To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 28 - The Lesson

"Taylor?" The guard gently knocked on the door with the bag of chips in his hand. He listened and then wondered why he didn't answer. He slowly opened the door and saw Jason sleeping and then noticed that Taylor didn't seem to be in the room. He dropped the bag onto the bed and walked to the bathroom and then noticed that Taylor's hospital gown was laying on the floor. He saw the IV needle dangling off the pole. He turned around gulping hard and walked back out of the room. He didn't understand why Taylor would just walk out of the room.
"Sir? Doctor Monroe?" The guard shouted as he shook Jason gently on the arm. He saw his eyes flutter open looking confused.
"What?" Jason rasped sitting up wondering why the policeman looked nervous.
"Where's Taylor Hanson? Do you know where he went?" The man asked him as he turned looking toward Taylor's bed.
"He should be in bed. Why are you asking about Taylor? Tay!?" Jason called out as he got out of bed.
"His hospital gown and IV are left in the bathroom sir. Why would he leave like this?" The policeman asked as he then bolted out of the room to report that Taylor was gone.
"Tay?!" Jason shouted running into the hallway seeing everyone looking confused and worried.
"He asked me to get him some chips and when I came back he was gone sir." The guard was explaining to the other police officer.
"You weren't supposed to leave your post!"
"I know… but…"
"But what would make Taylor leave. Check all the floors. Maybe he just took a walk or something." The policeman stated swallowing hard.
"Tay wouldn't do that." Jason exclaimed feeling his stomach turn into knots.
Suddenly they looked up seeing two men quickly running down the hallway.
"Officer? There are two guys fighting down in the basement. One of them had a knife. He dragged the other guy outside!" Pete exclaimed out of breath as Jason stood frozen not believing what he was hearing. It hit him suddenly why Taylor seemed to be nervous earlier when he claimed he was talking to his friend on the phone.
"Oh man! It must have been him. But why didn't he say anything?" Jason thought desperately as he ran down the hallway wanting to get to the basement. He slammed his hand on the button and noticed that the police and the warehouse men came up behind him. When the doors opened they all packed onto the elevator.
"Were they still fighting when you left? How long ago was this?" One policemen asked Pete.
"They were still struggling when I left. I didn't know what to do so I thought to come up here and get you guys to help." Pete breathlessly said when the doors opened and they all ran out and down the hallway. Jason saw the back door open and rushed outside as the cold wind hit him in the face. They all turned when they saw a car rush past them and sped down the road.
"NO! Taylor!" Jason angrily shouted seeing the car turn a corner.
"Get after that CAR!" One of the policemen shouted calling it in but it was to late as the car sped down the highway.

David knew he had to ditch the car since they spotted him. He turned a corner sharply and went down a secluded area. He drove it into some bushes seeing the snow falling onto the hood. He could hear Taylor waking up beside him on the seat. He quickly grabbed Taylor's hair hearing him groan.
"Let go of my hair!" Taylor shouted feeling disoriented as David roughly pulled his head up.
"If you try to do anything I will kill you! I promise I will!" David hissed between his teeth as he shoved Taylor up right slamming him up against the door of the car and sticking the blade of the knife just under his chin. He saw Taylor lick at his lips as his eyes darted from side to side. He nodded his head slightly wishing he would let go of his hair.
"Fine." Taylor rasped sniffing back as David released him holding the knife steady.
"We are going for a walk now."
"Where are we going?" Taylor asked looking down at the knife nervously.
"Some place where I can teach you a lesson." David grinned as he reached for the handle near Taylor's side and opened the door. Taylor sucked in a sharp breath of air as David pushed him abruptly out of the door. He laughed when he watched Taylor fall backwards hitting his back against the ground as he winced from the impact with his legs still in the car on the seat. He shoved past him climbing out and then saw Taylor drag himself out the rest of the way and stood up facing him.
"Teach me what lesson? You won't get away with this David. They know you are out here." Taylor declared angrily crinkling his eyebrows together as he looked up at the snow covered trees wondering where they were.
"They may know I am out here somewhere but they won't find me." David laughed as he grabbed the front of Taylor's coat pulling him toward him.
"What is wrong with you?" Taylor asked pulling his hands out as he grabbed onto David's arm that had a hold of his coat.
"You! That is what is wrong with me! You took my girlfriend away from me!" David yelled pulling him up to his face.
"She is NOT your girlfriend! Can't you get that through your head?" Taylor yelled back angrily.
"Oh… you think she is your girlfriend, don't you?!" David shouted spitting into Taylor's face.
"She is not my girlfriend either! We are just good friends!" Taylor said loudly trying to take David's hand off of him. David jerked him back and then pushed him hard as Taylor slipped on some ice hitting the car and fell into the snow looking up at him hatefully.
"Still a cripple huh? You're just saying that so I won't hurt you." David stated and then kicked his foot at Taylor as he missed his head when he jumped to the side. "Get up!"
"Leave me alone! If you touch me again I'll… I'll…" Taylor fumed bolting up off the ground filled with anger. David thrust out the knife at him with intense rage in his eyes. Taylor swallowed hard knowing this guy was truly insane.
"Move!" David screamed seeing Taylor nod and took a step forward looking out into the distance. He knew he was trapped and had to follow what he wanted him to do for now. He hoped that somehow Jason and his family would find him soon. He turned several times looking back at David as he walked into the woods feeling scared.
"Why did I fall for his trick? Now everyone is probably looking for me again. WHY? Why did I not tell anyone when he called me? I should have called Sherri up first before I did what he wanted." Taylor thought wondering what David was going to do to him.


"Oh God NO!" Sherri screamed as she buried her head in her father's chest. He left the hospital early, since Taylor was kidnapped again. He hugged her tightly against him with tears of anger and frustration filling his eyes. Isaac and Zac were pacing the floor not believing that once again David had the best of them. Walker was anxiously sitting by the phone wondering if he should call Diana and tell her what happened.
"Why would Tay just go with him like that?" Zac groaned running his hand through the front of his hair nervously.
"He must have tricked him somehow. I know Taylor would have said something otherwise." Jason answered rubbing Sherri's back lovingly.
"Like what? What would make Taylor follow him like that?" Zac asked as Amy sadly looked up at him wondering the same thing.
"Maybe he threatened him with something." Sherri moaned wiping at her tears as she bit at her bottom lip.
"It had to be something that was important to him to just sneak off and meet him." Isaac muttered looking over at Sherri.
"Oh my God! Maybe he told him he had me and then threatened him that if he didn't meet him he would hurt me or something like that." Sherri gushed fearfully looking up into her father's eyes.
"That could be it. We won't know until we find them." Jason said when suddenly they all turned seeing that Sam came into the store looking irritated.
"They found the car. The kid must have ditched it. They found tracks leading into the woods." Sam, the police captain, said crinkling his eyebrows together as he looked over at Walker who was listening intently.
He bolted up out of his chair running over to him.
"How much of a head start did they get?" Walker asked with his heart racing with fear for his son.
"At least a three hour head start on us, but the tracks are easy to follow. They have put out the dogs again to go after them." Sam explained seeing Jason stand up and slowly seat his daughter down on the chair who was shaking with fear.
"But didn't they last time lose the trail?" Jason asked with annoyance seeing Zac walk up to him.
"Jason? Snow could do it! He would find them better then those dogs could any day of the week!" Zac bellowed sounding furious. He looked up at Jason who was smiling and nodding his head.
"I was just getting to that Zac. I am going to go out near my cabin and locate him. It will probably take me about an hour." Jason assured them as Walker turned looking at him.
"We're coming with you this time!" Walker expressed with urgency in his voice.
"Guys? We have men looking right now for them. I really don't want you going out there with that crazy kid out there." Sam sternly exclaimed crossing his arms over his chest.
"I am not going to sit here waiting for any news no more! My son is out there and who knows what that kid is going to do to him!" Walker shouted back angrily.
"Sam? Don't worry I know what I am doing out there. I will keep everyone near me. Okay? Besides the more people looking the faster we will find them. Give me a walkie-talkie and let's stop arguing about this." Jason declared seeing Sam's eyes shift nervously but he knew that Jason was right.
"Alright but keep me informed where you are at all times out there. You guys will be apart of the rescue team then." Sam said walking over to a table and grabbing up a walkie-talkie and then handed it to Jason making sure he was on the right frequency.
Sherri ran up to her father sniffing back her tears seeing that Walker, Isaac, and Zac were ready to leave.
"Dad? Be careful out there. Remember David isn't of right mind. And guys bring Taylor back safely. Okay?" Sherri pleaded with her voice cracking with extreme emotion.
"We will sweetheart and don't call up your mother about this. I don't want to upset her. If anything we will be back with Taylor tonight if I have anything to say about it!" Jason declared gently caressing her face as Amy stood beside her looking just as fearful. They both watched as they left the store going into the wilderness.
"They'll find him Sherri. I know they will." Amy consoled rubbing Sherri's back as they stood by the window seeing the sun setting in the distance. Sherri turned around bursting into sobs as Amy hugged her to herself when she too started to cry. They clung onto each as Ben bowed his head saying a prayer.

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