To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 7 - Looking For Love - Continued

Ike nervously rubbed his hands together watching Zac gazing out the window. Walker paced the room while he sipped on a cup of coffee hating to wait while he kept praying that his son would be okay. He couldn't stand the thought that Taylor was suffering again. Ike stood up and walked up next to Zac wondering what he was looking at. Zac turned and smiled up at him.
"They are still out there." Ike mumbled softly seeing the crowd of fans mingling around the hospital.
"Well it is sweet to see how much they care about Tay. I saw some girls just a few minutes ago with a banner saying that they are praying for Taylor." Zac said when a group of girls spotted them and started screaming and waving. Zac waved back and smiled.
"The hospital staff said that there is mountains of get well cards that are being delivered. Taylor is going to love it when he sees them." Ike smiled and sucked in a deep breath. He turned when he felt someone tapping his back lightly noticing it was Mackie looking anxiously up at him.
"Ike? Are they done with Taylor yet?" Mackie asked as Ike looked down at him.
"It's going to take a while, but as soon as they are finished they'll tell us Mackie. Don't worry, Taylor is going to be just fine." Ike consoled him, sensing his little brother's concern.
"Oh... then why does Dad look so scared?"
"He just hates waiting around... that's all." Ike smiled watching Mackie nod feeling somewhat better. Mackie walked back over to his sisters and sat down watching them play a card game and wanted to join in. Ike smiled noticing suddenly that his mother was watching him.
"Why don't you two go sit down on the couch? Standing there is just getting the fans to excited out there. Hospital security is having enough trouble controlling the crowd guys." Diana explained smiling slightly watching her sons do what she asked.
"I wish they would tell us how Tay is doing?" Zac said leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees, feeling his stomach turn into knots.
"How long has it been?" Ike asked seeing his father get another cup of coffee out of the machine.
"I think it has been at least two hours now." Walker grumbled sitting down next to Diana feeling extremely worried that it was taking so long. They all jumped when the door opened and Jason walked in looking serious. Walker bolted up out of his chair walking quickly over to Jason.
"How's Tay?" Walker rasped feeling his heart race searching Jason's face for a answer.
"He's in recovery now. It will be awhile yet before he wakes up. He's doing great." Jason smiled trying to reasure them.
"How did the operation go? Was there a lot of damage?" Diana asked noticing Jason's face fell into a look of concern.
"There was a bad fracture in the upper leg bone. I have repaired it though. I had to place a pin in his hip." Jason explained hearing Diana suck in a sharp breath as she placed her hand over her mouth with her eyes filling with tears.
"Diana? Taylor will be just fine. The operation went smoothly." Jason declared trying to calm her fears.
"How long before he will be on his feet again?" Ike asked swallowing hard as Zac looked down at the floor.
"At least a month. He will need some therapy again. Believe me it won't be as long as last time." Jason assured them.
"Can we see him?" Zac asked softly yearning to be with his brother.
"Not for while. I am going to look in on him right now and then I want to see how Alice is doing." Jason stated as Walker nodded putting his cup down on a table next to him.
"Thanks Jason. I am so glad that you are here." Walker exclaimed seeing Jason give him a smile and nod his head.
"I'll let you know when you can look in on him. Okay?" Jason said as he left the room and quickly walked down the hall wanting to see Taylor. He approached the door and opened it up slowly sucking in a deep breath. He saw that he was still sleeping and slowly came up to the side of the bed. Tears filled his eyes looking down at him. He knew that Taylor wasn't going to like the fact that he would have to go through therapy again. He sat down next to him and reached out petting his head lovingly. He watched as Taylor stirred and goaned softly as he saw his eyes flutter open.
Taylor licked his dry lips and swallowed hard feeling his sore throat. He blinked trying to clear his vision feeling someone caressing his forehead.
"Ja..Jason?" Taylor murmured crinkling his eyebrows together feeling very woozy.
"Shhhh... don't try to talk kiddo." Jason whispered as reached into a cup of ice chips and grabbed one placing it against Taylor's lips. "Just take it easy."
"How..how did it go?" Taylor muttered feeling a dull ache on his left side.
"It went just fine." Jason answered watching Taylor cast his eyes up and down that were still half shut.
"Will I? Will I be able to walk soon?" Taylor fearfully asked searching Jason's face and saw it fall into a frown.
"I know Taylor that you won't like this but..."
"I..I..." Taylor began with fear racing through him hearing his words.
"It will at least take a month for you to get back on your feet again." Jason sadly answered hating to tell him the news.
"No." Taylor groaned as he started to cry while Jason petted his head lovingly wanting to sooth him. He watched as Taylor squeezed his eyes tightly shut hating to see the anguish that filled him. Jason felt his heart sink to his stomach wishing somehow he could comfort him more, but all he could do for now was stay close to him knowing Taylor needed his love and care.

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