To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 30 - Follow Me

Jason stopped and saw that Snow wasn't in view anymore. He looked back and saw Walker and his sons just a few feet behind.
"I can't see Snow. Wait a moment guys!" Jason shouted and then ran a short distance and saw Snow go through some trees up ahead. He turned seeing Walker and his sons running up to him.
"Where is he?" Zac shouted and then saw Jason smile at him.
"He went into the trees over there. Let's go." Jason answered and then started to walk forward again.
"Man! How far did this guy take Taylor?" Isaac moaned feeling aggravated as he took another step.
"He must have taken him pretty far in. If I am not mistaken there is an old barn about a half mile away from here. Maybe that is where he took him." Jason stated seeing Walker nod looking angry.
"He better not have done anything to Tay! I can't believe this kid!" Walker growled feeling like he just wanted to get his hands on this guy.

Taylor and David moved through the snow when David stopped looking at his feet. Taylor wondered why he suddenly wasn't walking anymore.
"Come on David you have to keep moving." Taylor declared feeling annoyed and sore at the same time.
"Do you know where you are going? I'm freezing. My feet feel like ice." David moaned wishing his hands were untied as he twisted them against the ropes.
"Just keep walking. I'm cold too and just want to get back to my family again!" Taylor shouted and didn't want to inform David that he was unsure in which direction to go hoping somehow he was right.
"I want to sit down for a bit." David demanded looking at Taylor who nodded his head.
"I'm tired too so I guess we will rest a little here." Taylor agreed and remained standing as he looked around him feeling confused. All he saw as far as the eye could see was snow.
"You don't know where we are… do you?" David asked angrily as he looked up at Taylor who frowned.
"And do you know? You took me out here and should know your way around." Taylor answered crossing his arms over his chest trying to warm up his hands.
"Great! Now we are lost! You really are stupid pretty boy!" David shouted angrily when Taylor came up next to him looking down at him with disgust.
"Listen jock boy… one last time… STOP calling me that!"
"Don't call me jock boy!"
"I will if you keep calling me pretty boy!"
"Why don't you untie my hands?" David dared him.
"Yeah right! Just shut up and let me think here." Taylor said and then noticed that it was beginning to snow. He licked at his lips nervously and then noticed that David stood up.
"You better think fast because it's starting to snow." David stated looking up at the sky feeling scared hoping that another blizzard wasn't coming.
"Just start walking. I'm sure we are heading in the right direction." Taylor said seeing David looking at him like he was crazy but started moving forward again.
"Please let me run into someone soon." Taylor thought wishing that somehow they would meet up with the police who he hoped was still looking for him.

Walker tried to keep pace with Jason but was getting more tired as time went on. He couldn't believe how much strength Jason had inside him. He looked at Isaac and Zac knowing they were getting worn out also.
"Snow is just up ahead through those trees. How are you guys doing?" Jason asked sensing that Walker was irritated.
"Do you think we are almost there? I mean are you sure Snow is leading us in the right direction?" Isaac asked never thinking this was going to take so much energy and time.
"Snow has the scent. Oh no!" Jason swallowed hard seeing that it was beginning to snow. He was hoping that it wouldn't for a while yet.
"It's starting to snow. Now what?" Zac asked sarcastically throwing out his arms to the sides in disgust.
"Just take it easy guys. We will get through this. Just keep thinking about Taylor out there." Jason suggested seeing Walker bow his head.
"Jason? That is all I am thinking about here. I think we should call in again and inform Sam of where we are." Walker stated noticing that Jason nodded and hoped that they would reach Taylor soon as the wolf still led them through the snow.

"It's coming down harder. Maybe we should find a place to stay before it turns into a snow storm." David suggested hoping that Taylor would agree with him.
"No not yet! Just keep walking!" Taylor bellowed wanting desperately to get out of this mess. He thought maybe he should have stayed at the barn and waited for someone to rescue him.
"I hope you know what you are doing... Taylor." David said wishing somehow he could escape him. He didn't want to get stuck out in the storm if it really started to get bad.

Snow barked loudly when he saw two figures approaching out of the distance sensing one of them was Taylor. He bounded forward running at top speed.

Taylor looked up when he heard David gasp and started to stumble backwards like he was afraid of something. He then saw something white moving directly at them. He squinted his eyes trying to make out what it could be.
"What is that?" David fearfully shouted and then saw Taylor suddenly smile and run toward the figure. "Hey! Wait up!"

Taylor knew it was Jason's wolf, Snow, running in their direction. Joy filled him knowing that Jason must not be far behind.
"JASON!" Taylor screamed when Snow bounded up and knocked Taylor into the deep snow licking his face happily as he started to laugh never seeing anything so beautiful in his life, he thought.

"What was that?" Zac asked looking up when they all heard a faint cry in the distance.
"It sounded like someone yelled Jason's name!" Walker exclaimed looking up and then saw Jason start to run.
"It's TAY! TAYLOR!" Jason shouted on the top of his lungs as they all suddenly took off wanting to reach him.

David stopped when he saw a huge figure come up over the horizon. He swallowed hard and looked around him fearfully wanting to run away but then thought better of it not knowing where he was out here in the wilderness.

Taylor got up and saw Jason in the distance and smiled. He turned around and saw that David stopped but didn't move. He then saw his father and brothers coming toward him also.
"TAY!" Jason yelled again and saw Taylor waving his arms over his head with Snow standing next to him and then a few feet back David stood in the snow with his arms tied behind his back.
"Jason!" Taylor yelled with joy and ran toward him even though shooting pains ran up his legs. All he knew is that he wanted to reach him. They closed in and then Jason swooped Taylor into his arms hugging him tightly as he spun him around seeing Walker and his brothers closing in fast.
"Oh God you found me! Thank God!" Taylor shouted with joy as tears filled his eyes. Jason put him down gently and then could see that Taylor was in a fight looking at his battered face.
"Are you okay kiddo?" Jason asked with concern seeing him smile.
"I'm fine! DAD!" Taylor yelled as Walker grabbed him hugging him tightly as Isaac and Zac embraced him also as they all stood huddled together.
"Oh man! Tay! Are we glad to see you!" Zac bellowed with joy as he stepped back. He crinkled his eyebrows together when he looked at Taylor's face seeing his jaw that was swollen and bruised. Walker grabbed his face in his hands looking at him sadly.
"Tay? Are you alright? What did he do to you?" Walker asked and then looked up seeing David standing a short distance away looking afraid.
"Why you… no good… son of…!" Walker screamed and ran toward David who then started backing up fearfully watching Taylor's father running at him full of rage.
"Dad don't! He can't do anything anymore. I took care of him!" Taylor shouted and then saw Jason grab Walker around the waist stopping him.
"Let go of me! Who do you think you are!?" Walker shouted with anger as David swallowed hard with his legs shaking.
"You're lucky I don't let him beat the living crap out of you!" Jason fumed as Walker calmed down somewhat and then noticed that Jason released him.
"I... I'm sorry!" David stammered fearfully as Jason walked up next to him. Jason could see that he had a broken nose and didn't look any better then Taylor did. He wondered what happened as he grabbed David by the arm pulling him forward.
"Did you fight him Tay?" Isaac asked as he looked at Taylor curiously rising up his eyebrows seeing him nod and smile.
"Well yeah." Taylor mumbled when he noticed that Zac smiled broadly.
"I can see that you whooped his butt!" Zac laughed as David threw him a dirty look.
"Well I… I just got the best of him… that's all." Taylor smiled looking at his feet feeling cold and hungry.
"We better be getting back before this snow comes down any harder." Jason informed them all as he pushed David on the back making him walk ahead of him. They then started to head back as Walker called in to tell Sam that they found Taylor and everything was just fine. He determined it was probably going to take about a few hours to walk back. Sam told them that he was sending out some more men to meet them.

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