To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 3 - A Time Of Love - Continued

Sherri woke up with a jerk as the bus stopped announcing that they were in Tulsa. She grabbed her nap sack into her arms as her heart began to beat fast. She stood up and walked off the bus breathing in the fresh air. Nervously she looked around her wondering how she was going to explain to Ike, Taylor and Zac why she was here. She didn't want them to know the real reason.
"I have to think up something to tell them." Sherri thought to herself as she opened the door to the bus terminal to call for a taxi.

Taylor jerked awake when he felt a hand gently caressing his forehead. He turned looking up into the familar crystal blue eyes and smiled.
"Jason." Taylor mumbled in a whisper.
"How are you doing Tay?" Jason asked with concern hating to see Taylor laying in a hospital bed again.
"I'm scared. Did my Dad tell you what happened?" Taylor asked shifting a little.
"Yeah. I looked at the Xrays that they have taken. It looks like it is only a hair line facture. But I want to examine the area. Okay?" Jason said as Taylor nodded his head.
Jason took down the covers and pulled the hospital gown to the side. He frowned when he saw the massive bruise on his left hip and outer upper left leg.
"You really took a bad fall there." Jason stated sadly looking into Taylor's eyes.
"I know. I wish I would have seen the hill sooner, but I just couldn't stop." Taylor explained glupping hard watching Jason intently.
"I am going to press into the hip, so it might hurt a little." Jason warned as he gently started to probe the area. He noticed he jumped when he pressed the upper hip bone at the top.
"That... that hurts. Ohhhhhh." Taylor groaned biting his bottom lip to hold back the tears of pain.
"I'm sorry Tay. Part of the reason it hurts is because of the bruise itself. The femur wasn't damaged though. I am more concerned about the hip bone. I want a CAT scan done to make sure it is only a facture in there." Jason explained as Taylor nodded with beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
"If it is only that do I only have to stay off the leg for awhile?" Taylor asked with hope in his heart.
"Yeah. Don't worry Tay. I will get you back on your feet again." Jason exclaimed smiling down at him.
"Thanks for coming Jason. I'm sorry for...making you come all the way here. I just needed......"
"Hey kiddo, I would travel the earth for you!" Jason chuckled as Taylor finally cracked a smile while Jason caressed his head.
"We have you scheduled for a CAT scan in about an hour. Then we will know for sure how much damage was done to the hip. I'll be here for you. Okay?" Jason added trying to assure him that everything would be alright. He loved seeing him again after not seeing him in the last few months.
"Is there any word about Sherri? I heard she ran away from home." Taylor asked noticing Jason's face fell into a frown.
"Not yet. Isaac went back to your house in case she shows up there. I just wish she would have came to Alice and I about this situation." Jason answered when they both looked up as Alice came into the room.
"Hi Alice!" Taylor greeted her with a smile as she slowly approached the bed.
"Just wanted to see you. How are you doing?" Alice asked rubbing her back feeling the weight of the baby.
"I'm fine now knowing you are both here." Taylor smiled feeling not so scared anymore.
Alice smiled back as she grabbed onto a chair and sat carefully down taking in a sigh at the comfort.
"When are you due?" Taylor asked.
"In about a month." Alice smiled wishing it was sooner.
"Do you know if it is going to be a boy or a girl?"
"It's a boy! Now I will have a daughter and son." Alice exclaimed and then thought of her daughter hoping and praying that she was alright.
"She'll be alright Alice. I bet she will be showing up at our house soon." Taylor assured her knowing she was thinking about Sherri with the look that covered her face.
"I hope so Taylor. I hate to think she is so alone and scared out there." Alice said with concern feeling the baby kick as she shifted to get comfortable.
"Who is this creep that is bothering her?" Taylor asked looking at Jason then toward Alice.
"His name is David Smith. He is a kid that is on their school football team. Her friend told me about how he has been harassing her lately. I think she didn't tell us about him because he threathened her not to say anything about it to us. It is going to be hard to prove. You know how these cases are. It will be his word against her's." Jason angrily declared as Taylor nodded his head understanding.
"She didn't email me about this either. God I hope she is alright." Taylor said looking into Alice's worried eyes.
"I know how much she likes you Tay. That is why we think she might be coming here." Alice said as Taylor raised his eyebrows in surprise.
"What are you saying?" Taylor asked as he licked his lips.
"I know she would hate me for telling you this. But she always had a huge crush on you Tay." Alice explained as Taylor's eyes darted from side to side.
"She does? But I..I..." Taylor began when Jason put his hand on his arm.
"Tay? I know you only like my daughter as a friend. Don't feel guilty about this." Alice expressed with a slight smile.
"I love her as a friend. I almost think of her as a sister. But I don't think of her in that way." Taylor exclaimed looking up at Jason who smiled.
"In a way I am glad she has a crush on you. I know she will come here because of it. She knows you don't feel the same about her. She loves you guys so much. You are very important to her." Jason added finding Taylor's expression on his face amusing.
"Well... she is important to us too. She is one of our best friends." Taylor attested when the door opened up with his mother and father entering the room.
"Well how does Taylor look?" Walker asked looking at Jason with concern covering his face.
"The bruising looks bad, but hopefully not to much damage was done to the bone. We'll know for sure after the CAT scan is done." Jason affirmed as Walker nodded his head.
"I'll be alright Dad. Don't worry." Taylor stated feeling better knowing that Jason was here by his side as he looked up at him lovingly.

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