To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 5 - The News - Continued

Taylor swallowed hard squeezing his eyes shut and sucked in a breath bracing himself for the news of what the tests showed. Jason motioned for Mr. and Mrs. Hanson to sit down.
"I am afraid it's not good news Taylor." Jason stated sadly watching his eyes fill with tears.
"What's wrong?" Walker asked feeling his heart sinking into his stomach as Diana grabbed onto Taylor's hand.
"Well there are two pieces of bone that are cracked on the upper part of the hip. The socket area where the femur and lower part of the hip are located are very weak also. I am going to have to operate....."
"NO! Oh God!" Taylor yelled as he started to shake.
"Tay? I can fix it. It's going to be alright." Jason explained as he reached out and caressed his head lovingly watching Taylor fighting back his tears.
"That was the pop I felt. How..how long will it take for me to get back on my feet again?" Taylor asked rasping for air feeling angry.
"The operation should take a few hours and then it may take a month or so to heal again." Jason explained still petting Taylor's head gently. Taylor nodded shutting his eyes taking a deep breath.
"We are going to have to cancel a lot of dates then." Walker sadly said looking down at Taylor.
"I'm sorry." Taylor whispered as a tear dripped down the side of his face as Diana rubbed it off gently with her fingertips.
"Taylor you can't help it. Your well being comes first. Everyone will understand." Walker crooned in a caring voice, rubbing his son's arm lovingly. Taylor nodded his head and then looked back up at Jason.
"I wish I wouldn't have gone dirtbiking, then none of this would be happening right now!" Taylor groaned angrily, hating the thought of going through another operation again.
"Well I will go let everyone else know what is going to happen now." Walker said as he bent down and kissed his son's forehead gently. Diana got up and followed him out of the room to tell the rest of the family including Alice and Sherri. Taylor watched them go out the door.
"Taylor?" Jason asked looking down into his frightened eyes.
"Don't worry and stop thinking about what could have been. It did happen and just think you have me to take care of you again." Jason smiled trying to cheer him up. Taylor smiled weakly as he ran his hand through his hair pulling the loose strands away from his eyes.
"That's true. I wouldn't want anyone else to operate on me except you." Taylor exclaimed when they both jumped hearing Sherri scream out.
Jason bolted for the door with Taylor looking stunned. He ran out into the hallway seeing Alice passed out in Walker's arms.
"What..what's wrong?" Jason groaned running up next to them and bent down.
"I was telling everyone about Taylor when she suddenly passed out. I don't know what's wrong Jason." Walker explained as some nurses ran up to them. Jason gently rubbed her cheek looking scared.
"Honey? Alice? Wake up!" Jason pleaded when she suddenly fluttered her eyes open with beads of sweat dripping down her face.
"Where? Where am I?" Alice asked as Jason lifted her up into his arms and placed her onto a gurney gently.
"Just take it easy Alice. You passed out. It must be from all the excitement lately." Jason crooned lovingly to her as he kissed her forehead.
"I..I still feel so dizzy." Alice moaned licking her lips feeling very thristy.
"We should really check her out." A nurse stated with concern. Jason nodded his head feeling worried about the baby. They quickly rolled Alice down the hallway to another room.
Jason jumped hearing Taylor call out to him as Walker bolted to the door.
"Jason go to Alice. I will explain to Taylor what happened." Walker affirmed taking control of the situation as everyone stood in shock. Ike held Sherri as she cried in his arms feeling worried about her mother.
"Thanks Walker. Tell him I will be back as soon as I can." Jason said fearfully hurrying down the hallway.
"Mom?" Sherri cried as Zac rubbed her back trying to comfort her as Ike and him led her to their private waiting room where the rest of their sisters and brother were.

Taylor looked upset as his father and mother came back into the room.
"What happened to Alice?!" Taylor asked fearfully searching their faces that were covered with looks of concern.
"She passed out Tay. They are checking her out right now. Don't worry ....Jason will be back to see you again." Walker expressed sadly as Taylor's eyes darted back and forth.
"Oh no. Is it the baby?" Taylor asked as he swallowed the lump in his throat looking at his mother who came around the other side of the bed and sat down in the chair.
"We don't know Tay. We hope everything will be alright. I think with everything going on it was just to much for her to handle right now." Diana explained noticing Taylor looked suddenly pale himself.
"Oh please let her be alright." Taylor pleaded looking up at the ceiling with his heart racing. He hated the thought of Alice in pain.
"Just rest now Tay. Calm down." Walker said seeing his son looking scared.
"Why is this happening? Is Sherri alright?" Taylor asked wondering how she was right now.
"Ike and Zac are taking care of her. Just rest." Walker told him as he pulled some hair lovingly behind his ear. Taylor nodded his head closing his eyes glupping hard feeling exhusted and still scared. Walker looked over at Diana sadly as she looked into his eyes and nodded. They bowed their heads saying a prayer that everything would be okay as Taylor slowly fell to sleep while they stayed next to him not wanting to leave him alone.

Ike and Zac comforted Sherri as she cried against Ike's chest. Jessica sat in her chair watching sadly with tears in her eyes. She always liked Sherri and hated to see her in this much pain.
"Is Sherri okay?" Mackie asked sensing the fear in the room looking up at his sister for a answer.
"She is just worried about her mother right now Mackie." Jessica whispered trying to reasure her little brother not to worry so much.
"Oh." Mackie said sitting down next to her and Avie feeling sad.

"It's my fault. I made her worry to much." Sherri moaned feeling lost and frightened.
"No. It's not Sherri. Do you want any water or anything?" Zac consoled wishing they could do something more for her.
"I would like a soda." Sherri murmured blinking back her tears as she sat up slowly and sucked in a shaking breath of air. Zac smiled and nodded getting up to get her one from the machine in the room. He put the money in and pushed the Dr. Pepper button hearing the can fall and grabbed it popping it open walking back over to Sherri as he handed it to her. Sherri took a sip with her bottom lip still quivering.
"Tastes good." Sherri smiled weakly looking at Zac.
"Do you feel better now?" Ike asked with concern when she looked up at him taking another swallow of the soda.
"I'm so worried. I hope there is nothing wrong with the baby." She said sadly feeling exhausted.
"I hope so too. Well at least she is in a hospital. I'm sure she will be fine." Ike assured her as he was worried himself and wondered how Taylor took the news about himself and Alice.
Sherri yawned as she rubbed at her sore eyes.
"Why don't you try to get some sleep." Ike crooned gently. He patted his lap indicating for her to lay her head down. Zac took the can of soda from her and put it on the table standing up to give her some room to lay down. She stretched out laying her head on Ike's lap as he gently stroked her hair as she fell into a deep sleep. Zac walked up to the window looking outside and saw the massive crowd of people consisting of fans and the press. He knew Christopher was probably going to talk to the media in a little while and tell them what was going to happen with his brother. He looked up and said a silent prayer that Alice and Taylor would both be okay.

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