To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 4 - You're Safe Now

Isaac paced in front of the window looking out at intervals hoping that Sherri would be coming up to the door. He felt nervous and upset knowing their friend was out there somewhere feeling alone and scared. He sighed and sat down on the couch trying to get his mind off his problems. He rubbed his forehead as he thought about his brother in the hospital. He hated the fact that he was hurting and in pain again. And then Sherri on top of everything else. He prayed that both of them would be alright in the end.

Sherri gulped hard when she stepped out of the taxi in front of the Hanson's house. She paid the driver and watched him pull away from the curb taking off down the street. She turned looking up at the house and sucked in a deep breath. She still didn't know exactly how she was going to explain why she came here. Tears formed in her eyes as she sauntered slowly up to the front door. Her right hand shook as she pressed the doorbell. Her heart began to race fearfully in anticipation.

Isaac jumped hearing the doorbell ring. He stood up and bolted to the door. He opened the door and saw Sherri looking up at him with tears flooding her eyes looking scared and extremely nervous.
"Sherri! Thank God you are alright!" Isaac shouted grabbing her into a hug as she burst into tears dropping her nap sack out of her arms, onto the floor and hugged him back desperately.
"Oh Ike! I..I..." Sherri sobbed as he led her into the house over to the couch sitting her down.
"Are you okay Sherri?" Isaac asked with concern as he gently cradled her face in his hands with tears still dripping down her cheeks.
"I came because... I needed... I needed..." She began looking up into his eyes, not knowing how to begin.
"Sherri we know why you are here. Your parents are at the hospital with Taylor. I am just glad you are safe. I was waiting for you. We knew you would come to us. Don't worry Sherri we are here to help." Isaac crooned softly trying to comfort her.
Sherri felt confused and crinkled her eyebrows together.
"What do you mean my parents are at the hospital with Taylor? How do you know why I came here?" Sherri sniffed wiping the tears from her cheeks.
"Tay was in a accident."
"Accident!? What..what happened?" Sherri fearfully asked starting to shake.
"He will be okay Sherri. Calm down. We were dirt biking and he lost control and fell onto his left hip, bruising it really bad. We ...my Dad called Jason and we found out that you ran away from home. He's here with your mother at the hospital right now. I came back home in case you showed up here." Isaac explained looking deeply into her eyes.
"How bad is he?" Sherri glupped wanting to know.
"We won't know till after they do more tests on him. Now...how are you?" Ike asked as she looked sadly down at her hands not knowing where to begin.
"I'm fine. I just had to get away." Sherri murmured rubbing her hands together nervously.
"Because of that creep in school?"
"What? How..how did you know about..." Sherri exclaimed in surprise.
"A friend of yours told Jason at the hospital about this guy who is harassing you."
"Sue. I told her not to tell anyone!" Sherri angrily expressed as more tears slid down her face.
"Why? You have to tell someone Sherri. We have to stop this guy from doing this to you." Ike advised placing his hand on her shoulder.
"But he told me if I ever tell anyone he would... he would hurt someone and I believe he would too! He's nuts Ike! I'm so scared of him!" Sherri said with her heart racing in fear.
"What happened Sherri? What did he do to you that made you finally run away from home?" Ike asked searching her face.
"He grabbed me into a closet the other day. He was demanding me to tell him that I loved him. I was so scared! He....he...." Sherri couldn't finish as she started to sob uncontrollably as Ike put his arms around her and hugged her to his chest.
"Don't worry Sherri. You're safe now. He won't be able to hurt you anymore. I promise you that!" Ike boldly stated feeling angry that this person was hurting his friend.
"I'm afraid to go back there. I can't face him anymore Ike! Oh God I can't!" Sherri moaned feeling Ike rub her back lovingly trying to comfort her.
"We are going to solve this Sherri. Jason will take care of it!" Ike assured her.
"I hope Taylor is okay." Sherri mumbled feeling exhusted but happy to be somewhere far away from David.
"We should call the hospital so they know you are alright." Ike said as Sherri leaned back away from him.
"Are they mad at me? I..I...." Sherri swallowed hard as Ike smiled at her.
"No Sherri. They aren't mad at you. They are wondering where you are though." Ike said as she cracked a little smile nodding her head in agreement.
"I'll call right now and then we can both head over there. Okay?" Ike asked.
"Okay. I want to see Taylor. I really missed you guys a lot." Sherri said sniffing back her tears as he stood up and called the hospital.

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