To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 29 - Fight To Live

Taylor shivered feeling his muscles ache as he moved his hands slowly twisting them against the ropes wishing he could lie down to go to sleep. He couldn't rest in the position he was in as his head kept falling forward and then he would jerk awake again. Giving up trying to get some sleep he then leaned his head against the pole and listened to the wind howl outside feeling very depressed and frustrated. He cast his eyes slowly over toward David and could see that he was sleeping comfortably on a blanket.
"Wish I could loosen these ropes." Taylor thought to himself knowing it was getting late. "I wonder if they are out there looking for me."
He jumped when he heard David shift and roll over onto his back. Suddenly he began to snore.
"Great! Now I have to listen to him snoring all night." Taylor mumbled angrily as he tried to lean forward a little to take the pressure off his backside that was growing numb. He stretched his legs out in front of him, which made his left hip throb a little from the movement.
"There has to be a way out of this!" Taylor thought growing more frustrated as he twisted his hands once more and then jumped a little when he felt something sharp scrape along his right ball of his thumb.
"What is that?" Taylor whispered as he stretched his thumb and could feel a long metal like nail just below his hands that seemed to be covered up from some hay. He smiled as he tried to pull down his hands over it. He felt the rope catch and then pulled a little upward and then down again.
"Will it cut?" Taylor asked himself and put his right thumb near the nail and felt that the rope frayed a little from the movement. He then concentrated and started to rub his hands slowly across working the rope against the nail. He swallowed hard when he heard David groan and stopped looking fearfully over at him hoping he wouldn't wake up. Happily he saw him only smack his lips and then fall into a deep slumber again.
"That's right jock boy just go back to dream land." Taylor murmured and then started to work the ropes once again hoping that he could release the bonds.

About an hour passed as Taylor grew sore and angry wishing that the ropes would give. He felt with his thumb again and could tell he was making progress but it was taking time.

David shifted and then stretched his arms over his head as he slowly sat up and could see that Taylor was staring at him angrily. He smiled and grabbed a bottle of water at his side and took a long gulp.
"Did you have a nice nap pretty boy?" David laughed and saw Taylor just turn his head away in disgust. He got up and approached him squatting down in front of him.
"What?!" Taylor shouted wishing he could still wipe off the smug look that David had on his face.
"Thirsty?" David chuckled taking a long sip of water and saw Taylor lick his lips.
"No." Taylor stated even though he wished he could have some. He didn't want David to get the best of him.
"You will be pretty boy… you will be." David said as he sat down next to him by his outstretched legs.
"Why don't you just go sit back on your blanket." Taylor stated watching David pull out his knife that he had tucked in his belt. He cringed as David brought it up to his face.
"You're not the one in charge here. So don't be telling me what to do… pretty boy." David hissed seeing Taylor nod slightly as he kept his eyes on the knife.
"Okay… you're in charge." Taylor muttered throwing him a dirty look. He then noticed that David took the knife away and placed it down on the ground near him.
"That's better. It's about three in the morning." David said watching Taylor shift his legs upward noticing that he seemed uncomfortable as he smirked loving that he was going to watch this guy suffer. He knew it would be a matter of time before he would start begging him for water and food. He couldn't wait to see how much this Taylor Hanson could take.
"I have to go to the bathroom." Taylor said looking into David's eyes.
"Then go!" David chuckled smiling at him.
"Go where?"
"In your pants pretty boy. I am not going to untie you." David informed him seeing his eyes grow wide.
"Look? If you think you are going to get satisfaction watching me die here… get ready for a long wait." Taylor exclaimed angrily as he pushed forward against the ropes around his chest and shook his head wishing he could get away.
"If you say so pretty boy. Why don't you save your energy? I tied those ropes pretty tight." David laughed as Taylor looked at him with hate filling his eyes.
"Just leave me alone! Jason and my father will find me!" Taylor yelled as he kicked out his legs catching David in the shoulder, which made him lunge at him as he grabbed the knife.
"You think you are STRONG! Just keep it up and I will end this sooner!" David threatened as he grabbed Taylor's hair and pulled back his head bringing the knife to his throat.
"Do it! I don't care anymore! You're never going to believe what I say about Sherri and me anyhow!" Taylor shouted feeling David pull his hair tightly as he let out a moan.
"You don't even have a right to say her name!" David growled with anger and released his hair pulling back.
"She is not a piece of meat! She is a human being with feelings! She doesn't want you and never loved you! All you did was scare her. Is that the kind of relationship you want with someone? You can't force someone to love you David!" Taylor shouted and noticed that David was growing red in the face. He fearfully leaned heavily against the pole knowing what he said infuriated him.
"SHUT UP! She does LOVE me! NOT YOU!" David screamed as he dropped the knife and then swung his fist catching Taylor across his right jaw and saw his head snap hitting the pole hard.
Taylor gasped from the blow feeling dizzy as he tried not to pass out. He groaned feeling the throbbing in his jaw as he slowly turned his head seeing David leaning up to him with wild crazy eyes. Taylor shut his eyes tightly squeezing back the tears that formed from the pain.
"A new rule pretty boy! If you say anything to me from now on I want you to address me as 'Mr. Master'. Got it? And you will not ever talk about Sherri. After you die she will realize how much I do care for her. She will see that you were nothing! NOTHING! I have to prove that to her! You are not the man she thinks you are!" David declared sucking in a deep breath watching Taylor's eyes dart back and forth fearfully.
"I won't call you that." Taylor whispered as David grabbed him by the front of his hair making him cringe.
"Say it!"
"Say it pretty boy!"
"NO! I won't!" Taylor yelled gritting his teeth tightly wishing he would go away. He swallowed hard looking up at him defiantly.
"I will rip your hair out if you don't. Now say IT!" David threatened pulling his hair harder seeing Taylor purse his lips against the pain.
"No." Taylor groaned feeling his hair start to give. He knew if he didn't say the words that he would pull his hair out violently. "Okay!"
"Okay what?" David smiled relaxing his hand a little with Taylor's hair still gripped in his hand tightly. He saw him open his eyes and look up at him sadly.
"Mr.… Mr. Mas… Master." Taylor croaked with his voice cracking. David smiled releasing his hair and let his head fall back noticing that Taylor was breathing hard.
"That's better." David smirked and then backed away.
"Oh God! I have to somehow get out of this. Where are they? Why can't they find me?" Taylor thought desperately watching David walk around a corner of one of the stalls and then heard a door opening. He gulped hard and then resumed his rubbing the ropes against the nail.
"Come on!" Taylor angrily fumed feeling his jaw hurt as he gingerly felt his cheek with his tongue. He could tell that his face was swelling up. He worked the ropes hard against the nail and then felt his hands suddenly snap away from each other. A thrill rose up inside of him. He knew his hands were freed. He looked up and heard David coming back out of the room and then put his hands back together so he would think that he was still tied up. He saw the guy walk back to the blanket and sit down with a bowl in his hands. David looked over at him and began to eat some cereal. He couldn't believe how he could be so angry one minute and then look like nothing happened the next.
"This taste is so good. To bad you can't have any pretty boy." David cooed and then ate another mouthful. He smiled watching Taylor bite his bottom lip knowing he must be hungry. He looked up and could see that daylight was coming. He decided he was going to spend the day torturing Taylor. He loved the idea that he finally had him where he wanted him.

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