To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 5 - The News

Ike swallowed hard as he drove through the parking lot seeing all the media and fans swarming around the building. Sherri looked over at Ike.
"How are we going to get through all those people?" Sherri asked sliding down on the seat.
"I have to get to the back of the building. They know I am coming. Sherri why are you hiding?" Ike chuckled watching her.
"I don't want to be seen. I must look terrible after crying and stuff." Sherri mumbled nervously.
"You look fine." Ike said laughing as he grabbed the cell phone and dialed the number for security with one hand.
"Yeah right Ike." Sherri groaned as she slid up a little feeling silly.
"Hi. Yeah... this is Isaac Hanson. I'm coming to the back now. How does it look? Uh..huh. Okay." Ike said hanging up and turned his car to go to the back parking lot area, when a security car suddenly came up behind him.
"Are we getting through?" Sherri asked curiously peeking out the window and noticed the crowd.
"Yep. Just hang on. Oh oh... they noticed me. Oh well... here we go." Ike smiled when he finally parked the car with screams of girls that could be heard outside. He looked down at Sherri and smiled.
"They are going to wonder who I am Ike. I hate this!" Sherri moaned almost wanting to stay in the car out of view.
"Sherri? That is something we are used to. You're a friend of the family but I'm sure the rumors will fly. Don't worry about it. Okay?" Ike said feeling amused as Sherri slowly slid herself up straight and looked out the window.
"Should I get out first?" Sherri asked trying to be brave wanting to desperately get inside and see her parents again.
"Sure. Just go through that door over there. Security will lead you in." Ike informed her as she nodded her head. She grabbed the handle and stepped out hearing the crowd of screaming girls behind her. She didn't look back and just walked forward as a guard quickly grabbed her arm and gently led her through the door way. Sherri took a sigh of relief when she entered the building and waited for Ike. She watched as Ike waved to the crowd and bolted for the entrance.
"Wasn't to bad!" Ike exclaimed as they headed for the elevators.
"I could never get used to that. Crowds scare me!" Sherri chuckled as they got on the elevator.
"The life of the Hansons. It is just a normal thing to us now." Ike stated as they watched the floors go by when finally they stopped and walked out into a hall with body guards surrounding them.
"Where are they?" Sherri asked nervously grabbing onto Ike's arm.
"Just down the hall. We are almost there." Ike said touching her hand that was on his arm and rubbed her fingers knowing how nervous she was.
They approached the door to Taylor's room and entered together.

Everyone looked up seeing Ike and Sherri together with Taylor laying on the bed looking anxious.
"Sherri!" Alice shouted loudly, getting up carefully and put out her arms, when Sherri ran to her and hugged her tightly.
"I'm sorry Mom. I'm so sorry!" Sherri exclaimed with tears in her eyes as she stepped back with Alice taking her face in her hands.
"You're safe now honey." Alice smiled and kissed her forehead lovingly.
"How did you get to Tulsa Sherri?" Zac asked breaking in and smiled at her.
"I came on a grayhound bus." Sherri answered and then looked over at Taylor who was smiling at her.
"Well we are glad you are here." Taylor said as he rubbed his hands together.
"Did you hear anything yet?" Ike asked looking at his father and mother.
"We are waiting for Jason to come and tell us the test results." Walker stated looking nervous as Ike found a chair and sat down next to Zac.
"I wish he would get here. I want to know what the tests proved." Taylor groaned licking at his lips as he jumped when the door slowly opened. His heart started to race as Jason came in looking very serious. Everyone sat still as he approached the bed with Taylor looking up into his eyes.
"Jason?" Taylor rasped sensing the news wasn't going to be good as he searched Jason's face for a answer.
"I would like it if everyone left the room except for Walker and Diana." Jason declared as everyone stood looking scared.
"Is it good news Jason?" Zac asked wanting to know.
"You'll know in a few minutes Zac. I just want to talk to Taylor and your parents first. Okay?" Jason pleaded as Zac sadly nodded as everyone slowly left the room out into the hallway.

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