To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 8 - The Search

David woke up and slowly sat up from the front seat. He rubbed at this eyes trying to focus and felt a kink in his neck. He looked around him trying to get his bearings. He was now in Tulsa, Oklahoma and slept in his car over night. He looked out at the trees where he parked his car.
"Now to find the girl and where these Hanson guys live." David muttered to himself with anger filling him. He suddenly realized that he had no idea where to start.
"Blast it!" David shouted hitting the stearing wheel with his fist. He rested back onto the seat and began to think. He knew he had to find a way to locate where the Hanson's lived.
"The library might have records. But where is a library?" David mumbled and then thought he would go to any gas station and ask there. He started up his car and backed out onto the street noticing it was still very early in the morning and there wasn't much traffic. He saw a gas station up ahead and pulled into the parking lot. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some his money knowing he had to fill his tank with gas. He opened the door and got out as he yawned and stretched his legs trying to get out the cramps from sleeping in a curled position. He filled his tank and sauntered into the gas station and saw a old man who eyed him curiously.
"Good morning son." The man smiled as David smiled back.
"I used pump one over there." David informed him as the old man rung up the bill and took the money from David's hand.
"New around here?"
"Ahhhh... yeah. I am visiting some friends and feel a little lost. I have never been in Tulsa before." David smiled noticing the man nodded.
"What address are you looking for?" The man asked wanting to help.
"Actually I don't know the address. My friend is staying with some people that I never met before. Their name is Hanson." David said watching the man's eyebrows lift slightly.
"Hanson? What are their first names?" He asked with a questioning look. David smiled and chuckled a little.
"Taylor Hanson." David stated boldly watching the man look surprised.
"You mean those boys from that group Hanson?"
David nodded hoping the man didn't think that he was just some crazy fan of their's.
"Yep. My friend Sherri knows them and I know she is staying with them. I wanted to surprise her." David smiled sweetly.
The old man reached down under his desk and pulled out a map and placed it on the counter.
"I'll show you where they live but I will tell you right now son, if you are just some fan you won't get near the house. They have plenty of security around there." He stated looking up at David with a frown.
"Oh... I assure you it is not what you think." David blurted out turning a light shade of red. The man showed him the map indicating how to find the house. David smiled liking the fact that he now knew where they lived.
"Did you hear the news about what happened to one of them?"
"What happened?" David asked wondering what the old guy was talking about.
"The Taylor kid, I think, is hurt or something. I remember they said on the news the boy took a bad fall on a dirtbike and he collasped when they were doing some concert here in Tulsa in some radio station." The man explained as David listened intently.
"That is a shame. I hope he is alright." David expressed with concern in his voice. Inside he really didn't care about him at all. All he knew was he was going to find Sherri. He was glad that Taylor was in pain.
"Yeah he is in some hospital and had to have an operation."
"Well thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help sir. I really have to be going now!" David exclaimed in his most friendly voice. He bolted out the door feeling his heart pump rapidly. He quickly opened his car door and got in starting up the engine and pulled out onto the street again.
"Wait till you see that I came for you Sherri. Now you will see how much I love you!" David shouted picturing the love that she would have for him in her eyes. He turned some corners following the directions that the man gave him. He slowed down looking at the addresses on the houses knowing he was getting closer when suddenly he saw the address he was looking for. He pulled his car up to the curb and stopped the car looking out the window. He noticed that it looked like no one was home. He sat back and thought deeply trying to form a plan in his head to win back his one true love. He liked the idea that Taylor Hanson was in the hospital.
"Maybe that is why she came here. She must have heard about what happened to him. I have to teach him though that Sherri is my girlfriend and not his!" David exclaimed balling his hands into fists.
He didn't care how long he would have to wait, even if it took all day for them to return to the house. He wanted to make sure that Sherri was actually with them. Then he could make his move.

Taylor looked up at the ceiling as they wheeled him down the hallway back to his room after several hours in the recovery room. He felt like his world was crashing down around him. He blinked back the tears that threatened to spill over.
"We're here and your family wants to see you." The nurse smiled opening the door and held it open as they wheeled him in. The two men carefully lifted him placing him back onto his bed. Taylor cracked a smile as he watched them leave.
"Can I have some water?" Taylor asked the nurse who nodded her head. She poured some into a cup that was near his bed and brought it up to his mouth with a straw. He shyly looked up at her and sucked a little into his dry mouth.
"Take it slow Taylor. Oh and my name is Sue. If you need anything today just call me. Okay?" Sue said putting the cup down on the table. Taylor nodded his head and smiled weakly.
"When can I see my family?" Taylor asked still feeling uncomfortable with the huge bandage that covered his hip.
"I'll get them right now. They are very anxious to see you." Sue stated feeling sorry for him knowing he looked very depressed. She walked out as Taylor watched her. He quickly wiped off a tear that escaped his right eye.
"I can't let them see me like this." Taylor thought willing himself to cheer up. He reached his hand up wanting to pull back his hair from his eyes and regain his composure before they would come to see him. He smiled when his parents came into the room with looks of concern crossing their faces. Taylor reached out his hand toward them.
"How are you feeling Taylor?" Diana asked licking her lips as she bent down kissing him on the forehead. She placed her hand on the side of his face and stroked his cheek with her thumb.
"I'm still a little groggy, but I'm fine." Taylor answered weakly feeling better that they were with him now.
"You look good." Walker murmured softly squeezing his shoulder lovingly as Taylor turned his head to look at him.
"Did you talk with Jason?" Taylor asked searching his eyes wondering if he did. He knew Jason was probably with Alice. Walker nodded his head smiling down at him.
"Yeah. He told us that you will need to have a little physical therapy to get back on your feet again." Walker told him watching to see his son's reaction. He noticed that Taylor didn't look to upset about the idea.
"I know. He told me though that it won't be as long as the last time. But how is this delay going to affect our plans? I mean with the tour and everything." Taylor asked biting his bottom lip nervously as his eyes darted back and forth. They all looked up as Ike and Zac came into the room smiling.
"Hi Tay!" Zac exclaimed walking to the end of the bed and pulled up a chair sitting down while he sipped on a can of soda.
"How are you doing?" Ike asked going around the bed coming up next to his father.
"A little sleepy yet, but I'll be fine. I'm glad the operation is over. I just have to get myself walking again. Jason said it would probably take a month." Taylor answered as he yawned suddenly.
"Oh..." Ike responded nodding his head still feeling concerned for his brother. He hated seeing all the tubes sticking out of him.
"Tay? Don't worry about the tour. Right now it is important for you to heal. That is all that matters to us." Walker declared noticing that Taylor was looking very sleepy as he nodded slowly.
"Maybe we should leave and let you rest." Diana expressed with concern still petting his cheek with tears in her eyes.
"No. Please stay. I don't want to be alone right now." Taylor pleaded looking up at her as he blinked his eyes trying to stay awake. He felt better knowing that they were close to him and they took his mind off his worries. She smiled and sat down next to him.
"Where's Jessica?" Taylor asked with his eyes half shut gazing at his mother.
"They are with Sherri in the waiting room. Why don't you just rest Tay. We will stay right here. Okay?" Diana cooed lovingly watching his eyes close as he fell asleep. She sadly looked up at Walker who sat down in a chair on the other side of the bed.
"I hope Taylor doesn't..." Diana began whispering pulling a long strand of hair behind her ear.
"He'll be fine. I am surprised that he is taking this so well. I know he was so worried about having therapy again." Walker softly said turning to look at Ike who sat down in another chair.
"I thought that too. But you know Tay... if he is worried about something he can hide it from us. I was afraid that maybe he would fall into a depression again." Ike announced looking down at his hands sadly.
"Well maybe he knows that it isn't going to be as bad as the last time." Zac added in crushing his empty can in his hand.
"I'm really hungry. It's near lunch time." Walker pointed out smiling at Diana.
"I could go down and bring up some food from the cafeteria." Zac offered standing up.
"No. You might cause a riot down there with all the media and fans swarming around the place... Zac. We'll get someone to bring us some lunch." Walker said chuckling a little, as Zac nodded in agreement sitting back down.
"Can I have some water?" Taylor rasped as Diana jumped noticing he woke up again. She reached for the cup with the straw and brought it to his mouth. He took a couple of sips and smiled.
"Well I'm going to go to the nurse's station and ask about bringing us some food." Walker smiled standing up and left the room while they nodded.
"How long do I have to stay in the hospital?" Taylor asked sighing deeply as he rubbed his finger under his nose and sniffed.
"At least a few days Tay. Would you like us to bring you anything from home?" Ike asked watching Taylor turn his head to look at him.
"Well if I have to be laid up here for awhile why don't you bring your guitar and we could work on some songs that we have been writing." Taylor suggested smiling at him.
"Hey that is a great idea! I'll do that after lunch." Ike exclaimed looking back at Taylor lovingly. He felt better knowing that Taylor seemed to accept his situation right now.

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