To Look Within My Soul


Several weeks later the Hanson’s were getting ready for the christening of Taylor David Monroe as everyone was busy knowing as soon as they were done they would be heading out to go on tour with Jason and his family going back to Colorado.
“Is everything ready?” Walker asked seeing Christopher Sabec nodding his head as he left the house.
“Yeah as soon as you leave the church we will be on our way.” Christopher assured him watching the family come together in the living room. Everyone looked excited and happy.
“Tay? You ready?” Isaac asked knowing how nervous he was since Jason and Alice asked him to be the Godfather to their son.
“Yeah just about.” Taylor answered making sure that his tie was straight as he looked into the mirror. He could see that the bruise on his jaw was almost completely gone. A little makeup would cover it up when he would go out onto the stage. Zac came up behind him smiling.
“Don’t scare yourself there looking at your reflection to long.” Zac teased as Taylor turned giving him a look.
“At least I didn’t break the glass like you did to the one up stairs by looking into it.” Taylor quipped back as Zac laughed with everyone heading out the door and into the vans.

Jason, Alice, and Sherri waited by the doors that led into the church waiting for the Hanson family to arrive. Alice rocked her baby son, Taylor, in her arms trying to calm him down while he cried softly.
“How long till they get here?” Sherri asked in anticipation knowing they were late once again.
“They should be coming soon. I think I hear something now.” Jason said walking up to the outside doors to the church and looked through the window. He saw the vans coming around and into the parking area. He smiled when he saw Taylor get out feeling proud that he was going to be the Godfather to his child. Alice’s sister agreed to be the Godmother.
“Hey Tay!” Jason bellowed opening the door and saw Taylor wave to him as the whole family came up the stairs.
“Everyone is here and waiting for you.” Sherri yelled as she stood next to her father smiling and excited to see Taylor again.
“Sorry we are late.” Isaac apologized as they walked into the church.
“Just on Hanson time again… huh?” Zac jumped when he heard Amy’s voice and then smiled looking at her.
“Yeah… well… what do you expect?” Zac joked glad to see that she was here also.
“We invited Amy and her grandparents to the christening also.” Sherri smirked as they all quietly went into the church and took their seats. Taylor saw Old Ben and his wife near the front sitting with several other people.

The minister went through the service and then it was time for the baptizing of Taylor. Taylor swallowed hard and stood up feeling a little nervous when he was asked to come to the front with Alice’s sister, Louise, holding the baby in her arms. The minister said the blessing and then baptized the baby with water. He asked the congregation to welcome the newborn into the life of Christ. Everyone clapped and smiled.

Later on with everyone getting ready to leave and saying their goodbyes Jason noticed that Taylor was standing a little ways off to the side just watching the crowd. He walked over to him when Taylor looked up and smiled.
“What are you doing over here Tay?” Jason asked curiously.
“Just thinking about things.”
“Like what?”
“Oh… um… about how everything turned out. It sort of seems like a dream now. All those days out there in the wilderness and I am just glad that everything is back to normal once again. Man… we are going on tour and just…” Taylor began as Jason grabbed his face lovingly.
“Yeah I know what you mean. Our paths do take some winding roads on the way… doesn’t it? Just take care of yourself. No more accidents. Okay?” Jason laughed as Taylor started to laugh with him.
“Agreed! Next time we meet it will be under better circumstances. Promise me that you will come to the concert when we hit your state.” Taylor smiled as Jason nodded his head.
“Come on Tay! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Jason bellowed knowing that they were leaving soon.
“GREAT! I will look forward to it when we get there!” Taylor exclaimed and then noticed that his father was waving to him.
“Looks like you have to go.” Jason sadly said knowing that he was going to miss him.
“Yeah it does. You take care of yourself and give Taylor a kiss for me.” Taylor smiled as he started to go toward his father when Jason stopped him by grabbing his arm. Taylor looked up wondering what he wanted raising his eyebrows in question.
“I love you Taylor Hanson. Don't forget that.” Jason rasped with love.
“I love you too Jason. My life became a better place with you in it.” Taylor smiled meaning every word.
“Only you Taylor… could look within my soul.” Jason smiled as Taylor smiled casting his eyes up and down at Jason’s gentle words, understanding what he meant by them. Jason watched as Taylor headed for the door thinking how much this young man changed his whole life to a gift of love and filled with happiness.

The End

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