To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 31 - It's Time

Taylor watched Jason looking out the window as he sat next to him nervously hoping and praying that they would reach Tulsa soon. Silence filled the air in the private jet as it flew steadily homeward. Taylor could see Sherri was extremely concerned but trying to be brave under the circumstances. She turned her head sensing someone was looking at her and saw Taylor give her a reassuring smile and smiled slightly back as she sat across from him next to Isaac who’s head was bobbing trying not to fall asleep. Walker and Zac sat in the seats behind them knowing that it was only a few minutes before they would be near the airport to land.

“Do you feel okay Tay?” Sherri asked noticing he winced when he shifted to the left. Jason turned looking at Taylor when he heard his daughter break the silence.
“I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” Taylor assured her when Jason put his hand on his shoulder.
“Your jaw looks a little swollen again. Maybe you should put more ice on it.” Jason suggested as he got up to go to the back to get some for him.
“Hey guys? We are almost there. Where is Jason going?” Walker asked leaning forward wanting to know what was going on.
“Um… Jason went to get some ice for Tay.” Isaac answered and looked out the window next to him and saw the lights of the city of Tulsa below him through the darkness.
“Why? Are you alright Taylor?” Walker asked with concern.
“I’m just a little sore. My jaw is swelling up a little… that’s all. I’ll be fine dad.” Taylor said and then looked up seeing Jason holding onto an ice bag.
“Here Tay… put this on your face.” Jason instructed stepping in front of him and placed it gently against his jawbone as Taylor held onto it noticing it did feel good. Jason then sat down in his seat again when the pilot announced that they were now over the airport and that they should fasten their seat belts for landing. A moment of excitement surged through Jason when he quickly fastened his seat belt licking his lips nervously as he thought about Alice and the baby.
“Jason? She’ll be just fine. She is in safe hands.” Taylor said reading Jason’s worried facial expression. Jason nodded trying to calm down his nerves.
“I know. I just want…” Jason started not knowing how to put into words his feelings inside.
“Mom is a strong woman. If I know her, she is ordering everyone around and telling them what to do right now.” Sherri chuckled making Jason smile as he looked over at her lovingly.
“So true!” Jason exclaimed but still felt concerned and scared. He hoped they would get to the hospital before the baby was born.


Alice swallowed hard feeling the pain of another contraction hit her hard and knowing that somehow her baby was in distress. Sweat poured down her face as she fearfully looked up into the concerned eyes of Diana who stayed by her side hoping that Jason, Walker and her sons would make it on time before the baby was born.
“Is Jason coming?” Alice rasped holding tightly onto to Diana’s hand finally feeling the contraction subside.
“They are on their way. Just try to relax now.” Diana consoled her, looking up and saw the nurses and doctor checking out the vitals of the baby.
“Something is wrong! Something isn’t right!” Alice exclaimed shutting her eyes against the pain as the doctor stepped up to the front of her with a serious expression on his face.
“Alice? You are at full dilation but…” Doctor Norse began when Alice let out a loud moan.
“What’s wrong?” Diana asked fearfully as she winced when Alice squeezed onto her hand tightly.
“The baby is coming face first and we think that we may have to deliver by Cesarean. The baby can’t…” He continued looking up at the nurses.
“I want JASON! Oh God please!” Alice screamed out as she started to cry.
“Just relax Mrs. Monroe. We are going to get you ready and into delivery room immediately.” Doctor Norse stated sternly and left the room to get things setup.
“Diana? Please tell them to wait for Jason. I want Jason here with me!” Alice rasped licking her dry lips as Diana gently petted her forehead lovingly.
“He’ll be here sweetheart. They are probably on their way right now. Just listen to the doctor. Okay?” Diana tried to assure her and stood up as the nurses took over. Sadly she was told to leave the room. Diana looked back seeing Alice’s pain filled eyes looking desperately at her.
“He’s coming Alice! He’s coming!” Diana exclaimed and then went down to the waiting room where she left Jessica and her other children waiting. She knew they were all curious on what was going on. She wanted to go outside and call her husband since cell phones didn’t work to good in the hospital.


The plane taxied into the runway coming to a complete stop with a white limo waiting a few feet away. The driver bolted out of the front seat of the limo watching and could see the door on the side of the private jet opening. The icy cold wind blew across the runway when he could see someone coming out.

“Hurry up! Alice is being brought to the delivery room!” Walker shouted as he stepped outside with the cell phone to his ear talking with Diana, who was outside the hospital by the emergency doors.
“Let’s go!” Zac bellowed as they followed Walker out of the plane.
“The limo is waiting.” Isaac pointed out and turned seeing Jason helping Taylor to walk beside him who was limping badly.
“How are you doing Tay?” Jason asked with concern grabbing Taylor around the shoulders trying to lend him some support.
“I’m fine. Stop worrying about me so much. I’ll be alright.” Taylor answered as he tried to hurry even though his feet were killing him with each step he took.
“How long will it take us to get to the hospital?” Sherri asked standing by the back door of the limo waiting for her father and Taylor to catch up.
“Not to long. Get in Sherri.” Isaac demanded as he reached for her hand and pulled her into the back with him.
“Almost there Tay. Just a few more steps.” Jason whispered with fear and longing surging through him. Taylor nodded as sweat beaded on his forehead. He took another step when his left leg collapsed under him as Jason caught him.
“Hurts… my feet hurt so bad.” Taylor moaned shutting his eyes tightly against the pain. Jason lifted him and ran the last few feet to the limo with him in his arms.
“Tay? Are you okay?” Walker asked leaning out the side door as Jason bent over and carefully slid Taylor next to Zac. Taylor leaned heavily against Zac as he adjusted himself, sitting Taylor up as Jason bolted into the limo and sat down next to Taylor slamming the door shut.
“Okay! We’re all in! Go!” Isaac shouted to the driver who started up the car and raced off the runway.
“I’m alright Dad.” Taylor rasped knowing his father was very concerned about him.
“What happened out there?” Walker asked looking into Jason’s eyes.
“His left leg gave out under him. His feet are so bruised it was hard for him to walk, but he made it. Right Tay?” Jason smiled as Taylor nodded sucking in a deep breath of air smiling back and rested his head back against the back of the seat.
“Yeah… with your help. I am worried about Alice right now and hope we get there in time before the baby is born.” Taylor exclaimed noticing that Sherri was looking out the window thinking deeply.
“I hope she is alright.” Zac said as he rubbed his hands together nervously.
“Diana told me they were bringing her into the deliver room. She will have to have the baby by C-section.” Walker informed them seeing Jason shift his body forward looking scared.
“Why?” Jason asked wishing they were already there and he was by her side. He couldn’t imagine not being there to see his child coming into the world.
“Well… the baby is coming down face first through the birth canal. That’s all I know for now. Diana wanted to get back into the hospital.” Walker explained seeing tears fill Jason’s eyes while he bowed his head down. Taylor reached out gently rubbing his back wishing there was some way to assure him that everything would be okay. Jason then leaned back trying to hide his fear and want.
“We’re there for you Jason.” Taylor murmured seeing Jason turn to look at him. Jason put his hand on his cheek and lovingly caressed the side of his face with his thumb.
“I know.” Jason rasped swallowing back the lump in his throat.
“I see the hospital! Thank God!” Sherri bellowed with excitement as the limo turned into the parking lot.
“Finally!” Isaac exclaimed when the limo driver pulled in front of the doors to the emergency entrance.
“Jason? You and Tay go first.” Walker instructed as the driver got out and opened the door.
Taylor slid forward as Jason stepped out and then reached for Taylor’s hand and carefully helped him out of the limo. Taylor winced hating that his feet were still hurting him. He rocked a little with Jason letting him lean up against him for support. One by one they piled out of the limo and walked through the emergency doors.
“Where do we go now?” Taylor asked looking around as they went up to the desk.
“My wife is having her baby and we…” Jason began when the nurse jumped up recognizing him.
“Oh yes! Doctor Monroe please follow me!” She indicted and stared at Isaac, Taylor, and Zac knowing they were the singing group Hanson. She was given instructions to take them all up to the baby ward where they would wait in a private area of the hospital. They all quickly went to the elevator doors and piled in.
“Your wife is waiting and Doctor Norse will instruct you where to go and what to do sir.” She said seeing him nod as Taylor smiled watching the floor lights above them pass by. Finally the doors opened and they were led down the hallway to a door.

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