To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 27 - You Can't Have Her - Continued

"Hello?" Taylor answered listening.
"Having a nice lunch Hanson?" David asked smiling as he heard silence on the other end.
"Umm… who is this?" Taylor asked as he put down his fork noticing that Jason looked over at him as he was eating his lunch.
"You better not let Jason Monroe know that you are talking to me… David or I will hurt Sherri." David chuckled hearing Taylor grow silent again.
"Who are you talking to Tay?" Jason asked noticing that Taylor looked suddenly nervous.
"Ahhh… it's one of my friends from Tulsa. It… it's Shane." Taylor answered resting back on his pillow.
"Very GOOD! Now get rid of him." David declared leaning back into the chair he was sitting on.
Taylor swallowed hard trying to think of what to do. Fear formed in his stomach wondering if he somehow had Sherri with him. He knew it was several hours ago that they last spoke with her and his family.
"Jason? Could you do something for me?" Taylor asked nervously darting his eyes.
"Sure. What is it?" Jason asked curiously.
"I need some extra juice. Could you get me some?" Taylor smiled trying to calm himself down so Jason wouldn't suspect anything. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He wondered where and how he kidnapped Sherri again.
"Just call the nurse Tay. Press the button." Jason smiled thinking why did he ask him to do this when the nurse could bring him some.
"But they take forever. Please? I would do it myself but I am not allowed to walk… you know." Taylor pleaded hoping he sounded sincere.
"Yeah you are right about that. The service here is a little slow. Want anything else?" Jason asked as he got out of bed thinking he wanted to check on things anyway. He wondered if there was any more news on David yet.
"No. Just the juice is fine. This cold really makes me thirsty." Taylor smiled and watched as Jason left the room. He sucked in a deep breath and put the phone to his ear again.
"Okay he is gone! Now what do you want?" Taylor boldly asked feeling angry and confused.
"I want you to meet me where I tell you to go." David laughed liking that Taylor sounded nervous and upset.
"Where are you? You better not hurt her!" Taylor warned as he grabbed the sheet tightly in his fist.
"She won't be hurt if you follow everything I say. After lunch I want you to come down to the basement of the hospital and meet me in the warehouse section." David explained to him and noticed he could hear him breathing hard into the phone.
"I can't just walk out of here without anyone asking where I am going. Plus they don't want me to walk around yet. They would think it would be strange if I did." Taylor answered crinkling his eyebrows together as he licked his lips while watching the door hoping Jason wouldn't come back soon.
"You better find a way dude or Sherri could be…"
"NO! What elevator do I take to get there? I'll be there!" Taylor shouted fearfully as tears of anger sprung to his eyes. He shut them tightly only imagining how much fear Sherri must be feeling now.
"That's better! Take the elevator at the end of the hall and then push the button for the basement. You'll come to a hallway and then turn right and walk straight down it and it will lead you to where I am with Sherri. And you better be alone or else. GOT IT?!" David explained looking at the computer screen with the layout of the building.
"Got it! It will be about an hour or so. I have to wait to make sure I leave without anyone noticing me, but I'll be there so don't hurt her!" Taylor warned as he sucked in a breath darting his eyes.
"I will give you an hour." David answered and then slammed the phone down as he started to laugh. "This is just to easy."

Taylor shook with fear and anger as he bolted up out of bed. He gingerly tested his left leg and noticed it didn't hurt very much at all. He jumped when he heard Jason opening the door. He quickly got back into bed and saw Jason carrying a bottle of juice for him.
"Here you go Tay. I got you some punch." Jason smiled and handed it to him seeing that Taylor looked upset. "Anything wrong?"
"Nothing. I just wish I could walk around like you." Taylor gulped hard taking the bottle and unscrewed the cap taking a long sip.
"Have a nice conversation with your friend Shane?" Jason asked as he climbed back into his bed feeling worn out.
"Umm… yeah. We are planning on getting together soon when I get back home." Taylor said looking down at his feet.
"Well no news about David yet. They are still looking for him. I am going to call Walker up later. I tried before but the phone is busy. Guess he was talking with Diana or something." Jason told him as he rested back onto his pillow feeling sleepy.
"Did you try to call the number in Ben's store?" Taylor asked hoping he did.
"That one was busy also. I'm sure if anything important happened they will call us or tell one of the policemen out there." Jason rasped slowly closing his eyes.
"Yeah… yeah that is true." Taylor answered casting his eyes up and down. He wondered if they knew David kidnapped Sherri yet. He desperately wanted to tell Jason but feared if he did then David would somehow hurt Sherri. He watched sadly as Jason fell asleep.
"I better get going." Taylor thought looking up at the clock noticing that a half hour went by. He quietly got out of his bed and went to closet grabbing his clothes and the winter coat. He went into the bathroom and quickly got dressed. He carefully pulled out the IV that was in his hand and looked into the mirror seeing his reflection as he licked his lips nervously.
"How am I going to get past the guards?" Taylor asked in a whisper trying to think. He opened the door and stepped out into the room seeing that Jason was still sleeping soundly.
"Sorry Jason. I have to save Sherri." Taylor thought with tears springing to his eyes and feeling guilty for not telling him what was going on. A knot formed in his stomach as he approached the door and opened it a crack. He saw one of the policemen sitting on a chair across from the room.
"Umm… Sir?" Taylor called out as the man jumped looking up at the door seeing Taylor's head peeking out the door. He smiled as he stood up.
"Yes Taylor? You shouldn't be getting out of bed." He said with concern seeing the blue eyes smile at him.
"Well Jason is sleeping and I don't want to disturb him. Could you get me some chips down by the vending machine?" Taylor asked in a loud whisper.
"Well I am not supposed to leave until the other guard gets back Taylor." He answered seeing Taylor frown.
"Please? It will only take a couple of minutes." Taylor pleaded swallowing hard hoping he would do it for him.
"Umm… well… okay. Be right back then. You get back into bed." The policeman smiled as Taylor nodded.
"Well I will wait for you here. Just put the chips by the door and I will get them." Taylor said as he shut the door quietly. He waited a few seconds and then opened the door and looked both ways down the hallway. He noticed that there were a lot of people walking around. He brought up his hood trying to hide himself and quickly darted out into the hall. He walked briskly to the end of the hall and went through a swinging door. It was a dimly lit hallway. He gulped hard but was glad that his hip didn't seem to hurt very much anymore. He saw the elevator and nervously pressed the button hoping that the guard wasn't back yet.
"Come on! Come on!" Taylor muttered angrily when he saw the doors open and was relieved that no one was inside. He went onto the elevator and pushed the button for the basement. He watched as the floors went by. Nervously he sucked in a deep breath of air. He knew he had to calm down.
"He won't get the best of me this time!" Taylor vowed to himself getting himself ready to face him.

David paced the floor wishing that Taylor would get to the basement soon. He hoped that he didn't find out that he didn't have Sherri with him. He licked his lips when he suddenly heard the elevator doors opening down at the end of the hall. He squeezed the knife that he found in his hand and went behind a stack of boxes as he waited for him.

Taylor saw the doors open as he cautiously looked out noticing that it was a little dark. He stepped out and turned right like David told him. He slowly walked down the hallway looking around him wondering where they were in this warehouse section. He could see stacks of boxes everywhere.
"Sherri?" Taylor whispered loudly when he suddenly was pushed forward as a body slammed him from behind. He hit the floor face first with a thud as he fought to turn over.
"You will do as I say!" David bellowed as Taylor turned over under him looking up fearfully into his eyes breathing hard. He put the knife to his neck.
"Where… where is she?" Taylor rasped feeling the cold blade next to his throat. He shut his eyes tightly sucking in a rasping breath of air.
"You and me are going to come to an understanding about her Hanson! Now get up!" David demanded pulling himself off of Taylor who looked up at him confused seeing him looking around desperately.
"You lied to me! You don't have her!" Taylor shouted with anger as he slid backwards bumping into a huge box. David approached him as he stuck the knife near his neck again. Taylor pushed backwards when David roughly grabbed him by the coat pulling him up to his feet.
"We're going for a little walk outside." David hissed between his teeth as he pushed Taylor forward seeing him stumble but catching his balance.
"I am NOT going anywhere with you!" Taylor shouted as he turned around and swung his fist catching David on the side of his face. He stepped back a few steps regaining his senses and then swung out hitting Taylor in the stomach seeing him crunch into a ball. He then grabbed Taylor putting his arm around his neck as sweat beaded on his forehead. Taylor grabbed at his arms trying to pull away when he saw the knife in the corner of his eye seeing him bring it up to his throat again. He felt the blade on his skin as he swallowed hard with his heart racing.
"Now move! Or I will stick you now!" David threatened as he dragged him forward heading for the back entrance. He felt Taylor regain his balance and followed what he said.
"Where are you taking me? You won't get away with this! There are police all around the building!" Taylor rasped in anger hating he was in an awkward position as he took his steps carefully.
"Just shut up!" David yelled as he kicked the door open and the cold air came rushing in. Taylor squinted seeing the bright sunlight and moaned as he was pushed forward outside. They went outside together as Taylor shut his eyes realizing that no policemen were in the back. Thoughts ran through his head trying to think of a way to get away from David. David saw a car parked in the back and dragged Taylor to the side pushing him hard up against it. He checked the door and noticed it was locked.
"You better let me go!" Taylor groaned feeling his body sandwiched by the car and David who still had him tightly in a headlock.
"Shut UP!" David shouted and then pulled Taylor back abruptly and smashed his foot through the side window of the car. Taylor gasped grabbing at David's arms hearing the glass shatter to the ground. David suddenly swung Taylor around and punched him hard in the stomach again knocking the wind out of him as he crumpled to the ground. Taylor felt dizzy as he looked up seeing the insane look in David's eyes.
"Help!" Taylor yelled but it only came out in a whisper. He felt David grab him by the shoulders and lift him up and then pushed him into the car. Taylor couldn't move as bolts of pain shot through him. He heard David get in on the other side and then heard the car start up.
"Oh God…. No!" Taylor moaned, as his world grew dark around him.
"People should know better then to leave an extra set of keys in their car." David laughed as he pulled out of the parking lot. He looked down at Taylor happy that he passed out. He knew this time he was going to be harder to control. He rubbed his face where Taylor hit him and noticed blood was on his cheek.
"Now to teach you a lesson you will never forget Taylor Hanson and this time no one is going to stop me!" David bellowed when he suddenly heard sirens blasting in the air behind him as he sped down the highway.

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