To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 25 - Buried In Deep - Continued

A few minutes later everyone was in the helicopter and Tim headed for Mount Saint Helen hospital as he called in his destination to Sam.
"Our ETA is about five minutes." Tim stated as he saw the hospital in the distance and felt happy that the rescue was a success.
"Where is Snow?" Taylor asked with his brothers beside him looking concerned.
"He's by Jason over there." Zac answered smiling seeing that Snow looked content as he panted laying next to Jason.
"Oh. How's Sherri doing?" Taylor asked licking his lips as Pete put a cool compress on his forehead.
"Sherri, Amy, and her grandparents are going to meet us there. She is fine Tay." Isaac assured him smiling seeing that his brother was falling asleep.
"I didn't know that they were this bad." Walker sadly said as he looked over at Jason with great concern. He could see how pale he looked.
"Taylor is bad but I think Jason's flu turned into pneumonia." Jess stated when they finally landed on the roof top of the hospital. The doors opened as some hospital staff climbed inside and put Jason and Taylor on gurneys rolling them quickly into the hospital with Walker, Isaac, and Zac following. Walker turned around and gave them a thumbs up.
"THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!" Walker bellowed over the cold icy wind and noise.
"YOU TAKE CARE!" Pete shouted back and shut the door as the helicopter rose up and headed for the airport.

Sherri and Amy sat together in the waiting room when they both jumped up seeing Walker, Isaac and Zac walk in through the doors. Ben got up and walked up to them.
"How are they doing?" Ben asked with concern searching their faces.
"They are both in the emergency room and they told us to wait in here." Walker explained taking off his gloves and stuffing them into his pockets. Sherri bolted up and ran to Isaac as she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back wanting to comfort her.
"Will they... they be alright?" Sherri asked with tears flooding her eyes.
"Yeah they will be just fine. Don't worry. They both are very sick but I am sure they will be alright Sherri." Ike smiled as he led her back to the couch and sat down. Zac plopped down into a chair and leaned back sighing deeply.
"Think Snow will be okay with those men? He didn't look to happy when he was held back." Zac asked looking up at his father who sat down next to Ben's wife Susan.
"Yeah I'm sure he will be just fine Zac." Walker assured him.
"I hope they don't wait to long to tell us something. I want to call Diana and Alice and tell them what is going on." Walker exclaimed taking his coat off.

"Jason?" Taylor moaned as he felt someone sticking something into the top side of his hand.
"He is in the other room Taylor. Just take it easy." The nurse cooed softly as she taped the IV onto his hand.
"We have to get his fever down. It's up to 103 and I want a blood sample. We have one sick young man here." Doctor Randell said remembering him from the last time.
"I'm so thristy. Can I have some water?" Taylor murmured blinking rapidly feeling very sleepy again.
"The medicine should counter act the infection and bring down the fever. We will place them in the same room in intensive care." Doctor Randell said and then walked out of the room knowing that Taylor was ready to move and he wanted to see how Jason was doing. He walked up to the table seeing that Jason was watching every move of the hospital staff that were helping him.
"How are you doing Jason?" Doctor Randell asked smiling down at him.
"A lot better and my temperature is down to 102. I guess that shot of penicillin that Tay gave me helped or I would be in very bad shape now." Jason smiled knowing how concerned Doctor Randell was for him.
"He gave you a shot? Smart kid." He chuckled seeing that Jason was now ready also to be brought into a private room in the intensive care unit.
"How is he doing?" Jason asked with concern licking his dry lips wanting to know.
"His fever is still up and his body is totally exhausted but he will be just fine. We are going to put you both in the same room. I thought you would like that." Doctor Randell smiled seeing Jason nod and smile back at him.
"Is Sherri here?"
"Yeah she is waiting with the Hanson's. I will let them see you both in a few minutes." He smiled as the orderlies came up to the bed and started to roll him out into the hallway. He turned and saw Taylor in another bed sleeping soundly as they rolled them both down the hallway to their room.

Walker and everyone jumped as Doctor Randell came into the waiting room.
"You can see them now if you want. Taylor is still a little out of it but he will be fine. They both will. I would say they both should stay in the hospital for a couple of days at least before they can go home." He told them as they nodded listening to him.
"Tomorrow is my birthday." Sherri mumbled under her breath sadly.
They all followed the doctor down the hallway as he led them to their room. Walker opened the door slowly and saw Jason sitting up in bed on the left with Taylor sleeping next to him in a bed on the right. Jason looked up and smiled when Walker and everyone came into the room. Sherri's eyes filled with tears as she ran to her father.
"DAD!" Sherri shouted running into his waiting arms. He hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head lovingly.
"How's my Sherri?" Jason whispered happily as she looked up into his eyes and smiled.
"I'm fine now that you and Taylor are finally safe! This is like the best birthday present in the world!" Sherri gushed as she saw Taylor stir with Walker petting his forehead lovingly.
"Yeah tomorrow is your birthday. I'm sorry that we are going to be in the hospital for it." Jason said as Sherri shook her head.
"Please Dad don't worry. I just want you and Taylor to get better. We can always celebrate my brithday when you get out." Sherri consoled not wanting him to feel bad.
"Where? Where am I?" Taylor moaned fluttering his eyes open when he saw his father looking down at him.
"You're in the hospital. Everything is going to be alright Tay." Walker crooned as he smiled petting Taylor's damp hair back from his forehead.
"I'm thirsty." Taylor rasped swallowing hard.
Ike grabbed the cup of water that had a straw in it on the table and brought it up to Taylor's lips. Taylor grinned up at his brother and took a sip.
"Thanks Ike."
"Welcome." Ike smiled putting it back down.
Zac sat down on the end of Taylor's bed and reached out grabbing Taylor's ankle.
"It's good to see you back." Zac smiled seeing his brother nod.
"How are you doing Jason?" Taylor asked turning his head and smiled seeing Sherri next to her father.
"I'm tired but I'm happy now. Did you know that Taylor here is a pretty good doctor?" Jason chuckled as everyone looked at him.
"I am not." Taylor smiled.
"What are you talking about?" Ike asked wondering what Jason was talking about.
"Tay took good care of me out there. He actually made up a poultice to help our congestion and gave me a shot of penicillin. If it wasn't for him I would be a lot worse then I am now." Jason explained seeing Taylor blush at his words.
"You gave him a shot? Now I would have loved to have seen that!" Zac laughed with everyone else cracking up to.
"Well I..I..." Taylor stammered not knowing what to say and then smiled.
"Well I think we should let you two rest now. We will come back tomorrow. Okay?" Walker suggested knowing they both needed to sleep. They all said their goodbyes and left as Taylor looked over at Jason wondering what he was thinking as he looked off into space.
"What's wrong?" Taylor asked clearing his throat.
"I want to call to see how Alice is doing! I miss her very much." Jason crooned as he looked at the phone on the table.
"Well call her then." Taylor smiled and watched as Jason reached out and grabbed the phone placing it into his lap. He dialed the Hanson's number and heard it ringing. Taylor bit his bottom lip as he pulled his cover up a little over his chest.

"Hello?" Diana answered sitting down on the couch.
"Diana? This is Jason. Taylor and I are now in the hospital and ..." Jason began.
"I know. Walker called earlier. How are you?" Diana asked smiling when she got up and headed toward Alice's room.
"I... I'm fine. Can I speak to Alice? I really miss her. How is she?" Jason asked noticing that Taylor was listening in and he smiled at him.
"I'm heading for her room right now. She is doing fine. She doesn't like sitting in bed all day but I am making sure she follows all the doctor's instructions." Diana laughed as she opened the door and saw that Alice was watching some TV as she nibbled on some crackers. She looked up at Diana noticing she was on the phone with someone.
"Alice? Someone wants to speak with you." Diana smiled handing her the phone.
"Who is it?"
"Find out." Diana teased and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Hi sweetheart! I miss you and love you!" Jason cooed and smiled with Taylor sitting up a bit.
"Jason! I love you too!" Alice gushed with tears filling her eyes as Diana laughed softly seeing her face light up with joy after so many days of worrying over Jason and Taylor.
"How are you honey?" Jason asked with concern.
"I'm just fine and the baby is kicking something awful. I think he wants out soon." Alice smiled feeling like she wanted to jump through the phone to hug him.
"I have been thinking about you. Well Taylor is here with me and we both are doing great. We are both weak but we'll recover soon and then we are coming home to you!" Jason exclaimed seeing Taylor cast his eyes up and down still smiling at him.
"Oh that is so wonderful. You know tomorrow is Sherri's birthday and I feel so bad that I can't be there for her. Here it is her seventieth birthday and..."
"I was thinking about having a party in our room here. I want it to be a surprise and we could set up a speaker phone for you and Diana. I know it is not like being here but then you can hear everything. How does that sound? I will call Walker tonight and we will plan the surprise." Jason suggested as Taylor smiled from ear to ear as he sucked in a shaking breath of air.
"Oh that sounds fantastic! I bet Sherri will think she will be having one boring birthday since we are all separated from one another. Are you sure you are both up to it though?" Alice asked with concern.
"Sure we are. Taylor is still a little feverish but I am sure he will feel a lot better tomorrow." Jason assured her.
"What did she say?" Taylor asked cutting in wanting to know and thinking it would be a fantastic idea to surprise her after all she went through.
"She wanted to know if we are up to it."
"Tell her.... I sure am! This will be so awesome for her!" Taylor rasped as he started to cough and then stopped swallowing hard and smiled through his tears.
"Take it easy there. Don't get to excited." Jason chuckled as he went over some plans for the surprise birthday party with Alice.

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