To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 23 - The Rescue Begins

Taylor jumped sitting up feeling a little disoriented and could hear a loud scratching sound up by the door. He swallowed hard and slowly got up wondering what could it be? Carefully he limped toward the stairs gazing up the staircase seeing that Snow was growling and anixously scratching at the bolt on the door.
"Snow?" Taylor called out noticing that the wolf didn't hear him. Slowly he took a step coming up behind him. Snow turned showing his teeth which made Taylor jump back a little knowing that he looked angry.
"What is it? You can't get out boy. We're trapped in here." Taylor whispered as he took a step down not wanting to get near the wolf when he was in this state. He watched as Snow kept insisting on scratching at the bolt lock hoping that the door would open. Taylor felt confused not knowing what to do. He looked down the stairs trying to think of a way to stop the wolf, when suddenly Snow turned facing him and growled loudly at him, with Taylor jumping slamming his body against the wall.
"Um... calm dow..down." Taylor stammered fearfully as he stared deep into Snow's angry eyes. He wondered what Jason would do in this situation. He knew for some reason the wolf desperately wanted to go outside. Taylor licked his lips not wanting to move a inch seeing that Snow was still growling at him. He drew in a sigh of relief when Snow turned back toward the door and resumed his desperate scratching. As quietly as possible he went down the stairs and then turned and sucked in a sharp breath when he saw Snow bound down the stairs coming at him at full speed.
"NO!" Taylor screamed raising his arms over his face, when the wolf leaped and struck him knocking him backwards as they both hit the floor hard. Taylor gasped for a breath and looked up into the angry eyes of the wolf, seeing his sharp teeth just inches away from his face, as he sat on his chest.
"Oh God! Why are... are...?" Taylor rasped in fear not knowing why Snow suddenly seemed to turn on him.

Snow wanted to go outside after hearing the call of the wild earlier from his female mate. His natural instincts wanted to go to her and couldn't understand why they wouldn't let him out.

Taylor shivered not knowing what to do, when suddenly he heard a deep howl resound outside and saw Snow answer the call when he put his head up and began to howl back.
"That's why you want to go outside?" Taylor murmured under his breath. Snow then made a whimpering sound and looked back down at Taylor. Slowly he backed off the young man's chest watching him slowly sit up running his hand through his hair.
"I'm sorry Snow... but you are trapped in here with us. I wish I could somehow make you understand that." Taylor said nervously looking at Snow who then bolted again up the staircase and began to howl.

"Ta..Tay?" Taylor jumped hearing Jason's voice weakly call out to him. Taylor carefully got up off the floor and limped back over to the bed with his heart racing.
"Jason?" Taylor asked seeing Jason blinking as if he was trying to focus his eyes. Taylor sat down while the wolf still kept howling up by the stairs.
"Wha..what's wrong with Snow?" Jason rasped, slowly raising his arm and ran his hand shakingly over his forehead knocking off the wet warm cloth.
"He wants to go outside Jason. There's another wolf out there calling to him... I think. How do you feel?" Taylor asked as Jason turned his head looking up into his eyes.
"Bad. What day is it?" Jason answered swallowing hard as Taylor leaned in toward him.
"I don't know really. You fell into a coma yesterday." Taylor explained with concern, crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Oh. I think my fever went down somewhat." Jason rasped, wishing he could have a drink of water, as he licked at his dry lips, weakly.
"I... I gave you a shot of penicillin that you had in the fridge." Taylor said noticing that Jason's eyebrows went up as he blinked slowly.
"You did what? How did you know how to...?"
"I was reading your medical journals and found the cabinet where you stored all the herbs and stuff. I found a box of syringes in the cabinet. I read this book on how much to give a person and followed the instructions. I hope I..."
"Tay? You're amazing." Jason rasped and smiled reaching out his hand taking Taylor's and squeezed it lovingly with tears filling his eyes.
"I had to do something. You were very sick. I hope that I did the right thing." Taylor said swallowing the lump in his throat hard.
"You did the right thing. It's okay Tay." Jason affirmed sucking in a deep breath still feeling the congestion in his chest.
"I also found this recipe for making a poultice. I have all the ingredients on the table." Taylor explained casting his eyes up and down.
"Tay? Is there any more of the penicillin left?" Jason asked coughing slightly and then cleared his throat.
"Yeah." Taylor answered nodding his head wondering why he asked.
"I want you to give me another shot of the stuff. What you gave me helped somewhat, but I still have a fever and I don't want to slip into another coma." Jason explained, noticing that Taylor kept wincing when he swallowed.
"Right now?" Taylor asked looking at him with questioning eyes.
"Um... yes. Tay? Do you feel alright?" Jason asked with a concerned look in his eyes as Taylor leaned back into the chair a little.
"Yeah... I'm fine. Why?" Taylor answered and turned when Snow howled again up by the door.
"Come here. Lean toward me." Jason demanded seeing Taylor dart his eyes and did as he said. Jason reached his hand out and placed it on Taylor's forehead feeling that he had a fever. Taylor drew back grabbing Jason's hand, pulling it away.
"I'm fine." Taylor stated swallowing hard.
"You have a fever. Are you catching a cold too? Tay?" Jason asked feeling worried, watching Taylor shake his head.
"Yeah... but it isn't that bad. Anyways..."
"Just don't push yourself. If you feel bad or it gets any worse say something." Jason declared as he started to cough. Taylor nodded and watched till the coughing subsided and got up heading for the fridge and pulled out the holder with the vials. He repeated what he did yesterday and walked slowly back by the bed placing the syringe on the table beside him.
"Okay. I'm ready to give you a shot again." Taylor smiled as Jason smiled back. He helped Taylor roll him onto his side and felt Taylor pull down his pajama bottom and stick the needle in. He could hear Taylor breathing heavily.
"You okay Tay?" Jason asked feeling him taking the needle out of his buttock.
"Yeah. I..I just hate needles." Taylor muttered as Jason chuckled a little and then rolled coming down on his back again. He saw Taylor wipe his forehead with the back of his arm.
"Um... Jason? What are we going to do about Snow?" Taylor asked hearing Snow scratching at the door again.
"Just leave him alone. He will give it up soon." Jason answered feeling exhusted.
"Yeah... I just wish..."
"How did you get these pajamas on me?" Jason asked seeing Taylor smile again and sat down.
"It wasn't easy, but you were soaking wet from the fever so I changed you and the sheets." Taylor explained seeing Jason grin up at him looking sleepy.
"Why don't you rest. I am going to make that poultice while you sleep. Okay?" Taylor crooned softly, seeing Jason smile and close his eyes.
"Could use a drink of water." Jason stated licking his dry cracked lips. Taylor nodded and went to the sink grabbing a glass and then filled it up with cold water. He came up to the side of bed seeing Jason look up at him and the glass. Taylor helped him sit up a little and put the glass to his lips watching him drink slowly. Jason grabbed his hand pulling the glass away indicating he had enough.
"That's fine...fine." Jason mumbled as Taylor let him fall back gently and then put the glass on the table next to the bed. He then sat down on the chair and saw Jason fall back to sleep again. He grabbed the towel that was laying next to Jason's head picking it up and dipping it in the pot of water and then replaced it back on Jason's hot forehead. He felt relieved that Jason was at least coherent this time. He turned when he heard Snow coming down the stairs and gulped hard.
"Hey Snow." Taylor mumbled watching Snow looking weary and walked under the kitchen table and lay down resting his head on his front paws.
"Sorry boy." Taylor stated walking over to the table as Snow just watched him with his eyes. Taylor then cleared the table and looked at the walkie talkie as he sat down on a chair.
"Sounds like the storm finally is over out there." Taylor said to himself picking up the walkie talkie and turned it on. He jumped when he heard his father's anxious sounding voice.

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