To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 7 - Looking For Love

Taylor woke up feeling someone gently shaking his shoulder. Slowly he opened his eyes looking into his mother's caring look that covered her face.
"Hey Tay. It is almost time." Diana cooed softly.
"What time is it?" Taylor whispered rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"It's six o'clock sweetheart. Pretty soon they are going to prepare you for surgery." Diana said when they both turned seeing Walker come into the room.
"Where's Jason?" Taylor asked swallowing hard feeling scared.
"He's getting things set." Walker answered walking around to the other side of the bed. Taylor nodded his head feeling nervous.
"I hate this. I wish...." Taylor began when a nurse walked into the room smiling at them.
"Ahhh...could you please leave the room Mr. and Mrs. Hanson for just a little bit. I have to get Taylor ready. He will be going down to surgery in just a half hour." She politely asked as they nodded walking out into the hallway. Taylor watched her as she took his temperature and then wrote the note onto a chart. She checked his blood pressure and took his pluse noticing he was looking very nervous.
"Everything looks good Taylor." She smiled watching him swallow hard. He jumped when another nurse entered the room as he licked his lips.
"Don't worry Taylor you're in the best hands. Jason Monroe is a brillant doctor and surgeon." She smiled as Taylor smiled back.
"I know he is. I'm a little scared though. I never thought this would happen to me again." Taylor attested running his hand nervously through his hair.
"They will be taking you down soon. Just relax." The other nurse said pulling down his covers and gently took off his gown from his arms.
"Okay." Taylor nodded watching her as she placed patches on his chest so his heart rate would be monitored during the operation.
"I'm going to put in a catheter now Taylor so this might be a little uncomfortable for you." The first nurse said watching him nod as she pulled up his gown. Taylor cringed feeling it sting. He sucked in a deep breath shutting his eyes.
"We just have to start a IV now and then we will be finished here. Okay?" The second nurse informed him as he looked up at her. She carefully placed it in his arm as he licked his lips nervously.
"They will be in for you shortly. We will let your parents come back in now." The first nurse smiled as they both left the room. Taylor sadly looked at his arm where the IV was placed feeling his heart start to beat faster. He turned his head seeing his parents come back into the room.
Diana walked up to the bed hating the scared look that covered her son's face.
"Are you okay Tay?" She asked softly watching his eyes fill with tears while she gently caressed his forehead pushing back his loose hair.
"Mom? I...I feel so scared. Not about the operation, but what comes after. I mean will I have to go through months of therapy again? I...I just can't stand to think I have to learn to walk again, like last time." Taylor fearfully expressed looking deeply into her concerned eyes.
"I don't know Tay. Let's just take this one step at a time and just hope for the best." Diana explained smiling at him trying to reasure him watching him nod as he smiled weakly.
"Where is Ike and Zac?" Taylor asked turning to his father with a questioning look covering his face.
"They are in the waiting room with Sherri and the rest of the kids. They wouldn't allow all of us in here, but they are praying for you Tay." Walker smiled reaching out and placing his hand into Taylor's.
"How's Alice? Is she alright?"
"She's resting. I checked in on her this morning. They told me she and the baby are doing fine." Walker stated feeling his son squeeze his hand.
"That's good. I...." Taylor began when two orderlies came into the room with a gurney. Diana and Walker moved back as they placed the gurney next to the bed.
"Are you ready Taylor? They are waiting for us to take you down to surgery." One of them said as Taylor nodded looking over to his parents while he swallowed fearfully. They gently lifted him as he crinkled his eyebrows together feeling a small bolt of pain go through his hip. They put him on the gurney while one covered him up noticing his body shivered a little.
"We'll see you Tay. We all love you!" Diana expressed in a shaking voice as Walker put his arm around her shoulders lovingly, while they watched them wheel him out into the hallway. They followed them down the hallway to the elevators. Walker stepped up on the side as Taylor looked up at him with sad, scared eyes. He bent over and kissed his forehead softly. Taylor closed his eyes taking in a shaking breath.
"Love you Dad." Taylor whispered when the doors opened and they slid him in. Diana and Walker watched till the doors shut and then slowly walked down the hallway to now wait until the operation would be over.

Taylor gazed up at the lights as they passed above him. He felt intense fear as they went through the doors into the operating room. He turned and saw Jason dressed in surgery clothes looking ready to go. Jason turned and smiled at him sensing Taylor's fear.
"How are you doing kiddo?" Jason asked walking up near him as the orderlies lifted him placing him onto the operating table. Taylor groaned feeling his hip start to throb.
"Fine." Taylor rasped with tears welling in his eyes. Jason watched as the nurses gently lifted his gown and clipped it up in front of him so they blocked his view. His body began to shiver from the cold of the room while a nurse pulled his right arm out to the side and placed a cuff around his arm that would automatically monitor his blood pressure during the operation. Another nurse pulled out his left arm and started the IV.
"I...I'm so cold." Taylor moaned shutting his eyes trying to hold back his fear.
"We'll warm you up. Just take it easy." Jason expressed smiling while a male nurse covered him with some sheets. Taylor felt them adjusting the sheets in place by his left hip as he looked up at the bright lights above him licking his lips nervously. He jumped slightly feeling a wet substance being swabbed over the area where Jason would operate. Taylor swallowed hard as Jason bent down near him.
"We're going to place a oxygen mask over your face and I want you to breath deeply Tay. Okay?" Jason murmured softly hating the look of fear covering his face. Taylor nodded looking up at him while a nurse put the mask on. Taylor started to take deep breaths when another man bent over and smiled at him.
"Say goodnight Taylor." He stated as Taylor kept his eyes on Jason's face that started to get blurry.
Jason watched as Taylor fell into a deep sleep as they prepared to start the operation. Jason stepped up to the side of table and looked at everyone.
"Are we ready? How does his vitals look Tom?" Jason asked.
"The boy is doing great." Tom, the anesthesiologist, answered sitting down next to Taylor because he would monitor him through out the operation, checking on his heart rate and blood pressure.
Jason looked down at the area and closed his eyes before he would begin as he said a silent prayer.
"Please Lord let this not be as bad as it appears." Jason prayed and then saw the nurse hand him his first instrument. He carefully made his first incision knowing this would be a long operation.

Alice looked up at the TV not really paying attention to what was on. She turned watching her daughter enter the room with a smile on her face.
"Hi Mom!" Sherri exclaimed running up next to the bed as Alice opened up her arms hugging her tightly as she stroked her daughter's hair.
"Hi sweetheart. Did they take Taylor down for the operation yet?" Alice asked as Sherri pulled back and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Yeah they took him down just about a few minutes ago. I hope Taylor will be okay. How are you doing?" Sherri asked with concern covering her face.
"I'm just fine Sherri. Don't worry honey." Alice smiled knowing that she was feeling guilty about her passing out yesterday. She watched Sherri sadly cast her eyes down to her hands.
"I hope this wasn't..." Sherri began.
"It's not your fault. You have to realize I am a older woman who happens to be pregnant. I just have to take it easy for awhile." Alice explained reaching out and touching a strand of Sherri's long hair on the end curling it around her finger.
"I just thought that I caused you so much stress and worry." Sherri mumbled with tears in her eyes.
"Honey? Everything suddenly came down on me. It was worrying about you, then Taylor. I just love you both so much and I want you to not feel like this is your fault. You were just scared and I understand that. Okay? We will handle this situation with this boy who seems to be so obsessed with you. And in the mean time we all need to lean on each other to get through this whole situation with Taylor and me and you. Taylor needs us right now as much as we need him. Love will get us through this bad time." Alice explained watching Sherri nod then smile up at her.
"Mom? I love you so much! I should have come to you and Jason in the first place. I realize that now. He just scared me so much when he threatened to hurt you if I told. David is really crazy. I don't understand why he is the way he is. I feel so afraid of him. I..I'm so scared to face him again." Sherri fearfully said swallowing hard with tears brimming in her eyes.
"I know sweetheart." Alice sadly whispered as Sherri leaned her head against her mother's shoulder starting to cry softly while she stroked her hair lovingly. Alice felt angry that this boy made her daughter's life a nightmare. She promised herself that she would not let him ever hurt her daughter again.

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