To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 32 - You Are Apart Of Me My Son - Continued

Alice laid comfortably in her bed wishing that they would hurry and bring her son to her. She desperately wanted to see Jason and the baby. Joy filled her heart as she looked toward the door and saw it open slightly with Jason peeking in his head.
“Can I come in?” Jason asked with a big smile on his face watching her lift her arms out toward him.
“You sure can!” Alice bellowed as he ran into her arms and gently hugged her and then sat back as the nurse rolled in the baby.
“There he is! You know we have to have a name for him.” Jason chuckled as the nurse lifted the baby boy and carefully handed it to Alice.
“I was thinking of a few names for him.” Alice smiled looking down at him with love overwhelming her soul. She tenderly brushed her finger along his cheek.
“I know what I want to name him but of course I want you to agree.” Jason said swallowing hard as he got up off the chair and sat on the edge of the bed and kissed the top of Alice’s head.
“After Taylor?” Alice giggled seeing Jason smile and nod.
“Yep. That kid or should I say young man means so much to me.” Jason extolled darting his eyes from side to side.
“How is Taylor? No one told me anything that happened.” Alice asked looking up into his eyes curiously.
“When you see him try not to be to shocked by his face. He had to fight David to get away from him. His face really took some blows.”
“What? What happened? I thought he was recovering in the hospital. Fight who?” Alice asked with fear in her heart at the news.
“Honey? Please don’t worry. Well David tricked Taylor into believing that he kidnapped Sherri again. He escaped the jail and then planned on hurting Tay again. He brought Taylor out to this barn and had him tied up but Taylor got away and then had a huge fight but Taylor got the best of him. Tay then tied him up and we found them walking back toward Walker and us. He is one bruised up mess but he will be okay. You should have seen David after Taylor got done with him.” Jason explained as Alice tearfully listened.
“Poor Taylor. How is Sherri doing?”
“She’s fine and I know that she wants to see you very bad. As a matter of fact they all do sweetheart.” Jason smiled and noticed that the baby woke up and squirmed a little in Alice’s arms.
“He’s so perfect. He looks a lot like you.” Alice attested with tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong honey?”
“I also want to name him after your first son. Is that okay Jason?” Alice asked seeing Jason look lovingly into her eyes.
“Sure… I would love that Alice. Thank you sweetheart.” Jason rasped swallowing the lump in his throat at Alice’s understanding of how he felt.
“Well go get Sherri first and then we will bring in Taylor and then the rest of his family can see him after that.” Alice said seeing Jason nod and then head for the door.
“Be back in just a bit.” Jason stated as he went out the door and down the hallway.

“Hi little Taylor. Your name is going to be Taylor David Monroe.” Alice cooed softly and thought how much this child meant to her and Jason. Nothing in the world compared to the feeling that she held inside her at this moment. The only other time was when she held Sherri in her arms when she was a baby. She couldn’t put into words the joy and love as she held her children for the first time.

Jason came up to the door and then walked in seeing everyone look up looking worn out but excited. Walker stood up with Diana following him.
“You can see her now. I want to take Sherri first and then Taylor. Is that all right?” Jason asked as Sherri ran up to him.
“Sure Jason.” Diana exclaimed smiling as they watched Jason and Sherri leave the room.

“How is she?” Sherri asked as they quickly went down to the room where her mother was in.
“She is fine Sherri and is holding your baby brother.”
“I can’t wait to see her.” Sherri rasped with excitement when they came up to the door.
“Go in.” Jason said and then pushed the door open. Alice looked up and smiled seeing Sherri walk up to the side of the bed.
“Hi mama. Oh my God… my brother. He is…” Sherri couldn’t finish as she burst into tears with Alice laughing.
“This is your big sister.” Alice cooed with Sherri wiping her tears and reached out her hand gently caressing his left cheek.
“He is adorable.” Sherri sniffed blinking back her tears feeling filled with so many different emotions.
“His name is Taylor.” Alice cooed as Sherri sucked in a breath.
“You named him after Taylor? Oh... he is going to love that mom!” Sherri exclaimed feeling happy and thrilled. She noticed that Jason wasn’t in the room.
“Where is Dad?”
“He went to get Taylor.” Alice told her and then saw Jason opening the door again with Taylor limping inside. Alice frowned seeing the massive bruise on Taylor’s face but then remembered what Jason told her.
“Hi Alice.” Taylor whispered as he walked up to the bed.
“Sit down and take the weight off your feet.” Jason said with concern seeing that Taylor did what he wanted. He looked over at Sherri and smiled who was sitting on the other side.
“Isn’t he cute?” Sherri cooed seeing Taylor cast his eyes down and smiled.
“He is… beautiful Alice.” Taylor mumbled feeling a overwhelming emotion fill him up inside.
“You know what we named him?” Alice asked as she reached out and lovingly petted Taylor’s hair back behind his ear.
“What?” Taylor asked still keeping his eyes on the baby.
“His name is Taylor David Monroe. The first name is yours and the middle name after Jason's first son.” Alice answered as Taylor turned and looked at her blushing a little.
“I… I don’t know what to say.” Taylor said with tears filling his eyes.
“If it wasn’t for you Taylor I wouldn’t be here with Alice and starting a whole new life. You gave me the power to live again and to go on…” Jason rasped with the emotion of love in his voice. Taylor turned around and looked up seeing the look of understanding covering Jason’s face.
“I… I…” Taylor began when Jason hugged him to chest not letting Taylor finish.
“I love you kiddo. Thanks for giving me back my life.”
“Well you saved mine too. I don’t know if I could have found the strength to go on without you that night during the snow storm.” Taylor admitted swallowing back hard.
“I guess you both needed each other.” Alice stated smiling looking up at them with love in her eyes. Sherri nodded agreeing.
“I would say that is true. Our souls were meant to cross and we both lifted each other up when we needed it the most.” Jason concluded and then let Taylor sit back down on the bed, placing his hand gently on Taylor's shoulder as they looked down at the small miracle in Alice's arms.
“God gave us another angel to take care of today and his name is Taylor David Monroe.” Taylor smiled as he quickly wiped a tear away that escaped from his eye.

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