To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 6 - The Obsession

David drove all day heading for Tulsa not caring what his mother thought of him. He angrily remembered how mad his mother was as he left the house. She tried to get him to answer her about where he was going but he told her it was none of her business.
"She's mine! No one will take her from me." David thought to himself with frustration filling him. He saw the sign that said Tulsa was now only fifthy miles away. He reached down for his water bottle with his right hand and flipped the top open with his thumb and took a sip. He smiled thinking how he was going to convince Sherri to love him. He remembered how she told him she was going to tell him about how much she cared for him. He couldn't believe that her stupid aunt called him creep. He knew that Sherri would never think that way about him. He felt a little drowsy as the sun was setting in the distance as blinked his eyes willing himself to stay awake as he drove down the endless highway to win back the girl he loved.

Jason sat down heavily onto a chair in the maternity ward of the hospital. He rested his head into his hands feeling overwhelmed by everything that was happening to him. First Sherri ran away from home due to some creep harassing her in school, then Taylor needed him and he had to operate on his hip again due to his injury and now his poor Alice was having complications with her pregnancy. They told him that there was some blood and that she needed complete bed rest in order not to lose the baby. He slowly looked up at the ceiling with tears of frustration filling his eyes. He wondered if he was strong enough to slove all the problems. He sucked in a deep breath as a woman walked by and cringed looking at the scars on his face. He gave her a dirty look and stood up wanting to see how Sherri was doing and also to tell her that Alice was resting peacefully now in bed.
"WHAT!?" Jason yelled at the woman who still started at him watching her jump when he yelled.
"Nothing." The lady whispered fearfully blinking at him.
"Well stop staring at me! Haven't you ever seen anyone with scars before?" He asked as he fumed walking down the hall to catch a elevator to the sixth floor where Taylor was. He turned noticing the woman was gone now. He watched the doors open and got into the elevator going up. He got out and sauntered down the hallway to the waiting room knowing that is where Sherri was. He passed Taylor's room thinking he would check on him later.

He slowly opened the door and saw Ike and Zac look up at him while their sisters and brother were sleeping on some couches that were in the room. He saw that Sherri was sleeping with her head on Ike's lap.
"How's Alice Jason?" Ike whispered with concern not wanting to wake up Sherri.
"She needs complete bed rest. She could have lost the baby. Alice has to stay in bed for the rest of her pregancy. How's Sherri doing?" Jason asked squatting down in front of her.
"She was pretty upset for awhile, but at least she is getting some sleep now." Zac said in a low voice.
"I have to talk with her though. I hate to wake her but....." Jason began when suddenly she stirred fluttering her eyes open and bolted up looking fearfully at Jason's concerned look covering his face.
"Mom? How is she?" Sherri moaned as Jason grabbed her head petting the sides of her cheeks with his thumbs.
"She needs bed rest. Don't worry honey she will be just fine." Jason crooned gently cracking a small smile trying to reasure her. She nodded licking at her lips nervously.
"The baby?"
"The baby is okay. Your mother just has to stay in bed for the rest of her pregnancy." Jason explained while her bottom lip quivered.
"Oh... can I see her?" Sherri asked with a pleading look in her eyes.
"Not right now Sherri. Just let her rest. Okay?" Jason said sweetly as he hugged her into his arms tightly.
"I love you Jason. I'm sorry for worrying everyone." Sherri stated resting her head on his shoulder with tears starting to roll down her face again.
"I want to ask you some questions about this kid who was harassing you." Jason said as she pulled back out of his arms wiping her tears away.
"You want us to leave Jason? To give you some privacy?" Ike asked as Sherri shook her head.
"No Ike please stay. I don't mind that you are here." She stated as Ike and Zac nodded their heads.
Jason got up and pulled a chair up and sat down in front of her.
"Well tell us about how this guy has been harassing you." Jason demanded watching her bow her head sadly.
"His name is David Smith. He has been bothering me for the last few months. He says he loves me and he just won't leave me alone. I tried to tell him in the beginning that I don't feel the same way but he just won't believe me. It's like he makes these stories up in his head and then thinks they are real." Sherri began swallowing hard.
"Like what kind of stories?" Ike asked with concern.
"Well one time he was telling everyone that we went out on a date and how we kissed and stuff. And that was a total lie. I never did! Some of his football friends believe him. He is very popular in school and when he is around other people he acts all normal, but when he is alone with me he acts so weird. He is big. I am so scared of him. One time he forced a kiss on me. I pulled away and he got mad at me and was about to hit me but my friends showed up and then he acted like nothing happened." Sherri explained with tears forming in her eyes.
"Why didn't you come to us about this sooner honey? We could have done something about him." Jason asked crinkling his eyebrows together.
"He threatened me one time about that. I told him that I was going to tell you about him and he warned me to never say anything or he would hurt you and Mom. I can tell he meant it! I could see it in his eyes. I thought I could handle the situation by always making sure that my friends were with me. I only told Sue about what was going on. But the other day when I was going to go to the bathroom he grabbed me into a closet storage area and he was demanding me to tell him how much I loved him. I lied and said that I was going to tell him about my feelings for him the next day. I just..just couldn't go back to school. I can't face him anymore. He is getting really aggressive now! Please don't make me go to that school anymore Jason! Please? I...I can't! He must be really mad that I didn't show up today!" Sherri moaned as she started to shake and sob uncontrollably.
Jason took her in his arms again and squeezed his eyes shut tightly with anger forming knowing how scared she was feeling her body trembling in his arms.
"You're not going back there for now. We have to stay here because of your mother anyway. But one thing sweetheart...." Jason said pulling her back so he could look into her eyes. "He won't get away with this. You're safe now Sherri. Okay?"
Sherri smiled up at him and nodded.
"Walker and Diana offered for us to stay with them while we stay here." Jason affirmed kissing her gently on the forehead.
"And another thing Sherri. We will pull security tight around the house just in case." Ike assured her also as he smiled.
"What would I do without you guys?" Sherri smiled at last feeling safe.
"When are you going to operate on Tay?" Zac asked looking up at Jason curiously.
"I am going to preform the operation early in the morning. Why don't you all go home now and get some rest. You all look really tired and beat." Jason expressed as Ike sighed deeply.
"Yeah that is true. This was a long day." Ike nodded agreeing.
"I am going to look in on Taylor now." Jason said standing up and headed for the door.

Taylor woke up and noticed his parents were sleeping with their heads down on the edges of the bed on each side. He smiled as he reached over and touched his father's arm lightly. Walker bolted up and yawned.
"Hmmmm... man my neck is stiff." Walker groaned rubbing his left shoulder for sleeping in such a odd position.
"Maybe you should go home for the night. There is nothing you can really do here anymore." Taylor pointed out and noticed his mother woke up and slowly sat up.
"Yeah I guess you're right Tay. Are you sure you don't mind?" Walker asked grabbing onto Taylor's hand.
"I'll be okay. Anyways Jason is here for me." Taylor smiled as they both stood looking worn out.
They all turned as they watched Jason come into the room.
"How's Alice?" Walker asked with great concern.
"We were thinking of just going to go find out what was happening." Diana added in.
"She needs bed rest. She was showing some blood." Jason informed them as he sat down on the edge of the bed looking nervous.
"Oh no. And the baby?" Walker asked sadly.
"The baby is doing fine. Oh I told your sons to go home with Sherri to get some rest. They all look beat." Jason explained with Walker nodding his head.
"I wanted to tell you that tomorrow morning I am going to do the operation." Jason stated looking at Taylor's face falling into a frown.
"So soon?" Taylor questioned gluping hard.
"I advise we should operate as soon as possible. I don't want the bones to set incorrectly." Jason explained with concern.
"I see." Walker rasped feeling nervous over his son.
"You will have to fill out and sign some papers before you leave. The nurse has them by the station up the hall." Jason informed them as Walker and Diana said their goodbyes to Taylor.
"We'll be back before the operation Tay. Don't worry okay?" Walker crooned softly as Taylor looked into his father's worried looking face. He nodded and smiled weakly as they left the room.
"Jason I'm scared. Can you stay for awhile?" Taylor asked hoping he would say yes.
"Sure kiddo. Just try to go back to sleep. I want you to rest before tomorrow morning." Jason cooed gently sitting in the chair next to him. He watched Taylor close his eyes again as he reached out and took Taylor's hand squeezing it lovingly while he felt Taylor squeeze his hand back. It brought back the memory of when he snuck into his room that night about a year ago and he was drugged finding it hard to wake up. He looked at Taylor thinking how much he still loved this kid. He would do anything for him. Tears welled in his eyes thinking how much his life had changed since then. He was going to be a father again. A sense of fear suddenly came over him as he started to think deeply about his life. He wondered if he would be a good father. Could he really handle everything that was suddenly coming down on him?
"I just have to be strong." Jason told himself knowing three people that he loved dearly was depending on him right now. He felt exhusted himself as he began to doze with his head falling onto his chest.

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