To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 3 - A Time Of Love

Taylor stared up at the ceiling of the hospital room. He hated being here as he squeezed his left hand into a fist feeling the IV that was stuck in his hand near the knuckles. He swallowed hard hoping that the damage to his hip wasn't to serious.
"Taylor? You okay?" Diana asked gently taking his right hand into her's as she sat next to him.
"I..I'm just scared. Did you hear anything from the doctors yet?" Taylor asked turning his head toward her as he searched her eyes for an answer.
"Well they said from what they could see it is only a hairline facture. But they want to do a CAT scan on your hip and leg to make sure that is all the damage that there was." Diana smiled rubbing her fingers over his knuckles softly trying to comfort him.
"When is Jason going to get here?" Taylor asked swallowing hard. He felt a overwhelming need for him.
Diana knew her son was afraid. They didn't want to tell him about Sherri running away from home so they would not upset him any further then he was already. They both turned when the door opened with Walker coming in with Ike and Zac following behind him.
"Jason and Alice are at the airport now and should be here in a few minutes." Walker stated walking up to the bed.
"Dad? What is wrong?" Taylor asked noticing his father had a very concerned look on his face.
"Nothing Tay. Everything is..."
"Yes there is. Are you keeping something from me?" Taylor asked in a shaking voice.
"Taylor... it..it is just that... well... Sherri has run away from home. Jason thinks that she may be heading this way." Walker truthfully answered as Taylor shifted sitting up a little frowning.
"Why? Why would she run away? I hope I didn't..."
"Tay? Don't worry. Jason wants to see you. Anyways all the places are covered in case she shows up at our house or back at her home." Walker explained as Taylor licked his lips nervously looking up at him sadly.
"But you still didn't explain why she would run away." Taylor questioned watching his brothers coming around the bed on the other side.
"Some creep in school is harassing her and Jason thinks she ran to get away from this guy." Ike added with Zac nodding his head.
Taylor ran his hand through his hand angrily as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Poor Sherri. She must be so scared. I hope they can find her soon." Taylor said darting his eyes back and forth hoping she was alright. Suddenly a bolt of pain shot through his left leg while he sucked in a sharp breath of air.
"Tay? You okay?" Zac asked leaning forward as well as everyone else.
"Uh... yeah. I just moved it." Taylor groaned starting to shake feeling more scared.
"Why is this happening to me? Oh God... please. I don't want anything to be wrong." Taylor rasped with beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Walker stood up and reached out, gently petting his hair.
"Just calm down. You're going to be alright Taylor." Walker crooned softly with his son looking up at him with fear in his eyes.
"It looks bad though. That bruise is awful. I'm really sorry for not telling you... how I was feeling." Taylor murmured blinking back his tears.
"It's okay. We better let you rest for awhile. Jason should almost be here." Walker said gently.
"Please I don't want to be alone. I..I..." Taylor pleaded fearfully grabbing onto his father's arm.
"Just rest and take it easy Tay. When he comes we'll let you know. Okay?" Walker smiled trying to sound brave even though he was worried himself. He hated how bad the bruise looked that covered his son's left hip and upper leg.
They all left the room as Taylor looked out the window thinking about his situation. He hated the fact that this accident was disrupting their plans. He knew him and his brothers were scheduled to do more radio appearances around the states in the next couple of days. He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes feeling exhausted.

David sat at picnic table waiting anixously for her to show up. He ran his hand through his dark brown hair angrily.
"When is she going to get here? I have to teach her to show up on time." He thought when he suddenly took his right fist and slammed it down on the table top, splittering the slat of wood near him. He noticed that other kids were now coming into the area waiting for the first bell to ring to start classes. He looked up when one of his friends named Joe sat down on the picnic table across from him.
"What up?" Joe asked wondering why David looked so angry.
"She didn't show up!" David fumed angrily as he looked off into the distance.
"Sherri! She said she was going to meet me here this morning." David grumbled as he put on his team jacket, with his football number on the back.
"Well maybe something came up and she couldn't come to school today." Joe said knowing about his infatuation with Sherri.
"Yeah right! She should be here! I can't believe she lied to me." David angrily said looking at Joe who licked his lips nervously.
"Well don't worry about it Dave. You can ask her later during school." Joe offered noticing David was red in the face.
"You can bet I will. She knows how I feel about her." David smiled trying to change the way he was feeling deep inside. He didn't want Joe to know how deeply he cared for her.
They both looked up as the first bell rang as they stood up and walked toward the school entrance. David walked down the hall heading for his locker and noticed Sherri's friends were mingling around a bulletin board reading about different school activities. He sauntered up slowly and put a big smile on his face.
"Hey Sue? Do you know where Sherri is?" David asked sweetly smiling at her.
"I don't know. She didn't show up today. Maybe she is going to be absent. Why?" Sue asked looking up into his green eyes while his face fell into a frown.
"Just asking." David answered walking away from her as Sue rolled her eyes knowing how much her friend didn't like his advances. She wished that he would just stop being interested in Sherri. At times she really feared for her. She felt a little guilty for telling her father about how he was bothering her, but she felt that her parents should really know about how he was constantly harassing her.

David went through the doors walking outside wanting to desperately get a breath of air. He leaned his huge body against the building thinking about her beauty. He knew in his heart that she was his soulmate and love of his life. He couldn't understand why she didn't realize this fact.
"I have to find out what happened. I hope she isn't sick." David thought as he ran toward his car and jumped in. He started up the car and headed for her house.

He pulled the car up to the curb and swallowed hard as he looked at her house. He hoped her father wasn't home. He always gave him the creeps with his disfigured face. He got out of his car and slowly walked up to the front door. He rang the doorbell and heard someone inside walking up to the door. He sucked in a sigh of relief when a woman answered.
"Yes? Can I help you?" Louise asked looking up at the boy in front of her.
"Uhhh.. is Sherri here? She didn't show up at school today and all her friends were wondering if....." David began with a smile on his face.
"I'm sorry but Sherri ran away from home early this morning. Her parents had to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma in hopes of finding her there." Louise innocently told him noticing his face fell into a frown.
"Why would she run away?" David asked in his most caring voice as he searched her face.
"Some creep in school is bothering her young man and that is why we think she ran away. I'm her aunt and I will be staying here in case she shows up back here. We think she will be heading to Tulsa." She stated looking down at her hands sadly.
"Oh. Poor Sherri. But why Tulsa?" David asked as she looked back up at him.
"Well that is where the Hanson's live. She is good friends with them."
"Hanson's? You mean the group Hanson?" David asked as a surge of anger ran through him remembering how much she had a crush on the middle brother of this band.
"Yeah. We hope that is where we will find her. Jason and Alice know that she has been emailing Taylor a lot lately."
"Oh yeah... Taylor. I am glad she has them as friends. And don't worry I will keep my eye out for this creep. All her friends know who he is." David crooned smiling weakly with concern.
"Thank you. Well I have to go now and thanks so much for being concerned about her. Tell her other friends not to worry. We will get Sherri back safely." Louise smiled as she gently shut the door.
David felt dizzy as he walked back to his car and heavily plopped himself down into the drivers seat. He started up the car feeling anger and hurt.
"Why him? She thinks I am a creep!? I'll teach her. She knows that I love her and I just have to prove it to her! Taylor. Taylor Hanson you better stay away from her. She's mine! He better not think she is his girlfriend." David angrily thought with his hands shaking on the wheel.
He knew now what he had to do. He was going to go to Tulsa and win back the only thing he cared about in his life and he vowed nothing was going to stop him, not even these Hanson brothers she seemed to care about so much.

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