To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 25 - Buried In Deep

Jason jumped as he started to cough shaking the bed in the process. When he finally stopped he blinked clearing his eyes while he cleared his throat looking up at the ceiling above him hearing a loud rumbling sound. Excitement ran through him realizing it was a helicopter just above him. He turned looking at Taylor and then frowned noticing that he was sweating profusely.
"Tay?" Jason rasped as he rolled toward him and gently raised his hand and felt his burning forehead. He jumped again when he heard Snow start to bark. He turned and noticed that the sound was coming from the staircase.
"Snow?" Jason weakly called out to him.
"No. Don't. I don't want to fall." Taylor mumbled through his feverish haze.
"Tay? It's gonna be alright. They are here. Can't you hear them?" Jason asked sadly knowing that Taylor didn't know what was going on around him as he looked fearfully up into Jason's eyes.
"Where?" Taylor asked swallowing hard as he licked at his dry, cracked lips. Jason felt worried seeing that he was in a feverish haze.
"They are above us in a helicopter Tay. How are you feeling?" Jason asked with concern as he rose up on his elbow still feeling shaky and weak.
"Huh? I... I don't feel very good. It's so hot in here." Taylor moaned running his hand across his forehead wiping off the dripping sweat that continued to drip down the sides of his face. Suddenly a bout of coughing took hold of him while Jason gently rubbed his chest noticing that the poultice was cold now. He lifted up Taylor's shirt when he finished coughing and carefully pulled it out plopping it on top of the small table next to him. Taylor sucked in a painful breath as he tried to sit up.
"No Tay. Just lay back down." Jason said as he grabbed Taylor's arm pulling him down.
"I..I can't breath! It's so hot in here! I need..." Taylor groaned fearfully as he darted his eyes from side to side while Jason forcefully pushed him down onto his pillow.
"You have to stay warm." Jason rasped again while he cleared his throat and swallowed hard pulling the covers over Taylor gently.
"What's that sound?" Taylor asked looking up at the ceiling and crinkled his eyebrows together.
"That's the helicopter with the rescue team. They are going to get us out of here Tay." Jason answered watching Taylor turn toward him looking up into his eyes.
"I'm scared. I feel so awful Jason." Taylor moaned with tears flooding his eyes. He never felt this bad from a cold before.
"I know Tay. Just rest now. They will..."
"I have to go to the bathroom." Taylor announced glupping hard and wondered how he would make it to the bathroom that was across the room from them.
"Well actually I have to go myself." Jason smiled weakly and sighed as he looked toward the bathroom.
"How are we going to do that?" Taylor asked sucking in a rasping breath of air as a shiver ran up his spine.
"Let me think here." Jason began when he saw Snow come down the stairs and then layed down at the foot of the stairs.
"Jason? I have to go really... bad!" Taylor exclaimed as Jason turned to look down at him with concern.
"Okay... try to sit up again. But take it slow." Jason said as they both sat up together. Taylor shivered next to him. He ran his arm around his shoulders lovingly knowing that Taylor's fever was still pretty high.
"Feel okay?"
"I feel miserable but right now I have to go. Oh man!" Taylor moaned when they both looked up hearing movement above them.
"I think they are trying to come down by the door." Jason mumbled licking his dry lips.
"Now I feel extremely cold. I must have a high fever." Taylor stated as he started to shiver violently, grabbing onto the cover and pulled it up to his chin, trying to get warm.
"Yeah... I think you do. I am going to get out of bed first then I am going to help you out. We will take this slow and easy. We will make it. Alright?" Jason smiled watching Taylor nod in agreement. Slowly Jason stepped out of the bed. A dizzy spell hit him as he rocked a little forward, but caught his balance.
"You okay Ja..Jason?" Taylor asked with concern, seeing him nod his head as he reached out his hand. He dropped the cover and grabbed his hand as Jason pulled him toward him. He carefully helped him to his feet.
"Think you can make it?" Jason asked noticing that Taylor was still shivering somewhat.
"Yeah. I..I can make it." Taylor assured him looking up at Jason nodding feeling a little unsteady, but all he wanted was to relieve himself at the moment.
"Just hold onto to me and we will walk together." Jason said as Taylor ran his arm around his waist. Slowly they both took a step leaning against each other for support. Taylor winced feeling some pain shoot up his left leg but kept walking, desperately wanting to reach the bathroom.
"We're doing fine. A few more steps and then we are there." Jason murmured feeling Taylor shaking on the side of him.
"Who... who goes first?" Taylor asked as they reached the door.
"You can. But I am coming in with you. I don't want you to be alone right now with that high fever that you have." Jason declared as he opened the door with both of them entering the room.
Taylor bolted over to the toilet and quickly relieved himself as Jason looked up hearing banging sounds above them.
"You can go now Jason. I'm done." Taylor rasped as he walked toward him when suddenly his legs gave out with Jason catching him.
"Whoa!" Jason exclaimed and slowly let Taylor sit on the floor.
"I feel really weak." Taylor groaned sadly, as he rocked forward placing his head down over his lap. Jason bent down next to him rubbing his back.
"Feel like you are going to pass out?" Jason asked with concern.
"A little." Taylor answered trying to fight the feeling.
"Just stay here and don't try to get up." Jason instructed as he too finally relieved himself.
"I... I'm not going anywhere." Taylor whispered as he started to feel hot again instead of cold. He moaned feeling very off center.
"I'm going to carry you back to bed Tay." Jason said lifting Taylor's face and could see that he was very pale.
"Okay." Taylor mumbled as Jason carefully lifted him off the floor. He sucked in a deep breath and walked into the main room.
"Just hang on. Almost there." Jason stated feeling extremely tired and weak.
"You don't look so good yourself." Taylor said with concern hoping that Jason could make it back to the bed. He could feel Jason's body shaking under him but had a look of determination on his face.
"Made it!" Jason exclaimed as he carefully laid Taylor down on the mattress. Taylor weakly dragged himself to the other side letting Jason get in. Both of them panted feeling out of breath when they started to cough violently. Taylor bolted up as he coughed feeling like his lungs were going to burst. He felt Jason touch his back when he finally stopped.
"Tay? Lay back down now." Jason rasped with tears in his eyes sucking in air and clearing his throat. He watched as Taylor layed back down and turned onto his side toward him pulling the covers up under his chin.
"Should... should we try to reach them out there?" Taylor asked blinking his eyes as Jason looked at him.
"Let them contact us first. It sounds like they are digging in the snow out there." Jason said wishing and hoping they would get them out soon.
"I wonder how deep it is?" Taylor pondered clearing his throat.
"That isn't what concerns me. What I am wondering is... how are they going to get that tree off the door?" Jason angrily muttered crinkling up his eyebrows.
"How big do you think it is?" Taylor asked biting his bottom lip.
"If it is the one from the right side... well it will be awhile before they can get to us Tay." Jason answered truthfully seeing Taylor frown.
"I want to go home."
"Yeah so do I. Are you warm enough kiddo?" Jason crooned softly with concern.
"I'm fine. Just feeling...." Taylor began watching Jason look up at the ceiling in deep thought. "What's wrong Jason?"
"Just thinking about Alice and the baby." Jason answered with his eyes filling with tears.
"She's fine Jason. My mother is taking good care of her." Taylor smiled seeing that Jason didn't seem to find comfort in what he said.
"I know. It's just... just..." Jason hesitated and licked his lips again.
"What?" Taylor asked sensing that Jason was keeping something inside him.
"It's nothing."
"Are you worried about the baby? I mean, that something will go wrong with the baby?" Taylor asked, blinking back the sweat that dripped into his eyes.
"Well... I..I... no. I don't know if I can really handle being a father. I mean I'm scared. I know it sounds stupid but will I be a good father to the baby?" Jason asked seeing Taylor raise up slowly.
"Of course you will Jason. Why would you think otherwise? You will make a great father!" Taylor exclaimed not understanding his fear.
"I wasn't such a good father to... I mean he died in my arms." Jason croaked with a sob as tears filled his eyes remembering his son.
"That wasn't your fault. Jason? Look at me. That was something that happened that was beyond your control. You can't think like that." Taylor consoled as he coughed a little swallowing hard. Jason reached out his hand and grabbed the side of his head lovingly.
"Thanks Tay. I guess I needed to hear that again." Jason whispered with tears in his eyes as Taylor smiled at him.
They both suddenly jumped hearing a crashing sound from outside.
"What was that?!" Taylor exclaimed darting his eyes from side to side.
"I don't know. I hope they find a way to get that tree off the door." Jason rasped feeling worried as he looked at Taylor next to him feeling glad that even though he had a high fever he was still aware of what was going on around him now.
"I wonder what they are doing out there?" Taylor mumbled as he rested his head onto his pillow again.
"What day is this?" Jason suddenly asked.
"Umm... I think it is March twentieth." Taylor answered wondering why he asked.
"Tomorrow is Sherri's birthday and I am afraid we won't be there for her." Jason groaned angrily running his hand through his wet hair. He wished somehow they could get out of this mess that they were in. It worried him because he knew the baby was due very soon also and he didn't want to miss the birth of his child.
"I think she knows that Jason. Actually my brothers and I were suppose to be doing some promotion work but... but I just had to go hurt my hip again." Taylor moaned as Jason smiled looking deeply into his eyes.
"Yeah I guess this whole mess that we are in really disrupted our plans for us." Jason said with Taylor nodding.
"I hope they can help that guy, David. You should have seen how obsessed he was with Sherri. He really believed that she loved him and I was trying to take her away from him. He just left me out there to die." Taylor explained sadly, casting his eyes up and down, as he remembered what he did to him.
"Don't worry Tay... they will. In some ways I feel sorry for people like him. But now he will probably get the help he needs. I just hope he can reason out in his mind that Sherri isn't his to own. I just hope that she doesn't blame herself for what has happened here." Jason rasped looking up at the ceiling hearing them still working outside.
"I wish they would contact us. I like to know what they are doing out there." Taylor murmured as they both looked up at the ceiling and listened to the noise growing silent.

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