To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 29 - Fight To Live - Continued

David waited watching Taylor dart his eyes hoping he would plead for his life. This was the moment he was waiting for wanting this guy to crumble apart and prove that all he was, was nothing but a coward. He smiled when suddenly Taylor pushed out his legs with all his strength sending him backwards on the ground.

Taylor reached for the ropes around his chest and ripped them off quickly and bolted up seeing that David had a shocked expression covering his face.

"How? How did you…" David shouted as he scrambled up to his feet.
"Now try to get me! Come on JOCK BOY! You think you are tough?!" Taylor shouted with every ounce of fury and anger that he held within him. He wasn't going to let this guy hurt him anymore if he could help it.
"What did you call ME?!" David screamed and lunged toward him with the knife tightly held in his hand wanting to slice him. Taylor moved to the right and then grabbed up a piece of board and blocked his blow. He saw the knife fly out of his hand and land a few feet away from them.
"I will teach you a lesson!" David shouted and then swung his fist catching Taylor off guard striking him in the left shoulder and saw him hit the ground hearing him grunt.
Taylor gasped and then rolled quickly away as he saw David was going to kick him in the head. He painfully stood up and then kicked out his leg connecting with David's chest and heard the air rush out of his lungs as he fell to the floor on all fours gasping for breath. Taylor knew he had to hit him again before he regained his strength and then came up and grabbed David's hair in the front lifting up his head and hit him as hard as he could across his face with his fist.
"Ahhhhh…." David screamed in agony as he flung backwards from the blow with blood spurting out of his nose. He blinked trying to clear his vision as tears filled his eyes. He quickly moved back on his butt as he saw Taylor coming at him again and knew he was filled with rage.
"Come ON! Fight me! It's fair now!" Taylor yelled circling his hands with a motion daring him, when David jumped up and then dived at him as he struck him with both of them flying backwards onto the floor. They rolled in the dirt punching at one another wildly. When they stopped rolling David was on top Taylor. Taylor reached up with his left hand and grabbed at David's face when David grabbed him around the neck and began choking him. He dug his fingernails into David's forehead and then twisted his hand hard as he tried to release his grip from his throat with his other hand. He saw David suddenly fling up his hands and then scream grabbing onto to his hand that had a hold of his face. Taylor sucked in a breath of air and then flipped as he rolled on top of David.
"LET GO OF MY FACE!" David shouted as he spit up blood.
"Why? This is what you want! Don't like it when the tables are turned!" Taylor shouted and then knew that David was getting furious and he could feel that David was finally pulling his hand away. He then swung his other fist and brought it right into David's balls of his crotch hearing him scream out in pure anguish as Taylor bolted up off of him and saw him curl into a ball with his hands between his legs.
"Oh GOD!" David cried in searing pain as he rocked back and forth from side to side.
"Get up!" Taylor fumed rasping in short breaths as he shivered in fury. He saw David start to cry.
"Stay away from me!" David groaned as the pain enveloped him with his body shaking.
"I said get up!" Taylor shouted again and then leaped on top of him feeling fed up and then made David roll onto his back. He grabbed David roughly by the hair and then could see the fear in his eyes.
"I am going home and YOU are going to jail! Got it?!" Taylor bellowed as he sniffed back trying to calm down the anger that he felt inside.
"You can't do this to me. Sherri is mine!" David moaned looking up into Taylor's eyes.
"Sherri can choose who she wants to be with! AND GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD… PEA BRAIN... we are not boyfriend and girlfriend! She is my friend and if you ever try to hurt her again I will take you down!" Taylor threatened gritting his teeth together as he pulled David's head up and then slammed it down hard seeing David wince.
"Okay! Please!" David moaned as Taylor moved off of him and then reached out for the rope that was around his chest earlier that was laying on the ground near them.
"Turn over."
"I said turn over jock boy!" Taylor demanded and then saw he did as he was told. Taylor forced David's hands together in the back and tightly tied them bounding David's wrists. He then sat back and drew in a shaky breath running his hand through his wet hair. He looked at the guy that now was lying in front of him and started to shiver. He couldn't believe that he actually got the best of him.
"I guess the saying is true… the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Taylor thought trying to get back his composure.
"What are you going to do to me?" David whimpered as he rolled onto his side licking at his lips tasting the blood that still dripped a little from his nose.
"We are going back. I guess first I will clean you up." Taylor stated as he stood and then saw his shoes. He then sat back on the floor and put them back onto his feet. He winced a little feeling pain due to David kicking them earlier. He then got up and went around the corner that he saw David go into and saw a door. He opened it and then saw it was a kitchen. He quickly grabbed some towels and a bottle of water. He hurried back outside and saw that David was sitting up and leaning forward weakly. He walked up to him feeling tired and then kneeled down next to him. David looked up at him blinking his eyes.
"Look at me." Taylor said in a cold tone of voice and then grabbed his chin. He gingerly dabbed at David's nose as he jumped.
"That… that hurts." David moaned as Taylor wiped the blood away noticing that the bleeding stopped.
"I think I broke it. Hold still." Taylor instructed and then poured some water over the towel. He lightly dabbed at the cuts on his forehead making sure that the wounds were clean.
"It's broken?" David groaned with tears filling his eyes. "Didn't think you had the… the…"
"What? The strength?" Taylor asked smirking a little as David frowned.
"Yeah. Why are you being nice to me Hanson?" David asked feeling confused as he noticed Taylor looked at him casting his eyes up and down.
"I don't like you but… I am not like you. I really shouldn't help you after what you put me through. All I want is for you to leave me alone and especially Sherri. She doesn't and never was in love with you. You have to come to realize that fact. I don't know how you tick but you do need to find help David." Taylor explained seeing David's eyes grow wide.
"But she loves you. How did you do it? I just want her to love me. She is so beautiful." David rasped as Taylor cringed still knowing that David didn't understand.
"If she does love me… well it is something that happened. A lot of girls think they do but they don't know me. Sherri is my friend and that is the way I think about her. She is like apart of my family. I love her like a sister and will protect her if I have too! Can you understand that?" Taylor asked as David frowned looking at him.
"You're nuts Hanson! I would give anything for her to feel that way toward me." David stated and then saw Taylor smile.
"It's time to go. Now get up and move." Taylor declared and saw that he was having a hard time standing up. He grabbed David's arm and helped pull him to his feet. David rocked a little and then took a small step forward wincing in pain as he limped toward the door. Taylor sighed as he gingerly touched his aching jaw thinking he must look pretty bad himself. He came up to the door and opened it with the cold crisp air hitting his face. He looked up seeing the gray clouds above and then had David move in front of him.
"I can't walk fast." David said sadly bowing his head feeling defeated and humiliated.
"Neither can I... so we'll take this slow. Just start walking." Taylor said softly and felt the bruises and pain cover his body. He sucked in a steady breath of air and they began their long trek forward through the deep snow. He hoped that he was going in the right direction.

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