To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 27 - You Can't Have Her

Jason sat up and turned his head smiling at Taylor who was still sleeping soundly. He noticed it was early in the morning as he looked up at the clock. He lay back against his pillow and started to think about the last few days. He was relieved that everything turned out all right. Now all Taylor and he had to do was heal and then they could go back to Tulsa. He wondered how Alice was doing.
"Please let me be there when the baby is born." Jason prayed when he suddenly heard Taylor shift in his bed.
"What time is it?" Taylor asked trying to clear his eyes. He stretched his arms over his head and turned to see that Jason was smiling at him.
"It's about five in the morning. How do you feel today?" Jason asked as he licked his lips wishing he could get out of bed. He hated being sick and helpless.
"Better. I think my fever went down." Taylor answered lying back onto his pillow and looked up at the ceiling.
"At least we aren't in the cabin anymore. But I don't like being in a hospital much either." Jason stated noticing that Taylor smiled a little and nodded his head.
"Yeah I don't like being here either. I hope we can go home soon." Taylor said and then cleared his throat feeling thirsty. He reached for the cup of water next to him and took a sip.
"I wonder how Alice is doing today." Jason murmured darting his eyes when they both looked up and saw one of the nurses come into the room.
"Well… how are we doing this morning?" The nurse smiled as she walked up to Taylor's bed.
"Umm… fine." Taylor answered as she smiled down at him.
"I'm going to take your temperature again. You're looking better today Taylor." She stated as she put in the thermometer under his tongue. She waited for the beep and then took it out noticing that Taylor was looking at her intently.
"Is it down?" Taylor asked hoping it was as swallowed hard.
"Yep it is normal now. The antibiotics are working." She smiled as she wrote the statistic onto his chart.
"Good! When can I go home?" Taylor asked teasingly as he blinked up at her.
"You still have to stay at least another day or two at the most. Sorry about that." She chuckled seeing his face fall into a frown. She turned and then walked over to Jason and took his temperature also noticing he was normal too.
"You are perfectly normal too Doctor Monroe." She stated seeing him smile up at her.
"Well I could have told you that. Is it okay if I walk around? I hate laying in this bed all day." Jason commented shifting to his left side.
"Yes you can walk around but I don't want Taylor to be walking around yet until the doctor says it is okay for him." She stated seeing Taylor look down at his hands not looking too happy about the statement.
"I don't see why I can't. I feel perfectly fine." Taylor mumbled watching Jason grab his robe and get out of bed. He walked slowly over to his and sat down on the edge.
"It isn't just the virus Tay. He is concerned about your hipbone. In your weakened state…." Jason began while the nurse left the room.
"I feel a little stiff but it is alright. Really, I'm fine Jason." Taylor cut in gulping hard as he looked up into his eyes.
"I know you feel like that but they want to be cautious. Don't worry… maybe tomorrow they will let you walk around." Jason assured him as he reached out grabbing his right arm and gently squeezed it.
"Yeah I guess so. I hope Ike and Zac come again with Sherri today. Her birthday party was really great!" Taylor exclaimed wanting to change the subject.
"Oh I bet they will and I bet Sherri is enjoying all her presents that she got from the party yesterday." Jason smiled as he got up and took a walk over to the bathroom. Taylor watched him close the door. He slowly ran his hand through his hair and smiled remembering how much she loved his gift that he gave her. He hoped that she was getting over her scare with that guy. He knew his family was helping her by giving her the support and love that she needed right now. He heard the toilet flush and saw Jason come out of the bathroom.
"Hey? Where are you going?" Taylor asked noticing he was heading toward the door to leave the room.
"I just want to take a walk down to the nurses station and see what's up down there. I will be back soon." Jason explained seeing Taylor nod.
"Bring me back some juice while you're down there. I want something besides water." Taylor said seeing Jason nod and smile back at him.
"Sure will! I will get some for myself too." Jason stated as he left the room leaving Taylor alone with his thoughts.


David shivered in the ice cold wind as he pulled the collar of his coat up to his chin. He desperately wanted to find somewhere to stay while he trudged through the snow. He looked back liking the fact that no one seemed to be following him. He remembered how he made sure that the dogs lost his scent a few hours ago. He looked up at the sky noticing that it was finally getting light outside.
"I wish there was a cave or something!" David moaned as he rounded a bend in the trail. He wanted to get as deep as he could into the snow covered woods.
"I can't believe my mother could betray me like this. She doesn't love me. She never did. Only Sherri loves me." David thought bitterly when he suddenly saw some rock faces up ahead. He ran toward them and was thrilled to see an opening in one of the sides. Carefully he climbed the rocks and then ducked down as he entered a cave. Darkness hit him as he reached out in front of him feeling the wall. He slowly stepped in deeper and then stopped listening noticing there wasn't any sounds of life.
"Good. Now to get a fire started." He mumbled to himself reaching into his pocket grabbing his lighter. He brought it out and then flicked the lighter seeing the flame ignite. He circled around inspecting his surroundings.
"This is excellent." David said as he bent down grabbing some twigs on the cave floor and pushed them into a pile. He bent down and lit one feeling relieved that it caught on fire. Slowly and carefully he built up the bon fire loving the warmth it was sending off. He picked up some rocks making a circle around the fire to hold it together. Finally he sat down feeling worn out and just wanted to rest for a while after walking all night long trying to get away from the police that he knew were trying to find him. He smiled thinking how stupid they were and also of Sherri wishing she was with him.
"Bet she is with that Taylor again. What she sees in him I will never understand. He holds her captive and if it is the last thing I do… I'll take care of him!" David exclaimed angrily balling his right hand into a fist. He sat back planning his next move knowing he was going to get rid of the thing that got in his way. Taylor would need to be taught a lesson that he would never forget.


"What do you mean he escaped?!" Sherri yelled as Isaac held onto her as she shook in his arms. Everyone listened to Sam tell them the news as they stood in Ben's store.
"We have been searching for him all night. My men are still out there with the dogs. The last that we knew he was heading into the woods. But mark my words he won't get away! We will capture him." Sam explained seeing all the fearful angry eyes staring at him.
"Where or what do you think he will do?" Walker asked swallowing hard thinking of Taylor in the hospital.
"Don't worry Mr. Hanson we have sent in police security to protect your son and we want constant protection around Sherri and you guys too." Sam assured him noticing that Sherri sat down hard onto a stool.
"I can't believe this! You don't know him. He knows how to take care of himself out there. I thought it was all over and then this!" Sherri growled with tears in her eyes.
"Just make sure you stay around us at all times." Ike expressed matter of factly looking into her eyes.
"He isn't going to catch me off guard again. I mean that." Sherri stated boldly with determination.
"I want to go see Taylor and Jason. Did anyone tell them yet about what happened?" Walker asked walking up to the window looking outside into the distance.
"I don't know if they did yet but like I said I sent some of my men to protect them a few minutes ago." Sam responded wishing this incident could be taken care of quickly. He remembered how the men said they lost track of the young man in the woods. He angrily bit at his lower lip coming up behind Walker.
"I want to go to the hospital and see Tay." Walker expressed with concern in his voice.
"Umm… Mr. Hanson? I don't want you or anyone here to go anywhere right now. It will take too many policemen to keep track of everyone if you split up." Sam suggested as Walker turned around facing him crinkling his eyebrows together.
"I can't just sit here. I have to…."
"No! Our police force here in Southfork is not that big. Please try to understand. Call your son on the phone but please I want everyone staying put until we capture that kid!" Sam bellowed loudly making his point sternly as he looked boldly into Walker's eyes.
"Okay… I will do as you want. But I do need to call Taylor and Jason." Walker said as he walked back over to his sons who sat by the phone on Ben's counter.

Taylor yawned wondering what was taking Jason so long when he jumped seeing Jason bolt into the room looking angry and upset. Just as the door shut he thought he saw some policemen standing outside their door.
"Jason? What's going on?" Taylor asked fearfully when Jason came up to him and sat down.
"He escaped Tay! That stupid jerk is out there again!" Jason fumed as Taylor frowned blinking his eyes.
"David? He what? How?" Taylor asked as he began to cough sitting up straight.
"He happened to somehow steal some keys and uncuff himself and escape out of the bathroom window at the police station. They were already to take him to a mental institution to finally get him some help. His mother was there with him too. I was told he escaped through the woods about a few hours ago." Jason explained seeing Taylor swallow hard.
"I don't believe this. How about Sherri? He might still try to do something to her!" Taylor exclaimed rocking forward wanting to get out of bed as Jason grabbed him by the shoulders stopping him.
"Tay? Just stay put." Jason declared pushing him back.
"I can't just sit here! I won't let him hurt her again! She has been through enough already!" Taylor shouted angrily pressing his head back into his pillow.
"They are looking for him yet. Don't worry they will catch him." Jason assured him and noticed that his words really didn't comfort him.

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