To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 31 - It's Time - Continued

Diana bolted up as she heard the door opening and excitement filled her seeing her husband and sons. She ran up to him as Walker hugged her tightly in his arms.
“Walk!” Diana shouted as Jessica, Avery, and Mackie ran toward them also.
“You made it!” Jessica screamed out with joy and then sucked in a breath as she looked up at her brother, Taylor, and saw the bruises on his face.
“Yeah we did! Jason? Go to Alice!” Taylor bellowed as Sherri stepped up next to her father.
“I… I will let you know what is going on. Okay?” Jason stated cradling her face in his hands seeing tears fill her eyes. He gently kissed her on the forehead.
“Tell her I love her.” Sherri rasped blinking back her tears looking up into his eyes.
“I will sweetheart.” Jason whispered and then looked toward Taylor who was smiling at him and nodded. He backed out of the room following the nurse.
“Oh Tay! Your face… what did he do to you?” Diana moaned as she took him in his arms.
“I’m fine. I will be alright mom.” Taylor rasped hugging her back knowing how much she was worried about him.
“Well while we are here… I want you to get checked out.” Walker said noticing that Taylor frowned but knew that he was right.
“But what happened?” Diana asked wanting to know.
“I had a fight with him. It was the only way to… to…” Taylor started swallowing hard.
“Tay got the best of him though.” Zac added in smiling remembering how David looked.
“The guy will be getting some help now... I hope.” Isaac said hugging onto his sister Avery and loving the idea that they were all together again.
“I hope he doesn’t get out for a long time.” Sherri rasped with Taylor reaching his right arm around her shoulders.
“He won’t Sherri and we made it through this. We came out on top of this whole situation.” Taylor smiled hugging her against him.
“Yeah we did… didn’t we? He never realized how strong we really were.” Sherri agreed seeing the strength in Taylor’s eyes even through the bruises on his face.
Walker felt proud that his son came through the ordeal but still he wanted to make sure that he would be okay. He noticed that Taylor kept shifting one foot to the other.
“Let’s go then Tay. We’ll be back soon Diana.” Walker assured her and then went with Taylor out of the room with everyone watching with concerned eyes.


“NO! Just wait a little longer. He must be here!” Alice bellowed in anger while everything was ready when suddenly the door opened and she saw the most beautiful sight in the world as Jason walked up beside her dressed in hospital scrubs.
“Alice! My dear sweet Alice!” Jason exclaimed watching her burst into tears while he petted her wet, sweaty hair back from her forehead lovingly.
“Oh Jason… “ Alice moaned with joy as Doctor Norse injected the spinal to start the cesarean and then gently rolled her onto her back. Alice noticed that she wasn’t feeling any more contractions or pain.
“Yes… I’m here. We all are. Sherri sends her love. How is everything?” Jason asked looking up at the doctor curiously while the nurses pinned up Alice’s gown blocking her view and adjusted the mirror overhead so she could watch. They swabbed down her belly with antiseptic.
“We’re ready. Everything looks good. Now let’s get this little guy into the world… shall we?” Doctor Norse smiled as he began the procedure. Jason watched as he made the incision.
“Can you see what’s going on?” Jason asked her as she bit at her lip filled with excitement and anticipation of seeing the baby.
“I can see the face.” Dr. Norse smiled and then noticed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Jason swallowed hard seeing Dr. Norse gently raise the head and untwist the cord with ease.
“How does he look?” Alice asked blinking away her tears.
“He is beautiful Alice. He… he is so… very…” Jason rasped with intense emotion and love flowing through him. Ever so gently the doctor slid the baby out of the womb.
“You have one healthy baby BOY! Want to cut the cord Jason?” Dr. Norse asked as Jason stepped up to the side with Alice choking back a sob and lovingly watched as Jason cut the cord.
“Why isn’t he making a sound?” Alice asked with concern running through her. Suddenly a cry filled the room as everyone smiled.
“He has a great set of lungs there!” Dr. Norse laughed and a nurse gently wiped the baby down as Jason stepped up and kissed Alice on the forehead.
“He’s so beautiful! You’re so beautiful. I love you… so much!” Jason cried out when the doctor gently cleared the nostrils of the baby and placed some drops into his eyes. The baby screamed in protest as his little arms and legs shook. Tears spilled over Alice’s face when he gently laid the baby boy onto her chest.
“I love you Jason. Look at him. He’s… he’s… perfect.” Alice sobbed as she reached up and softly placed her hand on the baby’s belly. She noticed that he stopped crying and then opened his eyes looking up at her with innocence feeling suddenly serene. Jason smiled sniffing back with his heart taking a picture. He would never forget this moment in time.
“Everything about him is wonderful. Thank you Alice for giving me this… this gift.” Jason rasped as Alice looked up into face. She could see the love in his gentle blue eyes. To her she was seeing the man from the inside. His scars faded from her sight only seeing the beauty that was within his soul. She thanked God everyday for letting him into her life.
“You are wonderful Jason. He is our gift. We have a boy. A beautiful baby boy to love and hold now.” Alice added as she sucked in a shaking breath of air.
“We will take him to the nursery and get him cleaned up.” A nurse said gently taking the baby into her arms and walked out of the room. Jason then kissed Alice on the lips and left also wanting to be with the baby while they took Alice to recovery.


“Just turn your head to the right Taylor.” The tech instructed while Taylor kept thinking about Jason, Alice and the baby. He wondered how everything was going as he laid on the table. “Take a deep breath and then hold it…. now.”
Taylor heard the click as they took an x-ray of his jawbone. He then noticed that the guy came back into the room and moved the machine up and away from his head.
“Done?” Taylor asked wanting anxiously to get back to the waiting room.
“Yeah. We will get these to the doctor to look at. You can go wait with your family now.” The technician told him as Taylor got up off the table as the man helped him into the wheel chair and rolled him out into the hallway. Taylor looked up and saw his father smiling toward him.
“Taylor… Jason and Alice have a healthy baby boy! He was just delivered by C-section.” Walker informed him as Taylor looked up toward the ceiling thanking the Lord that everything went smoothly.
“We can go back now. They’re done with me.” Taylor stated as a orderly rolled him back to their private room where his family was waiting.

Sherri sat on the couch nervously wondering how her mother was doing when suddenly the door opened with her father coming into the room. Everyone bolted up and could see that he was smiling from ear to ear.
“We have a BOY! Alice is fine and is now in the recovery room!” Jason announced with pride filling his heart.
“YES! When can we see him? I have a baby brother!” Sherri shouted out with joy as she ran into her father’s arms and hugged him tightly around the waist.
“Not for a little while yet honey. Alice needs to rest a bit and I am going to see the baby soon. Where’s Taylor and Walker?” Jason asked and then turned around as he saw Taylor and his father come into the room.
“Jason! We just heard the good news!” Taylor exclaimed bolting out of the wheel chair and painfully stepped toward him.
“He is beautiful Taylor! I have a son!” Jason shouted and then grabbed Taylor with his other arm hugging both Sherri and him against him.
“Yep… you’re a father.” Taylor smiled as he stepped back wanting to sit back down.
“Congratulations Jason!” Zac and Isaac bellowed in unison and shook his hand.
“Where were you?” Jason asked looking at Walker.
“I wanted Taylor to get checked out. The doctor will be in later to tell us if everything is alright with him.” Walker explained as Jason nodded his head.
“Good. I’m glad. I am concerned over Taylor’s jaw line.” Jason said seeing Taylor cast his eyes downward.
“Right now I don’t really care about me. I want to know how Alice is at the moment.” Taylor rasped wanting to take the attention away from him.
“She is doing great Tay. Thank God that she came through the pregnancy just fine and that is thanks to you Diana. I don’t know what I would do without you guys in my life.” Jason asserted as he swallowed the lump in his throat.
“I feel the same way about you. You were there for me when I needed you the most.” Taylor said with tears filling his eyes as Sherri smiled wiping away her tears that flowed down her face.
“What’s important is that we all are all here together.” Isaac cut in smiling with everyone looking relieved that the worst was now over.
“Jason? I think you should be getting back over to your son and wife. And I would do anything for you and Alice.” Diana smiled sniffing back not wanting to cry even though her emotions were whelming up inside her.
“Yes… I will call you when you can see the baby and Alice. Okay?” Jason said leaving the room and desperately wanted to see his son again. His world was now filled with happiness.
“I can’t wait to see baby. I have a brother now. How cool is that?” Sherri exclaimed smiling at Taylor who nodded his head.
“It’s awesome Sherri and you will make a great big sister.” Taylor laughed as he sat down next to Zac on the couch relieving the pressure on his feet.
“What time is it anyway?” Isaac asked noticing that everyone looked exhausted.
“It is about three in the morning.” Zac answered yawning and then shook his head not wanting to fall asleep.
“Jason’s a father. He will be a great Dad.” Taylor rasped looking at his parents who sat across from them on some chairs.
“Yes I think he will. I sure think he is the best!” Sherri proudly stated with everyone laughing.
“How long do you think it will be until they tell us about Taylor's X-rays and what they found out from them?” Isaac asked noticing that Taylor gave him a stern look.
“When they look at the X-rays I guess. I know that I am all right. I’m just sore that’s all.” Taylor attested not wanting anything more to happen to him.
“I think so too but at least we are making sure about things Tay.” Walker smiled when the door opened with a doctor walking into the room.
“Mr. Hanson?”
“Yes?” Walker stated and then stood up knowing he was going to let them know about how Taylor was doing. The doctor waved his hand wanting him to come out into the hallway. Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together as he watched them leave the room.

“Well how is he?” Walker asked swallowing hard.
“Your son took quite a blow on his jaw but luckily nothing was broken. He will be very sore for a while but he should be just fine. His hip area is healing nicely also. There was a hairline facture in his right big toe but that should heal okay too. I want him to stay off his feet as much as possible for the next few days. His body is in a state of complete physical exhaustion and he should get a lot of rest.”
“Otherwise he is okay?”
“I want to wrap up his right foot to keep it still. He really is a amazing young man after what he went through.” The doctor chuckled with Walker nodding his head agreeing with him.

Taylor sat anxiously wondering what the doctor was telling his father when they all looked up as they walked back into the room.
“Well? What's the verdict?” Zac asked wanting to know how his brother was.
“Nothing is broken except for a hair line facture in his big toe.” The doctor smiled walking up in front of Taylor with a bandage roll in his hand.
“How’s my jaw?” Taylor asked touching his face gingerly as the doctor slid a chair in front of him and sat down.
“It is badly bruised but it will heal just fine. Now let me have your right foot.” The doctor stated with Taylor rising up his leg as the doctor grabbed his ankle gently placing his foot on his leg. He carefully took off his sock and then wrapped the bandage around the ankle and foot.
“That’s good news.” Taylor admitted running his hand through the front of his hair feeling better about things.
“There ya go. Now I want you to get a lot of rest and stay off your feet as much as you can for the next few days Taylor. And I want to see you again in about three days to see how you’re doing.” The doctor instructed as Taylor smiled and nodded his head.
“I’ll try.”
“No… you will get some rest.”
“I mean I will.” Taylor corrected himself while he carefully took Taylor’s foot and placed it back down.
“Thanks for everything.” Walker said shaking his hand.
“Sure. You’re welcome.” The doctor smiled and then left the room.
“I wonder what Jason is doing.” Taylor pondered wishing he could see Alice and the baby.
“Me too.” Isaac agreed and noticed that Mackie fell asleep in his lap.
“Just give them time. When they are ready he will call us.” Walker smiled and then lovingly looked at Taylor thanking the Lord that his son would be okay after days of worry and fear. He sat contently liking that his family was together again after so many days. Diana slipped her hand in his and squeezed it very gently as they all waited to see the new baby hoping it would be soon.

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