To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 26 - Moments Of Joy - Continued

"Oh my God! What the...?" Sherri shouted and then smiled as everyone started to sing and she looked at all the banners, ribbons, and balloons that hung around the room. Tears flooded her eyes when she heard her mother's voice coming from the speaker phone also. She put her hands to her face feeling herself blush as Ben started snapping pictures. They finally finished singing Happy Birthday as a nurse rolled in a cake that was lit with candles.
"Well make a wish Sherri and blow out the candles!" Taylor smiled with tears in his eyes.
"My wish already came true. Two of the people that I care about the most are here now safe and sound." Sherri crooned looking lovingly at Taylor and Jason.
"Well wish for something else then." Jason said as she closed her eyes and blew out the candles not missing one.
"Gosh! You really wanted that wish... huh?" Zac laughed as he sat down on a chair next to Taylor's bed.
"Awww... you guys are the greatest. How? How did you plan this?" Sherri asked feeling joy and happiness fill her heart.
"Your father set this up honey!" Alice said over the speaker phone.
"Hi MOM! This is just so cool! Thank you! Thank you so much!" Sherri mumbled as her bottom lip began to tremble as tears filled her eyes. She ran up to Jason and hugged him tightly.
"Well you deserve this Sherri. I couldn't think of passing up your seventieth without a special party. Now let's have cake and you can open your presents.
"You got me presents?" Sherri exclaimed not believing how fast they got this together without her knowing anything.
"Yep!" Ike gushed and opened up the closet and brought out the gifts. Taylor held his extra gift in his hand under the cover not wanting to give it to her till everyone was leaving.
She sat down on the edge of Taylor's bed as Ike stacked them on the table.
"Wow! So many?" Sherri eyes lit up with delight. She took the first one and opened it seeing a beautiful blue sweater and lifted it out of the box.
"That's from your mother!" Jason stated smiling laying his head back on the pillow.
"Oh it's awesome! Thanks Mom!" Sherri shouted hearing her mother giggle over the phone. She quickly opened all the rest the presents receiving some CD's, more clothes, a bracelet from Amy, and a beautiful watch that was from Isaac, Zac, and Taylor. They cut the cake and were eating and enjoying the party. She looked up at Taylor as she put in a spoonful into her mouth noticing he was very quiet.
"You feel alright Tay?" Sherri asked with concern as he smiled at her.
"Fine. I'm just happy that you are happy." Taylor said leaning forward.
"I never expected this." Sherri stated putting down her plate on the table.
"Well you deserve it. I loved it when Jason suggested doing this for you. I'm so glad that you are alright." Taylor exclaimed as she came up next to him. He reached up and hugged her tightly as he closed his eyes. She hugged back loving the affection.
"Stay back when everyone goes. I want to give you something." Taylor whispered into her ear. She pulled back nodding and looked curiously at him.
"Okay." Sherri whispered back and saw him smile with tears in his eyes.

Walker knew that they should all be leaving soon since it was getting late. He was happy that everyone was together again. He looked around the room seeing everyone smiling and having a good time. He missed Diana and his other kids and hoped soon they would be going home. Sherri chatted with her mother for awhile before she hung up and he was glad that Jason and Taylor were getting better. He stood up and stretched his legs walking up to Zac, Isaac, Amy, Sherri and Taylor who were all talking together in a group.
"Hey guys? I think we should be going. It's getting late and I think Jason and Taylor should be getting more rest." Walker attested seeing Isaac nod agreeing.
"But I'm not tired. You can stay a little longer." Taylor rasped and then cleared his throat.
"You need your rest. The nurse told me that your temperature is still high and I don't want you to get worse." Walker crooned lovingly and grabbed the side his face and ran his thumb along his cheek.
"I... I guess so." Taylor said casting his eyes downward.
Everyone got ready to go grabbing all Sherri's presents and were heading out the door. She saw that her father fell asleep and then looked over at Taylor who smiled bringing up his hand and could see that he was holding something.
"Umm... Can you wait a minute? I forgot something." She said when everyone was out in the hallway.
"Sure." Walker smiled.
Sherri walked back into the room quietly coming up to Taylor with her heart racing.
"I wanted to give you something. I had a nurse, named Sue, get this for me to give to you." Taylor whispered shyly as she sat down on the bed next to him. She took the tiny present from his hand and she opened it slowly and saw a blue velvet box. Tears came to her eyes as she flipped the box open and saw a delicate small heart on a golden chain. She bit her lip as it began to quiver pulling the necklace out.
"Read the back." Taylor said in a low voice.
She turned it around as she read the words... When two hearts become as one it is friendship forever. Sherri burst into tears as Taylor grabbed her left wrist and pulled her to him. She cried resting her head on his shoulder as he gently petted her hair.
"I meant every word Sherri. What we went through out there and...." Taylor began as his voice cracked with emotion with his eyes filling with tears. She looked up at him wiping the tears away and smiled.
"This is the best birthday present I ever got." Sherri cooed as Taylor leaned in and softly kissed her lips.
"Well let me put it on." Taylor smiled as he grabbed the necklace and she pulled down her coat on her shoulders. He carefuly moved her long hair aside and brought it around her neck and clasped it. She gingerly touched it as it hung on her sweater.
"Thank you Tay! I love you so much!" Sherri gushed meaning every word as she blinked her tear soaked eyes.
"I love you too." Taylor whispered and smiled resting his head back onto his pillow.
"Your friendship means the world to me." Sherri crooned as she got off the bed and put her coat back on zipping it up.
"Forever friends." Taylor stated as she cast her eyes shyly down. He watched her leave feeling content and then closed his eyes feeling very tired. He hoped soon he would get better so they could all go home to Tulsa. He felt at peace knowing that everything was alright now.

David sat in the waiting area with his mother at the police station knowing that they were going to bring him to some metal institution and he was angry thinking that everyone including his mother would put him in such place.
"I'm not crazy! Why are they doing this to me?" David fumed giving his mother a hateful look. He knew that today was Sherri's brithday and he hated these policemen for keeping him away from her. Anger filled him when yesterday he heard that they rescued Taylor Hanson and that ugly man, who was her father, from the wilderness. He closed his eyes just knowing that somehow they were together again. Hurt filled his heart thinking of his poor Sherri probably desperately wishing she was with him on her birthday. He could almost feel her saddness not being next to him.
"The car is about fifthteen minutes away." A policeman stated as his mother nodded looking sadly at her son who was looking at her with pure rage. She shook hating to think that her son's metal state was so confused.
"I have to go to the bathroom." David groaned looking up at the policeman who was guarding him as they waited.
"You can wait." The cop told him coldly as he walked over to the window peering outside wishing that soon the car would get here.
"NO! I have to go NOW! Please? I'm really nervous and I have to go." David begged with a pleading look on his face.
"Alright!" The cop stated and grabbed onto his arm leading him out into hallway and walked with him to the bathroom. David stumbled against the officer and looked at him with a scared look on his face. He opened the door watching the young man go in and then stood outside the door waiting.
David looked around him and noticed a window and walked up to it and then smiled as he opened his hand with the key to the cuffs that bound him.
"Stupid cop." David smiled thinking it was to easy because when he bumped into him he took the key. He quickly unlocked the cuffs and then saw that the window had bars. He went up to it and frowned and tested the bars noticing that two of them were a little loose.
"Perfect. I'll get this off." David thought with determination and put the handcuffs around the bar for leverage and pulled with all his might. It gave way as he pulled it out from the cement.
"Almost done in there?!"
"I'm getting there. I'm going number two if you don't mind!" David shouted back angrily and then did the same with the next bar. He tested to see if he could slide through and noticed it was wide enough. He chuckled under his breath as he lifted himself and quickly slid himself outside. He shivered a little in the cold air and looked around him making sure no one saw him. He ran as fast as he could across the street into some woods.
"YES! Now I will find my Sherri and I will get rid of that Taylor dude once and for all!"

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