Tuning Delicate Strings

Chapter 5

Ike finally tracked Nikai down, tuning his guitar while sitting on his guitar case.
"Uh, Hey Nikai…" Ike stammered, putting his hand on the back of his head.
"Yeah." Nikai answered, refusing to meet Ike's gaze.
"Uh, I was waiting for you after the concert but…I…" Ike stuttered again.
"I was tuning my guitar." Nikai said in a monotone voice.
"Uh…Taylor didn't bother you during sound check, did he because if he did…" Ike began to say.
"Your brother didn't bother me. I'm used to it. He was just trying to help me out even though I didn't ask for it." Nikai answered and suddenly locked stares with Ike.
"I…I…Okay." Ike said, immediately turning red faced and started to turn around.
"Uh…Do you think that maybe…" He stopped suddenly and turned around again. Nikai was still looking down at the guitar in his lap and began to tune it again.
"What?" Nikai said, almost annoyed.
"Uh…never mind…" Ike said a little saddened.
"What is it Isaac?" Nikai said, softening the tone of his voice. "Do you think that maybe would could talk…"
"We are talking…" Nikai interrupted him mid sentence.
"I mean like hang out. You know…I…I'd like to be your friend Nikai." Ike said, finally feeling his voice come out.
"Uh…I…That is…if you want to…" Ike stammered once again.
"Isaac, what I really need right now is not…" Nikai began to say but looked up to see Ike's sad expression.
"Sure." He smiled slightly and began to put his guitar away.
"Cool…Uh…I don't really know where to go but I imagine there are some restaurants or something around that we could go and eat at…" Ike began to stammer, talking a mile a minute.
"Why don't we just find something on the way." Nikai said, walking passed Ike, motioning to him to follow.

Taylor and Zac took the girls to their hotel room to order some room service. Taylor was having a really good conversation with Phyllis in the elevator when he noticed that Zac and Amanda were very quiet.
"What's wrong with you two?" Taylor smiled.
"Nothing to talk about." Amanda said, raising an eyebrow. Phyllis tapped Taylor on the shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear.
"She's just a little shy." Phyllis smiled.
"Oh." Taylor grinned. They got off the elevator and made it to the boys' room. As soon as they walked through the door, Zac flopped down on the couch, making room for the girls to sit down too.
"Uh…what would you guys like they have a whole menu to choose from?" Taylor asked, shuffling through some papers.
"Why don't we order a pizza or something." Zac suggested and looked at his brother from his seat.
"Yeah, do you guys like pepperoni and sausage?" Taylor asked.
"Sure." Phyllis smiled as she got more comfortable in her seat. Taylor picked up the phone and made the order and sat down, waiting for the room service to make it to their door.
"So…about your brother…" Amanda began to speak up. Both Taylor and Zac looked at her reluctantly.
"He's really good friends with your bass player, is he?" Amanda grinned.
"He doesn't know…" Zac said.
"Obviously." Amanda smiled.
"Let's not talk about this right now." Taylor said, rolling his eyes.

Ike and Nikai wondered the streets, looking for a good restaurant but found that most were overcrowded.
"Hey, what about that place…" Ike asked, pointing to a building with a blue neon sign saying 'Millenium'.
"I don't know if that's such a good idea…" Nikai started to say but wasn't given a chance before Ike grabbed him by the arm and started to drag him towards it. Once in, both noticed that 'Millenium' was not a restaurant but was a dance club.
"Isaac…" Nikai began to complain.
"This looks like fun…" Ike began to say, noticing the crowd of people on the dance floor.
"Oh god…" Nikai mumbled to himself, running his hands through his short hair nervously.

"Hey cutie, let's dance." Nikai didn't even have a chance to utter a word when a tall, long legged blonde grabbed his arm from behind and pulled him towards the dance floor.
"I…I…" When he looked back at Ike, he noticed Ike had a strange look on his face. Nikai didn't know what to do.
'Damn it, why did I ever agree to this…' Nikai thought and growled.
"You're awfully stiff, come on, loosen up babe…" The girl said, dancing provocatively in front of him.
"I…I…" Nikai mumbled, not wanting to be there.
"Hey…" Nikai turned and saw Ike beside him, dancing with a busty looking brunette.
"Having fun?" Ike smiled but it seemed very forced.
"Loads." Nikai said sarcastically.
"Hey, liven up, you're just dancing, not being tortured." Ike smiled again.
"I don't dance…" Nikai grumbled.
"Don't you know how?" Ike asked, turning his attention away from his dance partner and to Nikai.
"Not…not really." Nikai said, feeling his face go flush.
"It's not hard. Do you want me to show you?" Ike asked, his face turning a slight crimson color.
"Uh…uh…" Nikai stammered, wide eyed and totally embarrassed.
"Watch, you turn your feet like this, and move your hips to the beat…" Ike said, demonstrating along side Nikai. Nikai studied Ike's movements but couldn't seem to get them down.
"Here…feel the beat…" Without warning, Ike put his hands on Nikai's hips and started to move him along to the beat. At the same moment, both of them looked up at each other startled.
"You…you got it…right?" Ike stuttered, not looking at Nikai any longer.
"Uh…uh…yeah." Nikai stammered, red faced.

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