To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 22 - Waiting Out The Storm - Continued

Taylor jerked awake hearing Jason groan. He slowly blinked trying to clear his eyes as he lifted his head up a little seeing that Jason was rolling his head from side to side. He sat up feeling a kink in his neck as he rubbed it and then leaned forward a little noticing that Jason looked very sweaty again. Taylor licked his lips and grabbed the cloth from Jason's forehead and dipped it into the water again. He gently patted the wet towel around Jason's face slowly.
"Please Jason be alright. I need you so much. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't...." Taylor began but couldn't finish as tears welled up in his eyes. He shakingly put the towel on his forehead again and looked down at Jason lovingly. He turned when he heard a tiny wimper by his side and noticed that Snow was laying next to his chair.
"It'll be alright Snow. I am going to try my best to help him. I just wish I had some of the ingredients for the poultice that I think might help him somewhat." Taylor rasped bowing his head and swallowed hard noticing that his throat was sore.
"Oh no... I..I can't be catching a cold." Taylor groaned with tears in his eyes. He got up and took a step forward and then cringed feeling pain in his side when he placed his weight down on his left side.
"I can't let this get me down. I have to be okay." Taylor declared as he limped badly over to the table and saw the paper with the recipe on it. He picked it up and read the words. Suddenly a thought entered his mind.
"If Jason wrote down these things...he must have tested them or otherwise why would he keep them, if they didn't mean something to him." Taylor looked up and then around the huge room wondering where Jason would store these herbs and other things. He jumped when suddenly the lights dimmed and then went back on again. Taylor looked up fearfully at the ceiling.
"Oh oh." He swallowed hard noticing that the lights flickered again. He quickly went to the large storage room in the back and saw the generator. He walked up to it and opened a panel. He heard it hum thinking it now sounded okay.
"Please don't shut down on us." Taylor thought and then saw a large wooden cabinet on the wall to the right. He limped over to it and grabbed the handle opening the door. He jumped back slightly and a huge smile crossed his face.
"Wow! Look at that!" Taylor shouted with joy looking at bottles and cartons that were labeled with the herbs and spices and various other things. He looked down at this sheet of paper and then saw that the stuff to make the poultice was all here in this cabinet.
"I knew he had to have stored them somewhere. I know that Jason would have to test these things to see if they worked right." Taylor chuckled and then started to find the stuff that he needed and placed them into a basket that was on the floor next to the cabinet. He saw a box on the bottom and wondered what was in it. He opened it seeing several syringes that were sealed in clear packages.
"Why would he have these?" Taylor asked himself thinking that these were for injecting someone with. He grabbed them when he remembered that there were vials in the fridge. He thought maybe if he looked up some of the words that were written down on them that maybe one would help Jason's pneumonia. He walked back into the other room and placed the basket down on the table. He turned and opened the fridge seeing them in the back. He pulled them out and then walked to Jason's desk grabbing a dictionary of medical terms. He sat down on a chair and lifted the first vial out and then looked up the name.
"Nope." Taylor mumbled doing the same with the next few. Sadly he placed them back knowing that none of these medicines would help pneumonia. He picked up the last one and jumped seeing the word 'penicillin' written on the tag.
"This is it!" Taylor yelled with excitement running through him. He flipped through the pages finding the word and read how much a dose would be for a man Jason's size. He swallowed hard reading that some individuals were allergic to it and if given that person could die.
"I wonder if Jason is? Oh God... what do I do here?" Taylor questioned running his hand through his hair feeling unsure of himself. He knew Jason was growing sicker by the moment and this could help him. He licked his lips feeling scared trying to make a decision.
"If I don't Jason will just get worse and maybe die. He needs help and the storm out there is not going to make it easy to get to us. There isn't time. And if Jason has this here it might mean he isn't allergic and wanted it just in case. It's still good yet." Taylor thought looking at the expiration date that Jason wrote down on the tag. Nervously he paged through the book looking up on how to give a injection. Taylor knew he hated needles and now he would have to give Jason a shot to save his life. He found the page and carefully placed it back in the holder. He read through taking into memory each step. He closed the book and gulped hard. He grabbed a syringe and carefully opened the package and saw the cenimeter count lines on the side. He grabbed the vial and stuck the needle in and watched the fluid flow into the syringe and stopped at the right dosage. He placed the vial back into the holder and then stood up putting the thing back in the fridge.
He nervously walked over to Jason and sat down holding the needle and then gently put it down on the table making sure that the tip didn't touch anything. He raised Jason by the hip and rolled him over onto his side. He pulled down his pajama bottom a little on his right side and then took the cotton that was in the box also and swabbed down the area where he would inject the penicillin into his upper buttock, like he read in the book. Taylor sucked in a rasping breath feeling a little woozy thinking about it. He rested back trying to regain his senses again. He then leaned forward grabbing the needle. He hit the side making sure no air bubbles were inside the fluid.
"Oh God let me do this right." Taylor murmured feeling his heart start to race as he put the tip near the skin of his butt. He sucked in a breath holding it and then injected the needle in and pushed the slider seeing the penicillin go in. He carefully pulled the needle out and sighed deeply and then put a cotton swab over the area holding it until the blood stopped. Taylor felt a little dizzy, but proud of himself for not fainting.
"Oh man I hate needles." Taylor moaned softly and then stood up rolling Jason onto his back again. He sat for awhile noticing that everything seemed to be okay.
"I did it. Thank you Lord." Taylor whispered hoping that the penicillin would work. He wondered what time it was and looked over at the clock noticing it was very late. Exhausted he laid back in the chair and then noticed that the chair had a switch that made the chair go all the way back.
"Good. I want to lay down really bad." Taylor thought and then swallowed again feeling how sore his throat was. He was very hungry but was to tired to even eat. He closed his eyes wanting to rest for at least a few hours before daylight would hit. He prayed that Jason would be better in the morning as he slowly fell asleep.

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