To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 4 - You're Safe Now - Continued

Walker, Diana and the rest of the family were waiting with Alice to hear how Taylor was since they took him down to do more tests on him.
"Alice? Are you okay?" Diana asked noticing Alice looked very uncomfortable because she was constantly shifting in her chair.
"Yeah. Just that the baby is kicking so much right now. It's really hurting my back." Alice smiled not wanting her friend to worry.
"I know how that is." Diana chuckled as Alice smiled back nodding.
Suddenly a nurse popped her head into the private waiting room looking around. Walker stood up wondering what she wanted.
"Yes? Can we help you?" Walker asked curiously as she stepped into the room.
"There is a phone call for you. It's your son Isaac." She said shyly looking up at him.
"Oh... can I take the call in here?" Walker asked.
"Sure I will transfer the call to this room." She stated as she bolted out the door.
"Maybe she showed up at the house." Walker exclaimed looking at Alice.
"I hope that is why Ike is calling us." Diana said when the phone rang and Walker picked it up quickly.
"Dad? Sherri is here!"
"How is she?" Walker asked as Alice stood up and walked up to him.
"She's fine. We are coming to the hospital after I hang up." Ike answered sounding happy.
"Please let me talk to her." Alice pleaded with tears in her eyes.
"Ike? Alice wants to talk to her." Walker said handing her the phone.
Ike handed Sherri the phone as she swallowed hard with her legs shaking under her.
"Mama?" Sherri nervously stammered with her voice cracking.
"Are you okay sweetheart? I love you honey." Alice cooed with tears forming in her eyes.
"Yeah... I'm fine Mom. Please don't be mad at me. I just couldn't stay there anymore!" Sherri begged as she began to cry as Ike started to rub her shoulder.
"Sweetie we aren't mad at you. We know why you ran away from home. We are just glad that you are here and safe. So don't worry. Just come to the hospital honey. I love you so much sweetheart. We are going to work this all out. Okay?" Alice crooned softly hating to hear the fear in her daughter's voice.
"We are coming right away. How is Tay? Is he alright?" Sherri asked wiping away the tears from her right cheek.
"We are still waiting for word on his condition. Jason is with him right now. He is having some tests done to check how extensive the damage was to his hip. But just don't worry about that honey right now. He will be just fine now that Jason is here with him." Alice said cheerfully.
"Okay. We'll be there soon then. Tell everyone that I love them!" Sherri exclaimed feeling better now knowing that no one was mad at her.
"I will sweetheart. See you soon." Alice sighed deeply feeling relieved that her daughter was now with them. She hung up and walked slowly back to her chair.
"They are coming?" Zac asked watching her sit down heavily into her chair. She nodded her head frowning slightly.
"Yes. She is with Ike and they are heading to the hospital now. She told me tell everyone that she loved you!" Alice answered smiling up at him as everyone smiled back at her.
"Are you okay? You look a little pale Alice." Zac asked with concern.
"I'm just tired Zac. I am so relieved that Sherri is here... that's all. I was really scared there for awhile." Alice explained as Zac nodded his head understanding. He leaned back on the couch wondering how long these tests were going to take with his brother. He hated all this waiting around, but was glad to know that at least Sherri was safe now being here with them. They all sat silently again as they waited for Taylor's test results.

Taylor opened his eyes looking up at the tunnel as they slid his lower body in for the scan. He layed very still as they instructed him as he thought deeply about the days events. He hoped that his hip bone wasn't damaged to bad. He couldn't stand the idea if he had to have another operation. For one thing it would delay their plans for the promotional tour. He thought about how disappointed the fans would be if he was hurt anymore then what they thought. He could still see the sad faces of the fans when they took him out of the radio station on a stretcher to the ambulance. What scared him the most was the popping sensation he felt when he was going into the building and the bolt of pain that went down his leg.
"Taylor?" Taylor looked up hearing Jason's voice over the intercom. "Sherri came to your house and Ike is driving her here now."
"Oh... good! How is she? Is she okay?" Taylor asked closing his eyes in relief at the news.
"Yeah she is fine. I wanted to let you know. They'll be here soon." Jason answered as he looked at the computer screen watching the CAT scan intently.
"How does it look in there?" Taylor asked hoping everything was looking good.
"So far it is looks fine. Just relax. We still have a ways to go yet." Jason informed him knowing how nervous Taylor was. Jason sat back thinking about this boy who was harassing his daughter. He couldn't understand people like him. Why didn't he just leave her alone? He felt frustrated wondering how they were going to stop this kid who had this obsession with her. He shifted in his seat trying to shake off his anger and paid attention to the test. He desperately wanted Taylor to be okay and hoped the test would prove that nothing was damaged to severely. He frowned suddenly as he looked at the screen.
"Oh no!" Jason thought sadly watching the screen intently.

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