To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 9 - Waiting - Continued

David sat tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. He was trying to decide what to do.
"Wish I could see what is going on inside." David thought watching the house and then opened up his car door stepping out. He had to know. His heart started to race as he walked closer to the house. He looked around the area hoping there was no security walking the grounds. When he felt that he was safe he quietly ran to the front of the house. He went into some bushes that were next to some windows.
"Made it!" David chuckled to himself feeling proud that no one saw him. He carefully stood up and peered through the window noticing that the curtain wasn't blocking his view seeing that it was pushed back a little. He swallowed hard when he saw the Hanson brothers sitting in the living room playing some video games. He frowned when he saw Taylor sitting on the couch next to Sherri who seemed to be having a great time and laughed.

"Got ya!" Zac bellowed watching Ike frown as he tried to move his man away from Zac's.
"Ahhhhh!" Ike shouted when his man hit the floor in the game.
"Always the champion!" Zac yelled with joy as Ike flopped back onto the rug with his brothers and Sherri laughing.
"Dead again Ike!" Sherri laughed enjoying herself.
"Hey put on the car racing game." Taylor pleaded as he still laughed at Ike's defeat. Zac looked through the games and found the one he was looking for. He took out the other one and slipped it in handing Taylor the controls. Ike sat up smiling and then stood up and took a seat next to Sherri. The game booted up as Taylor made his choice and started his game. Sherri cuddled up between them drawing her legs up and leaned toward Ike a little. Zac stood up brushing off his pants and then frowned looking toward the window.
"What the?" Zac moaned seeing a face by the window. They all turned toward where Zac was pointing.
"What?" Ike asked seeing Zac turn white looking scared.
"Someone was watching us!" Zac bellowed feeling a shiver run up his back.
"Are you sure Zac? I don't see anyone." Taylor said licking at his lips.
"There was someone there! I swear it!" Zac rasped as Ike stood up and slowly walked up to the window as Taylor, Sherri and Zac watched him fearfully. Ike carefully looked out the window and sighed seeing that no one was there but suddenly looked up when he heard a car screech it's tires like it was taking off fast.
"Well whoever it was is gone now." Ike stated swallowing hard.
"Zac? Calm down." Taylor said noticing that Zac still looked somewhat freaked out.
"That just gave me creeps." Zac moaned and sat back down on the floor sucking in a deep breath of air.
"What did this person look like?" Ike asked feeling angry that someone would do something like that.
"I don't know really. I saw some eyes and whoever it was had dark hair. I think it was a guy." Zac explained casting his eyes up and down.
"We better tell Dad. We can't let someone..." Ike began noticing Sherri looked very scared.
"Maybe it was him." Sherri mumbled with fear bolting through her.
"Who?" Taylor asked as she turned and looked at him.
"David." She answered with a shaking voice.
"No. It couldn't be him." Taylor assured her noticing she was trembling a little. He reached out and ran his arm around her shoulders pulling her next to him. She laid her head on his shoulder.
"Well whoever it was, I want to make sure no one can get that close again." Ike angrily said as he stood up and walked out of the room.
"Sherri? It was probably a fan. I'm sorry for scaring everyone." Zac apologized as he got up and sat down next to her.
"Besides would he really be here in Tulsa?" Taylor asked as Sherri sat up again and blinked her eyes while she looked down at her hands sadly.
"I hope not. I... guess I am letting my imagination run away with me." Sherri claimed sucking in a deep breath trying to calm down.

David bolted away from the window when he saw the one with the longest hair suddenly notice he was watching them. He ran quickly with his heart racing and jumped into his car turning on the engine and turned the car around squeeling the tires.
"Very smart! Let them know you are here stupid!" David thought angrily scolding himself as he fearfully drove away. He vowed he wouldn't do that ever again. He didn't want them to know that he was here and watching them. Anger filled him as he drove back to the hotel.
"He's home now. That must have been him in the van earlier today." David thought with tears filling his eyes. All he knew is that Sherri was his and this Taylor Hanson wasn't going to get away with stealing her heart away from him.

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