To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 29 - Fight To Live - Continued

Jason looked back seeing Walker and his sons were growing tired but were trying to keep up. He wished in a way that he was alone doing this. He looked up at the sky and could tell in a few hours that daylight was coming. He saw Snow stop in the distance waiting for them to catch up. He stopped himself letting Walker and Isaac and Zac catch up to him. He looked back at Snow and then thought about Taylor. He was worried to death about him and wondered what he was doing. Anger rose in him wising that Taylor would have said something in the hospital to him about the situation.
"Jason? Please we have to rest here." Walker puffed out of breath coming up next to Jason.
"Okay… just for a few minutes. Snow is anxious out there." Jason said hoping that they were close to Taylor and David.
"Sorry we are holding you back." Zac said sucking in a deep breath of air. Jason smiled watching them huffing as they tried to regain back their strength.
"Just take your time. We'll find him soon enough." Jason avowed looking out into the distance again noticing that the landscape was flatter now.
"Think we are closer now?" Isaac asked as he finally was breathing normal again. A shiver crawled up his spine as the stiff breeze blew across the icy ground.
"Don't know really. I hope we find Tay soon. I hate to think what David must be doing to him." Jason answered licking his lips and then saw Walker frown.
"I just hope that Tay is alright. I think we are better now. Let's get going." Walker exclaimed hating the darkness and wishing the sun would rise soon. He looked down at his watch noticing that it was about four in the morning now. He was tired but all he could think about was getting to son and helping him.
"It should be easier now to travel. The terrain here is flat for at least a mile." Jason informed them as they started walking again. He saw that Snow started moving forward also seeing that they were coming toward him again.


Sherri laid in the darkness of her room as she turned over still not being able to sleep. All her mind could think about was Taylor and if he was all right. She sadly sat up giving up on trying to get any sleep. She looked up at the clock next to her and noticed that it was about four o'clock in the morning. She flipped off the covers and grabbed her robe putting it on and then left her room. She walked down the hallway a short distance and noticed that Amy's light was on in her bedroom as she looked down seeing it shine from under the crack on the bottom of the door. She lightly knocked on her door wanting to be with someone. She licked her lips and then saw the door open a little seeing Amy peek out at her and then opened her door wide.
"Couldn't sleep either Sherri?" Amy whispered seeing Sherri nod with tears in her eyes.
"I can't stop thinking about them." Sherri rasped as Amy led her to the bed. Sherri sat down and rubbed her hands together nervously as Amy climbed in her bed leaning up against the wall.
"I couldn't either. I am so worried about Taylor. I hope he is okay out there with… him." Amy stated noticing that Sherri moved back on the bed coming up next to her.
"I hope so too. I don't know what I am going to do if… if he…"
"Don't think like that. They'll find him Sherri don't worry." Amy consoled even though she felt the same.
"It's just that Taylor was so sick. David is a monster Amy. He hates Taylor very much. I hope he isn't hurting him." Sherri mumbled sucking in a deep breath of air.
"I don't understand why this guy is doing this to him anyway." Amy said crinkling her eyebrows together as she put a strand of her hair behind her ear.
"He thinks that Taylor and I are in love with each other Amy and no matter how much we try to explain to him that we are not he still thinks so." Sherri explained as she looked into Amy's eyes intently and gingerly rubbed the small heart of the necklace that Taylor gave her for her birthday.
"Sherri? You are in love with Taylor aren't you?" Amy whispered seeing Sherri bow her head with tears filling her eyes.
"No… I mean I love him as a friend."
"No you don't. You love him but you know Taylor doesn't think the same." Amy said sadly watching Sherri nod her head slowly.
"Yeah I guess… I guess I do. But don't ever tell him that Amy." Sherri pleaded looking at her as she swallowed hard.
"I think he knows that Sherri. Maybe in time he will love you back." Amy smiled as Sherri blushed a little at Amy's words.
"I don't think so Amy. Taylor cares about me but not like that. If he will be always my friend I will take that." Sherri said as she looked at her hands.
"I feel the same about Zac." Amy smiled as Sherri looked up at her.
"I know. Do you think maybe we love them only because of who they are? I mean because they are famous and stuff?" Sherri asked smiling back at her.
"So far what Zac lets me know about him… well I still like the dolt!" Amy laughed as Sherri laughed also and then looked toward the window.
"I just hope they find them soon. I wonder if they have already." Sherri hoped and then angrily thought of David. She knew that she disliked him for everything he had put them through.
"I think they would wake us up if they did. What is this David like anyways? If you don't mind my asking." Amy curiously asked seeing Sherri frown.
"He is nuts! I don't know what is wrong with him. I just wish I never knew him. I can't understand why he liked me." Sherri explained biting at her bottom lip and blinked rapidly.
"Did you tell him that you weren't interested?"
"I tried so many times but it is like he has this idea stuck in his head that I belong to him. I still am scared of him in a way. What if he tries to do something to me even if they put him away? I mean if they ever let him out will he try to find me?" Sherri questioned as a shiver ran up her spine thinking about it. Amy leaned next to her and drew her arm over her shoulders wanting to comfort her.
"Well he has a lot of people he would have to go through first. And I think your father could take care of him if he did." Amy stated matter of factly.
"Thanks Amy. I sure am glad to have met you."
"Me too. I am glad to say that you are my new friend." Amy smiled as Sherri turned and then hugged her close as she burst into tears.
"I want Taylor to be okay. Please let him be all right. Don't let David hurt him." Sherri sobbed as tears filled Amy's eyes as she hugged her tighter wishing she could take away her friend's fears.
"It's okay. Taylor will be just fine. You'll see." Amy rasped as they held each other tightly. She looked out the window seeing that it was finally getting light outside.


Taylor looked up seeing the light come through a crack above him from the roof of the barn. His jaw hurt as he tried to move it from side to side. He jumped when David came up next to him and was looking down at him smiling. He wondered what he was going to do now.
"You don't look so pretty now with that swollen cheek." David laughed and sat down again next to him. He took the bottle of water that he had and took a short sip.
"Go away." Taylor murmured under his breath squinting his eyes.
"What did you say?" David asked sternly leaning his face close to his.
"I said nothing."
"What did I tell you before? How do you address me?" David grinned watching Taylor cast his eyes downward swallowing hard.
"Nothing… Mr. Master." Taylor grumbled throwing him a dirty look. He wished he could take him now but knew he had to wait for the right moment. He squeezed his hands into fists.
"That's good pretty boy. Want some water?" David teased lifting the bottle up and swished the water around in the bottle in front of his face.
Taylor shook his head no and turned his face away from him.
"Look at me when I talk to you." David demanded loving this as Taylor turned and looked into his eyes. He could still see the anger. He lifted the bottle up just over Taylor's head noticing that he was watching him.
"Maybe I will give you a little but you have to catch it." David laughed and then tipped the bottle a little forward seeing a small amount of water dripping over the edge. Taylor jumped as the water hit his nose making him flinch as he blinked his eyes rapidly.
"Awww… didn't get that drop now did we?" David cooed in a sarcastic tone as he laughed.
"I'm not thirsty… Mr…. Mas…" Taylor fumed when David then dumped the water over his face making him gasp. He shook his head as the water dripped down his hair. David roared with laughter as Taylor gritted his teeth together angrily.
"Soak it up pretty boy. It is all you are going to get." David smiled and then stood up walking away from him.
Taylor kicked his foot out striking it against the floor angrily when David turned around facing him. David walked up to him again and kicked his foot against his as hard as he could.
"Cut it OUT!" Taylor shouted angrily as David kept kicking at his feet.
"Trying to kick me pretty boy? Does it hurt!? DOES IT!?" David yelled as he squatted down and then grabbed up his left foot. He noticed that Taylor fought as he jerked his leg. "Think you won't need these shoes anymore. I want them. You look like the same size as me."
"Stop it!" Taylor shouted as David roughly took off his shoe and then grabbed for his other leg.
"Stop what?" David smiled and then slammed his hand over his right ankle noticing that Taylor let out a shout of pain. He ripped the shoe off and then stood up holding them in his hands.
"You ass…." Taylor began when David stepped hard on his right foot and then started kicking at his feet again. Pain shot up his legs as he tried to move his feet away from the blows.
"What a wimp! Can't take it… huh?" David laughed seeing Taylor rasp for breaths of air as he brought his legs up near him.
"Just wait you fuc…" Taylor began to say when David dropped his shoes and then drew out the knife again moving up next to him with a insane look filling his eyes.
"I will do as I please! You are not worth anything and all I want is for you to die!" David shouted putting the knife up to his throat and pressed it against his skin. He saw fear fill Taylor's eyes and felt him shiver slightly as he leaned heavily against Taylor's folded up legs.
"Don't… please don't." Taylor rasped fearfully feeling the blade against his throat thinking that maybe he was going to cut into his skin. He shut his eyes and then heard David snicker.
"Beg some more and maybe I won't do it. Come on pretty boy Hanson… beg me to stop because if you don't I will slice your throat." David cooed watching him open his eyes and giving him a look of confusion.
"You are insane." Taylor whispered swallowing hard and then anger filled him noticing that he pulled back the knife. Carefully he slid his arms forward hoping he wouldn't notice that his hands were free.

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