To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 22 - Waiting Out The Storm

Sherri looked out the window feeling sad watching the snow bury their snowmen. Amy stood by her side wondering what Sherri was thinking about.
"Sherri? You okay?" Amy asked watching her turn to look at her.
"Yeah... I'm just worried about Taylor and my father. Ike said that Tay was trying to call in through the walkie talkie eariler and sounded scared." Sherri stated in a fearful tone of voice.
"They'll be okay Sherri. At least they have one another to lean on." Amy consoled lightly touching Sherri on the arm trying to comfort her.
"If only that David didn't kidnap us, then we wouldn't be going through all this." Sherri angrily said flinging out her arm for emphasis. Amy nodded sadly understanding her fear and worry. They both turned around seeing Ike and Zac walk into the living room and sat down on the couch looking depressed.
"Guys?" Amy asked as they both looked up at her wondering what she wanted. She sat down next to Zac wishing she could comfort them all.
"We're okay Amy." Zac said sensing that she was worried about them.
"I'm sure Taylor will call back and then..." Amy began seeing Ike look over at her.
"Yeah I know he will. I just want to know why he sounded so upset and why wasn't Jason talking?" Isaac questioned knowing something was not right with Taylor and Jason.
"Why won't the snow STOP?! I want to..." Sherri couldn't finish as she burst into sobs as Ike got up and grabbed her hugging her to his chest. Softly he rubbed her back trying to relieve her anguish as she placed her arms around his waist hugging him desperately back. Zac sadly watched and then bowed his head knowing that Sherri was blaming herself for the situation they were in.
"I want my father! Why did David do this? Why!?" Sherri cried out with tears flowing down her cheeks.
"It's gonna be okay Sherri. I know it seems like forever but the weather man said that tomorrow it should be clear skies. Then we can go up there and rescue them." Ike crooned softly still rubbing Sherri's back. She leaned back looking up into his eyes.
"I know something is wrong with my father. I don't know why, but I know." Sherri rasped as Ike frowned feeling the same thing inside him.
"I feel the same." Ike stated as they both sat down with Ike putting his arm around her letting her rest her head on his shoulder as she curled up beside him.
"Why didn't Tay try to call back? What is going on up there?" Zac asked sliding down his body resting his head on the back of the couch.
"I don't know. If there was something wrong you would think Tay would try to call back again." Isaac answered sadly. Zac nodded his head feeling his stomach turn as he thought about his brother.
They all grew silent sitting on the couch wanting to just comfort each other with their worries. Amy leaned in as Zac placed his arm around her also like Ike did with Sherri. They needed the comfort of knowing that they were there for each other in this time of need.

Walker, Ben, and Sam sat in the store waiting and hoping that Taylor would try to contact them again. Sam paced the floor angrily wanting the storm to die out so he wouldn't feel so helpless anymore in this situation. Ben handed Walker a cup of coffee as he sat down on his stool.
"Why won't Tay call in again?" Walker grumbled and then took a sip of his coffee.
"Whatever is happening there must be a reason why he isn't or maybe he thinks that he can't get through." Sam added in walking up to the counter and sat down looking at his cup of coffee that Ben had placed there for him.
"I called into the police station when you guys were eating supper. They told me that boy David is causing a lot of trouble for them. They had to inject a sedative into him to calm him down. His mother will be there tomorrow after the storm ends. That kid is still screaming out his love for the young lady, named Sherri. He thinks that Taylor and her are cheating on him." Sam explained watching Walker frown.
"He better stay away from my son and Sherri... so help me God!" Walker shouted angrily slamming his fist onto the counter.
"Don't worry Mr. Hanson. He won't escape that cell they put him in. That kid needs some serious help. He really is delusional. He has this fantasy in his head about Sherri and believes it is true." Sam sadly stated shaking his head at the thought.
"I hope not. That kid caused a lot of anguish for everyone. My son and friend are trapped out there due to him." Walker exclaimed and then looked at the walkie talkie wishing his son would call soon.
"I don't want Sherri to know what is going on with David. She needs to feel safe and I can tell if she knew this it might scare her really bad. She has been through enough because of him." Sam concluded seeing Ben nod in agreement.
"My granddaughter and your sons are the best thing for her right now." Ben smiled seeing Walker crack a small smile also.
"Yes... they are. Ike, Taylor, and Zac love her very much. They would do anything for her." Walker smiled and then took another sip of his coffee.
"It's getting late. Maybe we should go to bed. This waiting is driving me nuts." Sam said getting up and started to walk to Ben's house in the back. Walker looked up at Ben and smiled.
"Yeah I guess we should. I don't know if I will be able to sleep very good though. I'm worried about Tay and Jason." Walker said as he walked to the house feeling like his legs were dragging under him. Ben went to the door of the store and locked it and then shut down the lights for the night. He hoped and prayed that when they woke up in the morning it would be nothing but clear skies again.

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