the girls and ate their pizza, every once and awhile exchanging glances. Phyllis seemed nervous while Amanda was ignoring the guys.
"Tay…" Zac whispered in between bites.
"Huh?" Taylor said and looked over at the girls who were talking on their own.
"I have an idea…" Zac said and started to laugh quietly.
"What?" Taylor said, furrowing his brows.
"If we could just get them alone…" Zac said, getting ready to bust a gut.
"Excuse me…I don't think so…" Amanda spoke up, scaring the brothers.
"Uh…I…I didn't mean…that…uh…" Zac stammered, waving his hands wildly in front of him.
"C'mon Phyl, I think it's about time that we got out of here. I'll drive you home…" Amanda began to say as she stood up.
"No…really…that's not what I meant…I was…uh…referring to my brother and…" Zac began to say anxiously.
"So you're in on it too. You're both perverts…" Amanda began to say angrily as her and Phyllis stood up and began heading towards the door.
"NO…No…not Taylor…I meant Ike and…" Zac said as he and Taylor stood up, trying to get both girls to stay.
"Ugh…" Amanda said in a disgusted tone as she gave them a harsh look and opened the door.
"C'mon…this was a bad idea Phyl." Amanda said and Phyllis and her walked out of the room, slamming the door shut on the way.
"GOOD JOB JACKASS!" Taylor yelled and smacked Zac upside the head.
"HEY! THEY MISUNDERSTOOD ME!" Zac said angrily back.
"HELL, I COULDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND YOU!" Taylor said and walked towards the door.
"I'm going to attempt to get them back here so that they don't think that we're total freaks even though it seems it's you whose the freakish one around here." Taylor said and opened the door. As soon as he closed it, Zac let out a defeated sigh.

"Hey! HEY!" Taylor called as he ran down the hotel hallway.
"Oh god, here he comes…" Amanda sighed and continued walking but stopped when she saw Phyllis stay in her place.
"What are you doing!" Amanda demanded.
"Hey…sorry…about all that…" Taylor said, attempting to catch his breath. Phyllis suddenly turned around and looked at him with daggers.
"What the hell were you two thinking, that we were a couple of groupies or something!" She hissed.
"NO! No…of course not…that's really not what Zac meant by it…Amanda wouldn't let him explain…" Taylor said, feeling nervous. Amanda walked back and stood next to Phyllis.
"Then explain." Amanda said, arching one eyebrow up as she put her hands on her hips.
"Uh…I…Uh…really don't know what he meant…" Taylor stammered and looked down at the floor.
"We're out of here…" Amanda said, grabbing Phyllis by the arm and started to drag her.
"Please…let me just get Zac and he'll explain…this is all just a big misunderstanding…" Taylor said, looking at Phyllis with a pleading stare. She sighed and stopped Amanda from moving any further.
"Let them at least explain Man before we storm out of here." Phyllis said and took a deep breath.
"Jeez…" Amanda said, rolling her eyes. They walked back over to Taylor and Zac appeared in the open doorway of the hotel room.
"I'm really sorry…can I explain…please…" Zac pleaded with the girls.
"Go ahead." Phyllis said and glanced at Taylor who looked almost defeated.
"I meant that if we as in Taylor and I, could get them, as in Ike and Nikai alone…everything would be fine between them and…"
"That's what you meant?" Both Taylor and Phyllis said at the same time.
"All this over your older brother's infatuation with your bass player…jeez…" Amanda said, rolling her eyes.
"How…how did you know that he…" Taylor began to say as he turned his attention towards Amanda.
"All during the concert, his gaze was locked right on him, forget the audience. That and when we met you backstage, he seemed to be in a real hurry to talk to Nikai." Amanda answered.
"I just thought that we noticed it." Zac said, talking to Taylor.
"I guess not." Taylor smiled.

"Oh my god, what am I doing…" Nikai thought as Ike continued to dance with him. Nikai closed his eyes, feeling ashamed that things had gotten to far.
"He doesn't know…is…is Ike…no…he can't be…can he?" Nikai thought as Ike got closer and closer to him.
"I have to stop this!" Nikai thought in a panic and finally just stopped dancing and walked away from Ike.
"Nikai, where are you going?" Ike asked, puzzled.
"Out of here…I can't take this…" Nikai called, not even looking back as he left the club and Ike inside.

"What did I do…" Ike thought to himself than decided he had to go after Nikai.

Nikai ran as fast as his legs could carry him, back to the hotel where he could lock himself up in his room, not to let another soul in. He ran into the bedroom, slamming the door closed and fell onto the bed, burying his face in the pillow.
"What's wrong with me!" Nikai yelled, muffling his voice.
"Is…is Ike gay?" Nikai said out loud.
"OH GOD! I was leading him on…oh my god…" Nikai realized in shock and horror.
"He can't know about this…this can't go on…I…I can't talk to him again…"

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