To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 27 - You Can't Have Her - Continued

"Yeah right! That guy might be nuts but he isn't stupid either. Look how he got the both of us last time." Taylor declared running his hand through his hair feeling extremely worried about Sherri. He wondered how she was taking the news.
"Just calm down. Look Tay… nothing is going to happen to her or you. Everyone is now ready for him. Last time we didn't really know where he was and wasn't sure about…."
"Jason? I bet he is out there planning his next move! I know he is!" Taylor angrily exclaimed when the telephone rang next to his bed making him jump. He quickly grabbed the phone bringing it up to his ear.
"Hello?" Taylor grumbled and then heard his father speak.
"Tay? Did you hear that David has…" Walker began.
"Yes! We know. How is Sherri doing?" Taylor asked looking up into Jason's eyes as he leaned toward him.
"She's upset but doing okay. How are you doing?"
"I'm angry! Do they at least have an idea where he is hiding out there?" Taylor asked swallowing hard.
"They are still looking Tay. I hope we hear something soon. We can't come to the hospital to see you or Jason until they do. They want us to stay where we are." Walker explained hearing Taylor breathing hard.
"Great! I don't like this Dad." Taylor said when Jason reached his hand out toward Taylor wanting the phone. Taylor licked his lips handing it to him.
"Walker? Let me speak to Sherri." Jason asked with concern in his voice. He heard Walker tell her that he wanted to talk to her and then intently listened for her voice.
"Dad? I'm okay. Don't worry about me. They'll get him! I won't go through what he did the last time." Sherri expressed firmly smiling at Zac and Ike who smiled back at her.
"Oh… Well I just wanted to know how you were doing." Jason smiled seeing Taylor looking unhappily out of the window.
"How is Taylor?" Sherri asked with concern.
"He is upset and I don't blame him." Jason answered seeing Taylor turn his head to look at him.
"Can I talk to her?" Taylor asked as he gently touched Jason's hand.
"Sure. Here." Jason said handing him the phone.
"Hey Taylor!" Sherri exclaimed sounding cheerful.
"You're taking this good." Taylor said as he rested back a little feeling more calm.
"I didn't take the news very good at first but the more I thought about him the more angry I got! He isn't going to get away with whatever he is planning. I am not afraid of him anymore." Sherri stated making Taylor smile.
"Yeah I agree. He might have caught us off guard the last time but this time I will be ready for him if he tries anything." Taylor promised to himself hearing Sherri giggle.
"I hope they capture him soon and then we can just get on with our lives." Taylor said noticing that Jason was listening in intently.
"They better! I want to see Alice and see my baby being born into the world." Jason declared reaching out and grabbing the side of Taylor's face shaking it gently smiling. Taylor nodded in approval.
"Well I guess I will let you go for now. Just keep us informed of what is going on. Okay Sherri?" Taylor said darting his eyes back and forth.
"Oh we will Taylor. If any news comes in about him we will call you guys right away!" Sherri answered and then hung up the phone. Taylor heard the click and then hung up also. He slowly brought up his knees leaning forward.
"Let's hope he can't take the cold out there and gives up." Jason expressed knowing the temperature was almost below freezing outside.

David woke up with a jerk as he groaned sitting up off of the cold hard ground. He saw that the fire was still going. He sat up against the wall liking the fact that finally his body felt warm. He listened intently and crawled near the entrance seeing no one in the distance and smiled.
"Well I can't stay in here all day." David said to himself and chuckled about what he was going to do. He got up stretching his body. He kicked some dirt onto the fire putting it out and then quickly went outside as he sucked in a sharp breath of air.
"Man! It's cold." David whispered and then started walking again heading for the hospital that he knew Taylor was staying in. He figured it would at least take him an hour or so to reach it.

As the hours passed David was thinking about what he was going to do when he got to the hospital. He felt like his body was frozen but kept moving trying to keep warm by the exercise. Finally he saw the hospital in the distance. He stopped licking his parched lips as a shiver went up his spine.
"I need some water. I'm so thirsty." David muttered as he continued walking when finally he reached an alleyway on the backside of the hospital. He jumped when he heard some talking and pressed him self against a wall. He slowly peered around a corner and saw some deliverymen unloading a truck. He watched as they kept coming in and out of a doorway.
"I have to get in there somehow." David thought to himself and casually walked up to the back of truck. He noticed that the men were inside the building. He quickly ran up the stairs hoping no one would see him. He dashed inside loving the warmth that covered him and looked around for a place to hide.
"Is that the last load?" One man said as he headed for the doorway.
"Yeah! That's it and only one more delivery and then we're done for the morning." Another man stated while David hid behind some boxes watching them leave and shut the door securely behind them.
"Good… now to find a water fountain." David mumbled and slowly stood up noticing he was in some warehouse section of the hospital. He looked around making sure no one was in the area. Once he was assured he walked across the floor seeing a office he thought was behind a stack of boxes.
He carefully approached the door of the office and peered in the window seeing that no one was inside. His eyes caught site of a water cooler against the far wall. He reached out grabbing the door knob and turned it noticing it was open. He quickly ran over to the water and grabbed a paper cup on a small table and with his hand shaking ran some of the water into the cup. He greedily drank filling it several times to relieve his thirst. He jumped when he heard some people talking just outside of the office door. He looked around feeling scared trying to look for some where to hide. He saw a closet and quickly ducked inside just as he heard the door opening.

"Get the supplies up to Radiology at least by ten o'clock Tim. They just delivered them a few minutes ago and they need them up there on four."
"Sure. Hey did you see the policemen up there on three? That psycho kid escaped from the police station last night and now they are worried he may try to come here and do something to that Taylor Hanson dude again."
"Yeah I know about it. If that guy knows what is good for him he won't try to come here. They have police swarming around that floor. There is no way he is going to get away with anything."
"What are you doing for lunch? I was thinking of going to McDonalds for some burgers. Want me to pick you up some?"
"Nah. I have a lunch that my wife made me but thanks anyhow. Well I have some reports to finish… so I guess you should get going with the new supplies."
"Okay. See ya at lunch then Pete." Tim said as he left the office. Pete sat down at his desk and booted up his computer to finish his reports.

David stood angrily in the closet feeling trapped as he listened in on the conversation. He smiled when he heard that Taylor was on three.
"Good I know what floor he is on." David thought and then frowned when he heard that the police were swarming the area. He knew he had to stay quiet until the guy left. He carefully slid down until he sat on the floor. It seemed like forever when he suddenly heard the man leave the office. Carefully he peeked out of the closet noticing he was now alone. He walked up to the desk and sat down looking at the screen on the computer.
"Hmmm… let's see." David murmured as he fooled around with the different screens of the program. He finally saw some records for the different floors.
"Now to find out which room he is in on three." David mumbled to himself as he clicked around and then saw what he was looking for.

Patient: Taylor Hanson
Room: 310
Phone: 555-1245

"YES! Even a phone number!" David shouted in excitement. He smiled as he looked up at the clock and noticed it was lunch time, knowing he would be alone for awhile yet. He lifted up the phone chuckling to himself as he dialed the number. He heard it ringing as his heart raced with excitement hoping Taylor would be the one to answer the phone.

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