To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 9 - Waiting

A couple of weeks passed by as Taylor recooperated in the hospital. Alice was released a few days earlier and went to stay with the Hanson's to have complete bed rest due to the pregnancy. Plans were made to bring Taylor home without to much hassel from the press and fans that lingered outside of the hospital. Finally it was the day when he would come home. Walker and Jason setup a plan to get Taylor back home by telling the press that he was going to be released later in the week then planned.

The Hanson family sat in the living room waiting for Walker and Taylor to arrive home. Ike paced the room and looked out the window at intervals feeling nervous. He wished he could have stayed and left with them, but his father only wanted him and Taylor with no one else so they wouldn't create a scene as they left the hospital.
"See anything yet Ike?" Zac asked walking up behind his brother.
"No. I wonder what is taking so long." Ike answered as he peeked out the window again.
"Ike? It hasn't been that long. Your dad only called about a half hour ago. I am sure they are on their way." Diana assured him smiling at Alice who sat on the couch next to her daughter.
"I just wish they would get here. Wait! There they are!" Ike shouted seeing the van pulling into the driveway. Everyone bolted up except for Alice and ran to the window.
"Tay's home! Tay's home!" Mackie yelled trying to look out the window too, but couldn't because everyone was crowded up near it.
"I think they are going to the back." Zac stated as he backed away from the window and ran down the hallway with everyone following.

"We're home Tay." Walker smiled as Taylor nodded sitting in his wheel chair. He looked up at the house happily loving the fact that he was finally home again.
"When is Jason going to get here?" Taylor asked as the driver pulled up near the back door.
"He said in about a hour. He had to finish up on some paper work first." Walker answered as Taylor gazed out the window. He remembered how they snuck out the back of the hospital. Only a couple of fans saw them but luckily didn't create a scene. Taylor smiled when Ike slid the side door open and stepped up into the van.
"Well how did it go?" Ike asked looking at Taylor.
"The plan worked perfectly. Two fans found out though, but I signed some pictures for them and they were really nice about it." Taylor chuckled as his father started pushing his wheel chair forward near the entrance. Ike backed out and grabbed the front as they carefully lifted Taylor out of the van and gently placed him on the ground.
"Well let's get him inside." Walker announced to everyone.
"How do you feel Taylor?" Sherri asked as Walker pushed his son through the door. Taylor turned his head and looked up at her smiling.
"I'm fine Sherri. I'm feeling great!" Taylor answered liking the fact that his left side didn't hurt him anymore. He knew now that his recovery wasn't going to be as long as the last time. Jason told him that it would only be about two weeks to get back on his feet again. At first he thought it would be longer but Taylor was already lifting his leg when he had Taylor do some therapy in the hospital.
They came around the corner to the living room and Taylor smiled seeing Alice looking excited as she sat on the couch.
"Hi Alice! I'm home!" Taylor shouted as she turned smiling at him.
"Hi Tay! You're looking good." Alice exclaimed loving that he was in such a good mood. She remembered how scared he was just a couple of weeks ago.
"How are you doing?" Taylor asked with concern as everyone sat down.
"I'm doing okay. I hate all this resting though. But it is for the baby." Alice said while Sherri sat down next to her. Taylor grabbed the wheels and led himself over so he could be near her.
"How's the hip feel?" Alice asked filled with concern.
"It doesn't hurt. At least this time all I have to work at is to just walk normally. Jason had me up on my feet the other day. I can stand up without to much pain. I walked the bars which tired me out, but I did it!" Taylor explained and smiled. Walker was looking out the window and then turned away and walked to his chair and sat down looking very serious.
"Dad? Anything wrong?" Zac asked wondering what his father was thinking about.
"Nothing. It's nothing Zac. I am just anxious to see Jason again. I hope he doesn't have to much of a hassle getting out of the hospital. That's all." Walker lied as Zac nodded and then turned away. Walker watched his family talking and enjoying the fact that everyone was once again together. He was curious to know why this car always seemed to be parked down the street lately. He kept noticing it was there for the last two weeks. Walker wondered if it was some news reporter trying to get a scoop about what was happening to his son Taylor. The only weird thing no one ever seemed to be in the car. Walker smiled thinking maybe he was worrying for nothing.

David sat in the car noticing that a van pulled in just minutes ago and went around the back. For the last several days he watched the house taking notes about the comings and goings around the Hanson house. Several times he saw her leaving with the Hanson family. He knew they went to the hospital to see the one named Taylor. It frustrated him knowing that security around them was tight. He booked into a hotel room that was about a mile away. Daily he kept coming back here watching and waiting. Suddenly he saw another car pulling into the driveway and saw a huge man step out. He cringed knowing it was Sherri's father. David slid himself down into the seat.
"I don't want to deal with that man." David thought angrily with some fear running through him at the same time. He watched him enter the front door.

"Jason is back!" Ike shouted as Jason followed him into the living room.
"Well everyone is here now. I feel much better." Taylor jokingly added with Jason coming around to his side and squatted down in front of him.
"How was the ride over Tay? Any discomfort?" Jason asked with concern. Taylor shook his head and looked into Jason's eyes.
"No. I'm fine. Just a little stiffness." Taylor answered as Jason lovingly rubbed his left leg.
"Good. I want to get going on some more therapy today." Jason declared watching Taylor frown.
"Today? I thought I would just relax..."
"No way! We are going to work that hip kiddo." Jason chuckled and then looked up at Alice who was watching him.
"How is my wife doing?" Jason asked as he stood up smiling at her.
"I'm fine too! And don't tell me I should be resting." She said knowing her husband's thoughts.
"Well you should be in bed honey. Remember what the doctor told you. Complete bed rest." Jason scolded her as he smiled and nodded.
"I know. I just wanted to see Taylor when he came home." Alice stated and looked at Sherri who had a smirk on her face.
"Well I guess I will help Mom back to her room." Sherri said as she stood up and reached out her hand toward her to help her up.
"And I want to get Taylor going on some therapy after I know you are in bed." Jason smiled watching them slowly leave the room. Jason walked behind Taylor's chair and grabbed the handles turning him around.
"Can I help?" Ike asked as Zac stood up.
"Sure. I would love your help. Zac? How about you?" Jason asked watching Zac jump a little.
"I was just going to ask." Zac said smiling as they both followed them down the hallway to the room where they set up for Taylor's exercise.
"Reminds me of the last time." Taylor mumbled remembering this was the same room that he learned to walk the last time after his accident by the cliff. Ike opened the door and flipped on the light.
"What are we going to do?" Taylor asked curiously watching Jason step up to the parallel bars.
"I want to see you walk these." Jason chuckled as Taylor rolled his chair to one end.
"Ike? Zac? I want you both to stand on the other side and watch your brother like me, to make sure he doesn't fall." Jason instructed as they both nodded.
"I am not going to fall!" Taylor bellowed sounding confident as he slowly stood up grabbing onto the bars.
"Just take it slow Tay, like yesterday in the hospital." Jason sternly told him. Taylor nodded and took a small step forward on his right foot. He felt a little soreness in the left hip and frowned. He hoped this pain would soon go away.
"That's it. Keep coming." Jason said knowing Taylor was feeling uncomfortable with each step.
Sweat started to bead on his forehead as he licked at his lips and stopped sucking in a deep breath.
"Are you okay Tay?" Ike asked with concern.
"Yeah. Yeah... I just need to rest a moment." Taylor rasped looking into Ike's eyes.
"You're doing great Taylor." Jason exclaimed wanting to give him encourgement.
"At least the bruising looks green and yellow now." Taylor smiled as he took another step slowly. He wanted to reach the end.
"How long before Taylor will be able to walk on his own?" Zac asked looking over at Jason who was watching Taylor intently.
"The way Taylor is going at it, I believe he'll be on his feet in no time!" Jason said feeling proud of Taylor.
"I vow I am not going to be in that wheel chair for very long and I can walk with crutches." Taylor declared stopping again and leaned to his right as he wiped the sweat off with his forehead with his left hand and then grabbed the bar again.
"Hey! You could use the one's that you were using from the last time." Zac said as Taylor looked him in the eyes and smiled.
"Yeah. Where are they though?" Taylor asked curiously when he groaned slightly feeling a small bolt of pain shoot up his left leg. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut biting his bottom lip.
"I think that is enough for today." Jason crooned grabbing Taylor's left arm.
"I can walk to the end." Taylor said with determination.
"Don't push it. I can see that you are in pain." Jason stated not liking that Taylor looked a little pale.
"I agree Tay. Anyhow don't worry so much. You'll be walking normal again very soon." Ike assured him and smiled.
"Yeah I am tired." Taylor stated when Jason walked around and came up behind him. He put his arms around his waist and lifted him walking backwards through the bars and then sat Taylor down into his chair.
"Well you made it almost to the end. If we work at it for a few more days you should then be able to walk freely. You might limp a little at first, but that will go away in time. Okay?" Jason said lovingly grabbing the side of Taylor's face and shook his head slightly. Taylor looked up at him and smiled with sweat still running down his forehead and breathing rapidly.
"Yeah. Okay!" Taylor rasped out of breath. "It was a good work out."
"Actually Taylor you could walk with those crutches now. I don't think you have to stay in that chair. But take it easy on them and take it slow." Jason informed him as Taylor smiled.
"I think they are in the closet where we stored them a while back. We'll go get them for you." Ike exclaimed.
"What do you want to do now?" Zac asked looking from Taylor to Ike.
"How about playing some video games or something?" Ike suggested watching Taylor's eyes light up.
"Yeah! That sounds great!" Zac yelled smiling from ear to ear. He loved that Taylor was now home again.
"Later we can work on that song we were writing in the hospital." Ike stated as they all watched Jason walk toward the door.
"Jason?" Taylor asked when he turned around with a questioning look on his face.
"Where are you going?"
"To be with Alice." Jason smiled as he opened up the door.
"Oh. Tell Sherri to meet us in the living room." Ike said as Jason nodded.
"Okay. I will." Jason answered and then went through the door. He hurried down the hallway wanting to see her.

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