To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 8 - The Search - Continued

Jason lovingly looked into Alice's eyes as she was eating her lunch while he ate his in her room also. She felt him staring at her. She loved him but could feel that he was still very concerned over Taylor and her. She took a sip of the cranberry juice and looked up at him.
"I wish I knew how Taylor is doing. I hate the fact that I can't see him right now." Alice said watching Jason shift a little in his seat.
"He came through the operation with flying colors. I am concerned though about his metal state. He seemed very depressed when I left him earlier. I think he is afraid that the therapy will take as long as the last time. He's such a special kid. I hope he can get through this okay." Jason explained noticing he made Alice look sad. She cast her eyes down and nodded slightly.
"Taylor is a strong young man. He has to realize this accident isn't as bad as when he fell off that cliff. Don't worry Jason. He'll get through this with plenty of help from everyone. We all love him so much and that will make him heal faster!" Alice exclaimed with tears in her eyes feeling extremely emotional. She felt the baby move and smiled placing her hand on her belly and gingerly rubbed her hand across it.
"The baby kicked?" Jason asked standing up and sat on the edge of the bed so he could be closer to her. She nodded and looked deeply into Jason's eyes. Every ounce of her adored this man. He filled her days with joy and being with him made her life complete.
"He's a mover. I think he wants to come out!" Alice laughed happy to see that Jason cracked a huge smile as he reached out his hand and placed it on her stomach. He raised his eyebrows when he felt the baby kick again.
"What would I do without you honey?" Jason asked looking into her sweet eyes as feelings of love filled him.
"I really don't know. Sherri and I had a long talk this morning while you were in surgery with Taylor. I think she feels a lot better now knowing we will be doing something about this guy who is obsessed with her. I'm glad we are here in Tulsa where she feels safe." Alice explained to him watching his face turn into a frown.
"Walker and Diana offered to let us stay at their house while we are here. I don't want to go back home until I know for sure that Taylor will be alright. I want to be here with him and see him through this. And I was thinking it would be nice if our child was born here in Tulsa." Jason smiled seeing that Alice agreed with him.
"I wonder if later today I can go and see Taylor for a little while."
"I'll see. Right now honey you should get some rest. I am going to check in on him right now. Okay?" Jason asked watching her nod her head.
"After you see him... come back here and tell me how he is. I really want to know." Alice exclaimed laying down and sucked in a deep breath feeling concerned.
"I will Alice." Jason stated bending over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips before he left the room.

Jason walked down the hall and felt better knowing that everything seemed more in control now. He knew that the worst was now gone. He looked up seeing Ike, Zac, and Sherri standing by a elevator with some body guards standing with them. He wondered where they were going. He picked up his pace as he walked up to them. Sherri smiled up at him.
"Hi Dad. We're going to go back to their house and pick up a few things for Taylor. Is that okay?" Sherri asked as he smiled down at her.
"Sure. I was just about to ask where you were going. How is Taylor doing?" Jason chuckled when the doors opened and they got in.
"He is doing great!" Zac exclaimed holding the door open wondering if Jason wanted to ask anything more.
"Actually he is in good spirits. Are you going to see him now? Mom and Dad went to check on the kids in the waiting room." Ike told him as Jason nodded.
"Yeah. Well get going and don't take forever coming back!" Jason said as they all nodded and the doors shut as Zac let them go. Jason turned and felt happy knowing that Taylor seemed to be fine with the situation. He walked up to his room and slowly opened the door noticing Taylor was looking in his direction curiously. He smiled walking in and took a seat next to him.
"Well how is my patient doing?" Jason asked happily searching his face.
"Not to bad. Just feel a little sore by the hip." Taylor answered smiling and wondered why Jason seemed so happy.
"That is expected. If you feel any pain just tell us and we will give you more pain killer." Jason instructed as Taylor nodded and darted his eyes around thinking deeply.
"Yeah I will." Taylor muttered softly looking up at the ceiling.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I'm fine." Taylor smiled looking back toward him.
"What's on your mind Tay? I can tell you are thinking about something. Spill it kiddo!" Jason bellowed making Taylor chuckle a little.
"I was wondering...well how much damage was there to my hip?" Taylor asked dropping his face into a serious look.
"Okay... I will explain. You had a bad crack in the upper leg bone and I had to place a pin into your hip." Jason began seeing Taylor crinkle his brow.
"A pin?" Taylor swallowed hard not liking what Jason was telling him.
"It will strengthen the hip. It sounds worse then it is. So don't look so worried there." Jason expressed as he touched Taylor's arm to reasure him.
"Does this mean that I will get back on my feet faster?" Taylor asked hoping it would.
"Actually yes. The physical therapy won't take to long. The bruising was very severe. That is apart of damage also. But I assure you Taylor it will only take a month to heal or maybe even sooner. So don't worry so much about it. It was bad but everything is fixed and all you have to do is heal!" Jason expressed as Taylor sucked in a deep breath of relief.
"Good! I want to get back on the road again. This stupid accident disrupted our plans." Taylor angrily said then cracked a small smile.
"I know Tay. I will get you going again. Oh Alice is doing great. I ate lunch with her." Jason stated changing the subject.
"I was wondering how she was. I wish I could see her." Taylor said noticing Jason chuckled.
"She said the same thing about you. If she can... maybe later today I will let her come up here and visit for a little while. Now you just take it easy and get some rest." Jason advised and stood up.
"That sounds great. I guess I was worrying to much about this accident." Taylor said looking up at him as Jason ran his hand lovingly across his forehead pushing his hair back.
"I'm going to go back down with Alice now. I'll see you later Tay." Jason smiled as Taylor watched him leave the room. Taylor looked up at the ceiling and still felt a little depressed. He knew he shouldn't feel like this but he felt angry about everything that happened. He closed his eyes wanting to go back to sleep to take his mind off his concerns.

David sat in the car feeling very hungry and angry. He shifted in his seat wondering if he should leave for awhile and get some food to eat. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel trying to make up his mind when suddenly he saw a white van pull up into the drive way. He slid himself down feeling his heart start to race with excitement. He peered up to watch and saw two guys that were close to his age step out of the van. He recognized them knowing they were apart of the group Hanson. He frowned when he saw her step out with Ike helping her. He saw her smiling up at them while they talked heading for the house to the front door.
"So you are here." David fumed grinding his teeth. He knew though he just couldn't get out and approach her just yet, because there were body guards with them. He sat there thinking, forming a plan in his head. For now he would wait and watch the comings and goings to see when it would be his time to strike.

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