To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 26 - Moments Of Joy

Walker smiled as he hung up the phone and liked the idea of surprising Sherri. Isaac, Zac, and Amy were excited about the party that they were going to throw for her at the hospital. Jason had everything set at his end getting permission from the hospital to have the party for her there as everyone made sure that the preparations were handled secretly. Most of the early morning Ike and Zac went out and bought the presents that Jason and Alice asked for to give to Sherri taking them to the hospital and putting them in Jason and Taylor's room. The nurses helped decorate the room hanging banners and balloons. Walker called a bakery and had a cake ordered and then to be delivered to the hospital also.
"Well is everything set Dad?" Ike asked watching his father nod his head.
"Yep! Boy she is sure going to be surprised!" Amy bellowed smiling up Zac who looked down at his watch seeing the time.
"We did that in amazing time. It is ten o'clock in the morning yet. Is she still sleeping?" Zac asked smiling seeing Amy nod in the affirmative.
"Grandma and grandpa let her sleep in late. This is going to be so much fun." Amy giggled knowing she always loved surprise birthday parties.
"How did Tayor look? Does he feel better today?" Walker asked Ike looking into his eyes.
"He's a little weak but his fever is down to one hundred now. Jason is getting better too. They both looked frustrated just sitting in bed watching us do all the work. But the nurses wouldn't allow them to get up just yet so they wrapped up her presents." Ike smiled loving the fact that some joy was now coming back into their lives. He knew that he was suppose to take Sherri to the hospital later with Zac and Amy. They were going to tell her that later when they got back to Amy's house they were going to have a birthday cake for her after visiting Taylor and Jason.

Sherri woke up in bed and stretched her arms out above her head as she smiled knowing that today she finally turned seventeen years old and that her prayers were answered that her father and Taylor weren't trapped in the cabin anymore. Slowly she sat up and yawned looking at the clock realizing that it was getting late and wondering why no one woke her. She headed for the bathroom wanting to take a shower and then find out what was going on.

Taylor looked around the room loving the festive look as Jason finished talking with Walker on the phone. He turned looking over at Taylor and smiled.
"Well everything is set!" Jason exclaimed feeling content as he rested back onto his pillow when they both looked up seeing a nurse walk in.
"Time to take your temperatures again." She smiled coming up to Taylor first. He opened his mouth as she put the thermometer under his tongue. When it beeped she took it out and wrote it down on the chart.
"Well? What was my temperature now?" Taylor asked coughing a little as he smiled at her.
"Still a little high yet. It rose to one hundred and two." She told him as he frowned a little licking his bottom lip.
"Don't worry... the medicine will get rid of the infection in your system Taylor." Jason said watching her come up to him and then took his temperature also.
"Well you are perfectly normal." She smiled and then left the room.
"That's no fair." Taylor mumbled feeling a little angry.
"Well you caught this thing after I did so it is only normal that you still have a fever yet Tay." Jason consoled watching Taylor nod a little.
"Yeah I guess so. But I do feel a lot better."
"How does that hip feel?"
"A little stiff but doesn't hurt at all." Taylor smiled as he looked down at the tiny present he bought for Sherri and couldn't wait to give it to her.
"Well at noon we will get this party rolling. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she walks into the room." Jason chuckled looking at the pink and light purple balloons along the window.
"It is one birthday she won't forget." Taylor said smiling at the thought. He wanted it to be special after all she went through these past few weeks being in fear of David and knowing he wanted to see her happy again.

Sherri put on pair of white jeans and a warm bright red sweater. She looked at herself in the mirror as she combed her long hair thinking that she wished her mother was here. She turned as Amy walked into the room.
"Oh you are up. I was coming to wake you Birthday Girl!" Amy bellowed smiling from ear to ear as she came up behind her.
"Yep! And thanks for the birthday wish Amy. What are the guys doing? And why didn't anyone wake me?" Sherri asked turning around.
"Well we are getting ready to go to the hospital to see your father and Taylor. We just thought you deserved to sleep in late since it is your birthday!" Amy smiled as Sherri smiled back at her.
"This isn't going to be a very nice birthday but at least my Dad and Taylor are alright now and I am happy that they are here and not in that cabin trapped out there on my birthday. So I guess I should be just thankful for that! God answered me and gave me that birthday present. I wish my mother was here though. I think I will call her later." Sherri stated as Amy nodded smiling feeling excited knowing they were going to surprise her. They both left the room and went downstairs to the living room where Ike and Zac were waiting.
"Where's Mr. Hanson?" Sherri asked curiously noticing that Ike had her coat over his arm.
"Well they went ahead to the hospital. We will meet them there." Ike stated handing her, her coat. She crinkled up her eyebrows looking over at Zac noticing he was smiling from ear to ear.
"What are you so happy about Zac?" Sherri asked slipping on her coat.
"Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Zac bellowed out in a gushing tone of voice as he ran up to her and hugged her tightly. Sherri laughed hugging him back and then pushed him away.
"You are such a dork Zac!" Sherri laughed with Isaac and Amy laughing too as they headed for the door. They all piled into the car with Ike driving and Sherri sitting in the front seat and Amy and Zac in the back.
"After we visit Tay and Jason and come back here we are going to have a birthday cake for you. I mean it wouldn't be right not to sing Happy Birthday to you!" Ike said cheerfully as he headed for the hospital feeling excited for her knowing that everyone was waiting.
"That would be nice and I will call my mother too." Sherri smiled.
They finally reached the hospital and went around to the back parking the car so no one would see them in case someone would find out that the Hanson's were here.
"I wonder how Tay is doing today. I hope he is feeling better." Sherri said as they went through the back door.
"Well we'll find out when we get there." Zac stated as they approached the elevator and he pressed the botton.

"They are coming!" A nurse breathlessly announced coming into the room.
"Alice? Still there?" Jason asked feeling excited.
"Yeah. We are here!" Diana answered on the speaker phone as everyone became very quiet and watched the door smiling.

They came up to the room as Ike pushed Sherri in front.
"The Birthday Girl goes first since it is her special day." Ike smiled making sure she entered the room ahead of them.
"Well thank you Ike. Such a gentleman." Sherri giggled as she pushed the door open and then stepped back when everyone yelled.

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