To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 10 - The Plan

Walker sat in the kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee when he saw Jason come into the room.
"What are you doing up so early?" Jason asked yawning and grabbed a cup from the cabinet pouring himself a cup of coffee also.
"Just couldn't sleep very well Jason." Walker said watching Jason sit down with a look of concern.
"Well that coffee isn't going to help." Jason chuckled taking a sip and saw Walker smile.
"It's decaf. Jason? I have a question for you." Walker said looking down into his cup.
"Ike earlier today told me that someone was looking through the front window at them while he and his brothers, including Sherri were playing video games. He said Zac is the one who saw this person staring at them. He was really shook up. And he thought it was a guy, not a girl." Walker explained looking up at Jason who frowned at the news.
"And?" Jason asked wanting him to continue.
"Well...then Sherri got upset thinking it could have been that kid who was harassing her. The guys tried to calm her down. You don't think that boy would be here do you? I beefed up security around the house." Walker finished as Jason took another sip of his coffee thinking deeply.
"I don't think it could be. He wouldn't know to look for her here. No. I really doubt it Walker. It was probably someone like a fan or maybe it was a snoopy reporter." Jason assured him as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"As a matter of fact I have been noticing a car parked outside near our house for the last couple of weeks. You know I bet it is some reporter like you said. Taylor is back home and maybe that is what he was trying to find out about." Walker exclaimed shaking his head.
"Well I bet he won't come back around here anymore then. He must have saw Taylor." Jason stated pulling a strand of his long hair behind his right ear. Walker nodded agreeing.
"I hate that it upset them so much. Privacy is so hard to come by with my sons. It just creeped them out thinking someone had the nerve to do that." Walker angrily expressed taking his last gulp of his cup of coffee.
"What people will do when you are famous." Jason smiled as Walker smiled back wanting another cup of coffee when he turned seeing Taylor walking into the kitchen with his crutches.
"And what are you doing up?" Walker asked as Taylor jumped hearing his father ask him a question.
"Thought I heard someone talking. I'm hungry." Taylor said with a grin on his face.
"Isn't it a little late to think about food Tay?" Walker smiled as Taylor walked toward the fridge.
"After all that hospital food.....I want some real food for a change." Taylor mumbled looking intently into the refrigerator. Walker and Jason both laughed watching Taylor grab a tupperware carton and open up the lid to see what he could find to eat.
"Ahhhh....roast beef! Think I will make myself a sandwich." Taylor smiled turning carefully around and walked up putting the carton on the table and then went to the bread box and pulled out a loaf of bread and opened a drawer pulling out a knife. He walked back to the table and put them down on the table too. He balanced on his right leg and pulled the crutches out from under his arms and sat down placing them onto the floor next to him. He looked up seeing both of them smiling.
"What?" Taylor asked as he pulled out two pieces of bread to make his sandwich.
"You did that very well Tay." Walker said looking amused.
"Thank you." Taylor smiled and piled the roast beef onto one of the slices of bread.
"Sure you have enough?" Jason asked chuckling and watched Taylor place the other piece on top and cut the sandwich in half with his knife.
"Uh..Huh!" Taylor answered taking a huge bite and closed his eyes savoring the taste as he leaned back in the chair.
"You're making me hungry." Jason announced smiling at Taylor who smiled back.
"Have some." Taylor mumbled through the food in his mouth pushing the carton of roast beef and bread toward him.
"Think I will. It looks good." Jason said making himself a thick sandwich also.
"What were you talking about at this late hour?" Taylor asked curiously watching his father take a sip of his coffee.
"Just about that guy that looked at you through the window eariler today." Walker stated looking into his son's concerned eyes.
"Oh. I bet it was just a nosy reporter. The guy really rattled Zac and Sherri though. I think if I would have saw him it would have freaked me out too." Taylor added and then took another bite of his sandwich.
"That's what we were thinking too." Jason said chewing on his bite of the roast beef slowly.
"Well I am going back to bed for awhile." Walker yawned standing up and walked to the sink placing his cup on the counter. Taylor finished his sandwich and smiled at Jason who was still eating his. They both watched Walker leave the room.
"How does your leg feel?" Jason asked curiously placing the last piece of his sandwich into his mouth.
"A little stiff...but I'm feeling fine. I just want to get on my feet again soon." Taylor answered looking down at the table.
"Don't worry. I think in about a week you should be able to walk without the need for those crutches." Jason smiled pointing to them laying on floor next to Taylor.
"I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as I thought it was at first." Taylor exclaimed as he looked up at the clock noticing it was two thirty in the morning.
"Well I guess we should be going back to bed too, so we can continue with the therapy early today." Jason stated watching Taylor nod his head in agreement.

David sat up in bed in his hotel room staring at the TV not really paying attention to what was on. His mind was filled with jealousy remembering what he saw through the window. He couldn't stand the fact that she was having a great time with them.
"How could she just forget me? I'll show them. Sherri is mine!" David fumed under his breath as he pulled a pillow angrily unto his lap. He kept seeing Taylor next to her in his memories.
"She likes him? Why?" He thought bitterly with tears forming in his eyes. He knew that this Taylor guy seemed to like her in the same way. He could see it and he knew that somehow he was going to stop it.
"I'll teach him to take my girlfriend away from me! She loves me!" David growled as he smiled slightly, pondering on a plan in his head.

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