To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 28 - The Lesson - Continued

Taylor was worn out as he trudged through the knee deep snow and could see some kind of old building in the distance. He turned around seeing David was still right behind him watching him intently.
"Where are we going David? It is getting dark outside." Taylor asked when David pointed at the building.
"We are going to stay there for the night. It is an old abandoned barn that my father and I used to go to. So just shut up and keep moving and stop addressing me by my name pretty boy!" David shouted seeing Taylor give him a look of disgust and then turned around and kept walking.
"How do I get out of this?" Taylor thought desperately looking around him. He knew David was to close to him to just run. They finally came up to the door of the barn when David grabbed him as he tried to move away from him. David opened the door with his other hand and then shoved Taylor inside as he tumbled forward tripping over some rocks. He heard Taylor grunt and smiled.
"Stop pushing me! I did everything you wanted!" Taylor shouted turning over and brushed off his pants.
"You are just beginning to do what I want pretty boy." David laughed seeing Taylor's eyes grow wide with confusion.
"Stop calling me that you…!" Taylor began when David kicked him in his right side watching him curl into a ball.
"I will call you anything I like PRETTY BOY! Now get up and sit down next to that pole." David yelled smiling as Taylor looked up at him with hate in his eyes. He slowly got up trying to recover from the blow and limped to the pole. He turned and didn't want to sit down.
"Sit down!"
"NO! Make me!" Taylor shouted rubbing his side.
"You're really asking for it pretty boy."
"Asking for what? What do you want with me? Tell me!" Taylor screamed angrily when David pointed his knife near his throat.
"I said sit down!" David hissed with through his teeth.
"You think that knife gives you power! Put it down and see…" Taylor began when David slammed his body up against his putting the knife to his throat as he swallowed hard.
"One more time… sit down." David warned pressing the knife against his skin. Slowly he lowered himself down as he followed down with him never taking the knife from his throat. He could see the anger and fear in Taylor's eyes. Carefully he pulled away knowing he had him under his control again.
"Good now bring your hands around the pole in the back very slowly and if you try anything…" David threatened watching him do as he told him. He stepped back a few steps and grabbed some rope that was lying over a gate. Taylor watched his every move as he bit at his bottom lip. He went to the back and grabbed his hands pulling them upward slightly hearing Taylor let out a quick breath of air. He tied his hands tightly and then wrapped the rest of the rope around his upper chest and the pole.
Taylor bowed his head feeling helpless once again. He hated himself for letting him do this to him. He moved his hands feeling them hurt as the rope cut into his wrists. He watched David come around to the front and squatted down in front of him.
"Feel tight enough pretty boy?" David laughed as Taylor threw him a look of hate.
"Are you going to leave me here again like you did in the woods the last time?" Taylor asked in a sarcastic tone of voice casting his eyes upward and looking at David boldly straight in the eyes.
"No. This time I am going to watch you suffer. I am going to teach you not to steal another guy's girlfriend. You think you are so great being a singing star. All the girls like you Hanson! Why did you have to choose mine to steal?" David smiled seeing Taylor shut his eyes and then open them slowly.
"How many times do I have to tell you? Sherri is my friend! We are not going with each other! She is my FRIEND!" Taylor shouted feeling fed up with this guy.
"Oh yeah sure pretty boy! I know how much she cares for you. I could see it in her eyes. She loves you and you made her fall in love with you with those pretty baby blues of yours." David said grabbing his hair and pulled his head back bringing the knife up to Taylor's lips.
"Maybe if I cut this pretty face…" David whispered seeing Taylor's eyes grow wide with fear. He gingerly ran the knife along Taylor's lips loving that he cringed at the touch. "Nah… then Sherri would hate me and I wouldn't want that."
Taylor took a sigh of relief and licked his lips as he watched David take the sharp blade away. He wished someone soon would find them.
"I want to see you die slowly. We are going to stay here until you do." David stated and then got up and sat down a few feet away from him.
"And how are you going to do that?" Taylor asked fearfully as he squeezed his wrists against the ropes.
"Starvation and thirst. Should take a few days but I have all the time in the world." David smiled as he drew up his legs.
"They will find me before that happens." Taylor expressed wishing he could wipe the sick grin off David's face.
"I don't think so pretty boy. They may be looking but there will be more snow coming down tonight and that should cover our tracks out there and make the dogs lose the scent. My father and I stored some food here a while ago. So just rest and save your energy. Let's see how long you can last pretty boy. I give it maybe about two days at the most." David smiled watching Taylor rock his head back leaning against the pole.
"You really are nuts." Taylor muttered with fear gnawing at his insides as he looked over at David who decided to start a bon fire. He hoped that somehow David was wrong and hoped that someone would save him from this situation that he was in. He knew there was no way to explain anything to him. He sucked in a deep breath of air trying to calm himself down. He kept twisting his hands hoping he could somehow loosen the ropes that bound him tightly as David sat there watching him intently with a small smile on his face.


Walker looked out across the wilderness seeing Jason about a few feet up ahead. He could see that Jason was one with nature and that filled him with awe. He felt exhausted noticing that his sons did too but Jason seemed to have a different kind of energy.
"This snow depth is making me tired." Isaac panted bending over trying to catch his breath.
"Yeah I know." Walker agreed and saw Jason looking out over the distance.

"Snow! SNOW! Where are you?!" Jason cried out as Zac watched listening to Jason's voice echo through the woods.
"You think he heard you?" Zac asked stepping up next to him.
"Oh yes. Every time I am out here he always senses where I am. He will be here Zac don't worry." Jason mumbled listening intently.
"I hope so." Zac stated when they all jumped hearing a howling in the distance. Zac looked up at Jason seeing a grin forming across his face.
"There he is." Jason whispered and walked back with Zac up to Walker and Isaac. "He will be here soon."
"Sooner then you think! There he is!" Zac bellowed joyfully as Snow bounded toward them. He leaped up licking at Jason's face.
"Hey boy! Good boy!" Jason shouted grabbing onto Snow's tuffs on the sides of his head. He let Snow drop down and then squatted down next to him.
"Listen to me Snow. We are looking for Tay! You have to bring us to Taylor. Here is one of Taylor's mittens." Jason demanded as Walker, Ike and Zac watched the wolf take the scent. He barked loudly and ran forward.
"Did he get it?" Walker asked licking his lips slowly as he blinked his eyes.
"Yep and I know he will lead us to him. GO BOY! Find TAY! NOW!" Jason shouted as Snow took off into the woods.
"Wait! He is going to fast for us." Ike shouted when Jason put up his hand.
"Don't worry Ike. I can follow him. Don't worry. Come on guys." Jason exclaimed as he started to walk in Snow's direction.
"It is getting dark Jason. Can you still see in the dark?" Walker asked seeing Jason nod his head.
"Just follow me. I know what I am doing Walker. Radio in to Sam and tell him that Snow has caught the scent." Jason instructed as Walker did as he said. They all took off again feeling determined now to find Taylor with the wolf leading them. Jason kept a track on Snow's steps in the darkness of the woods that surrounded them. The old ways were filling him once again. Nothing was going to stop him this time as he noticed that it started to snow. He felt anger ball up inside him and fear also knowing that Taylor was somewhere out there probably scared and helpless. This time he would make sure that David would never bother them again.

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