To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 25 - Buried In Deep - Continued

Tim reached the area with the cabin just below them. He looked over at Pete who then climbed to the back where Walker, Isaac, and Zac with the other men who were looking out the windows.
"It's down there?!" Walker shouted seeing Pete nod his head and then opened up the door on the side with the icy cold air rushing in.
"The cabin is just below us!" Pete shouted back and peered out the door as he looked at the snowy surface below. He frowned looking at the huge tree that was buried in the snow on top of the door.
"How are we going to do this?" Another man, named Jess, asked as he came up next to him with Walker and his sons listening intently to their conversation.
"I am going to go down there first and look at the situation and then we will go from there!" Pete declared and stepped back from the door.
"Get the cable working!" Jess ordered loudly as they started to prepare Pete for the drop.
Zac watched feeling excitement run through him liking the idea that they were so close to his brother now.
"Should we contact Jason and Tay?" Isaac asked looking at his father who turned toward him.
"I think they will when they are ready Ike! Let's just let them do what they have to do here. Okay?" Walker loudly bellowed over the noise of the helicopter seeing Isaac nod his head. Ike got up and moved toward a window wanting to see the ground below them.
Pete was finally ready as he moved toward the door and was hooked up to the line. They watched as he took a little jump and then slowly was lowered down to the ground.
"HOLD!" Pete yelled dangling just above the snow. He could tell that it was at least six feet deep. He swallowed hard and then made a signal to Jess and saw them lower a shovel to him. He grabbed it when it came in reach. He carefully flipped it as he spun around slightly and then jammed it into the snow and started to dig throwing the snow to the side. He kept digging till there was a hole and then dropped the shovel below him. He noticed that it banged against the wood of the cabin door.
"Lower me NOW!" Pete shouted as Jess made a signal and then watched as Pete went into the snow and stopped the cable when he saw Pete stand.
"He's standing on the door! YES!" Zac bellowed feeling happy. He watched as he saw Pete shoveled more snow to clear more of the area around the door.
"Man! Look at that tree." Ike frowned seeing the massive trunk that covered the door.
"How are they going to get that thing off?" Walker asked rubbing his forehead nervously and wishing that he could see his son again. Fear raged through him as he kept watching Pete.
"Let's get a team down there!" Jess yelled seeing Walker and his sons stand up.
"Okay. We will bring you three down first and follow what we tell you guys." Jess smiled seeing the Hanson's all nod looking anixous. He prepared them and one by one lowered them down to where Pete was still digging as he tried to unbury a branch that was near the entrance to the door.
Zac grabbed a shovel and started digging on the right side noticing that everyone was working hard to clear the snow around them.
"Do you think they hear us down there?" Ike asked taking a breath feeling exhausted as the threw another shovelful of snow to the side.
"I think they do. Hey! Listen!" Zac shouted hearing a low barking sound just below them.
"It's Snow!" Walker bellowed as everyone smiled knowing it was Jason's wolf by the door.
"I think he wants out very bad." Zac chuckled wondering what Jason and Taylor were doing. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't be by the door themselves.
"But... where is Jason and Tay?" Isaac asked fearfully thinking the same thing.
"I don't know. Just keep working. Maybe we can get them out soon." Pete said as Walker crinkled up his eyebrows wondering why he said that as he gazed at the huge tree.
"And why would you say that Pete? I mean look at that thing." Walker frowned pointing at the huge trunk in front of him.
"I notice that the tree here isn't leaning to heavily on this side where the door opens. If we can cut off this branch here... we may be able to open the door just wide enough to get in." Pete explained seeing Walker's face light up at the news.
"GREAT! Let's do it then!" Walker shouted with joy filling his heart.

Several hours later they finally had the branch cut away. They were now ready to try to go in as Pete called in their progress.

Jason and Taylor listened while they both laid in bed hearing the rescue team working above them. Taylor rose up slowly when all he heard was the noise of the helicopter.
"What are they doing now?" Taylor asked noticing that Jason sat up next to him feeling just as curious.
"I don't know. I hope they are..."
"JASON?! TAYLOR?!" They both jumped as they heard someone call out to them. They heard the door lifting.
"We're here!" Taylor rasped loudly as he started to cough again feeling a excitement surge through him.
"Can you come up by the door?" Pete shouted down to them when suddenly Snow bolted up the staircase and Jason smiled hearing someone yelp in surprise.
Pete let out small scream when the wolf's head popped up out of the one foot opening. Zac laughed and bent down petting Snow on the head as he barked in approval.
"Man! He scared me!" Pete grumbled and then smiled.
"Can't we open this thing any further?" Walker asked as the men were gathered around the door.
"I am afraid if we cut anymore of the tree branch away it might rock toward toward the door and then it will really trap them inside." Pete explained as Walker nodded understanding.
"Can you guys come to the door?" Pete shouted again and wondered what was going on.

"Just give us a second!" Jason called out and looked at Taylor knowing he was very weak and sick from the fever that engulfed him.
"We... we can go now." Taylor smiled sucking in a deep breath that felt painful in his lungs.
"We have to get dressed here Tay." Jason said as he slowly got out of bed still feeling very weak himself. Taylor watched him as he went over by the closet and pulled out the coats and other winter clothing and came back to the bed plopping them down on the edge. He then shakingly walked up to the stairs and looked up into the face of Pete noticing that Snow was now outside with them.
"I have to get Taylor dressed and me too! We are both very sick down here." Jason smiled running his hand across his forehead shivering a little from the draft of cold air.
"How bad is Tay?" Walker shouted over Pete's shoulder with concern in his voice.
"He has a high fever. I am not to good myself. We will be ready in about fifthteen minutes." Jason told them as he started to cough and bent over at the waist with Pete and Walker watching sadly.
"Just take it easy Jason. No rush here. We are going to get you guys out." Pete assured him seeing Jason look up at him with tears in his eyes from coughing so hard.
"Yeah." Jason rasped and then turned seeing Taylor grabbing for a coat. He came up to the bed and saw his clothes hanging over the chair next to the small table. Slowly he took off the pajamas and put on his clothes as Taylor slid himself to the end of the bed putting on the winter coat and flipped the hood up over his head.
"We are getting out today?" Taylor asked smiling up at Jason.
"Yeah they made a opening up there. I can tell it is very cold outside so let's bundle ourselves up really good. I don't want you to get any worse." Jason smiled as Taylor nodded understanding.
"I feel the same way about you. You don't look so good yourself Jason." Taylor stated seeing Jason crack a grin at his concern.
"Snow is outside now. Let's get out of this place Tay. Are you ready?" Jason asked chuckling a little seeing that they both were sweating from the warm coats because of their fevers.
"I'm set. Let's go!" Taylor declared as he stood up feeling a little dizzy. Jason put his arm around him and slowly they walked up to the stairs together.
Jason let Taylor go up first as they ascended the stair case seeing the anixous faces of the men above. Taylor blinked back trying to clear his blurring eyes. He looked back seeing Jason just behind him.
"Hey Tay!" Walker smiled as he bent over peering into the crack seeing Taylor's pale face smile up at him.
"Dad!" Taylor rasped reaching out his mittened hand toward him as Walker grabbed it squeezing it gently.
"The opening is to small. How am I going to squeeze through that?" Taylor asked as Jason came up next to him.
"We are going to lift the door as much as possible. We want you both to come out at the same time. Alright? So get next to each other and when we say go... go!" Pete instructed seeing them both nod.
"Okay... LIFT!" Pete bellowed as they all lifted the door feeling the strain of the weight of the tree.
"GO!" Jess shouted as Jason and Taylor dragged themselves through the opening.
"Tay?! Keep going!" Pete shouted noticing that Taylor suddenly stopped.
"I feel so... so dizzy." Taylor groaned, desperately trying to follow what Pete told him but he couldn't find the strength. Walker and the men were losing the hold.
"He's going out. Tay!" Jason shouted as he saw the door closing down on Taylor's legs noticing that the men were trying not to let it drop. He then reached out grabbing Taylor's hands and pulled him out the rest of the way.
"He's clear!" Jason rasped as they let the door go hearing it slam shut.
"What happened?" Zac asked bending over Taylor with Jason feeling scared.
"He passed out." Jason murmured, flipping Taylor over into his lap as he hung limply in his arms.
"We have a basket lowered Jason. We'll put him in first." Pete suggested as Walker bent down next to Jason and lovingly petted Taylor's head. He saw his body jerk as his eyes fluttered open.
"Ja..Jason?" Taylor groaned looking up into eyes and then saw his father and brothers looking at him also.
"Just take it easy Tay. We're taking you home." Walker crooned lovingly, with tears filling his eyes as Pete and Jess grabbed Taylor and laid him gently in the basket and covered him up. Pete signaled and then they watched as the basket rose up to the helicopter.
"You did it! Thanks guys!" Jason smiled feeling very weak. Isaac placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.
"You don't look so good Jason."
"I think you should take us both to the hospital. We both caught a very bad viral infection." Jason explained wishing he could lay down again feeling extremely exhausted.
"Luckily the tree wasn't as bad as we thought it would be." Pete said as Jason looked over at the door seeing that most of the trunk was toward the back.
"Thank God for that." Jason agreed smiling as Jess and Pete helped him into the basket.

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