To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 21 - Caring For Jason - Continued

"Oh God!" Taylor moaned feeling Jason's weight coming down hard across his chest, which was making it hard for him to catch a breath. With all his strength he lifted Jason up and slid to the right out from under him. He drew in a deep breath and then carefully lifted Jason by the shoulders placing him back down onto the pillow. Tears filled his eyes seeing that he was out cold and then fear struck his heart noticing that blood was in Jason's left hand.
"Ohhhh... Jason. What am I supposed to do?" Taylor moaned sitting down heavily on the chair. He looked down and then shook Jason's arm again.
"Jason? Wake up! Please... wake up!" Taylor begged with agony sensing that Jason might have slipped into a coma. He rocked back squeezing his eyes shut as panic filled him.
"NO!" Taylor shouted angrily and then stood up noticing that Snow was watching him intently from under the table. He saw the walkie talkie sitting on the table and bolted over to it.
"Yes... I'll call Dad. Maybe he will tell me what I should do?" Taylor said to himself with his hands shaking lifting up the walkie talkie. He flipped the switch turning it on and heard the familar static again.
"Can anybody read me? Over." Taylor asked and then listened and hear no one respond.
"Please someone answer." Taylor thought desperately and then tried again.
"Can someone hear me? Over." He said again and still heard nothing but static. He angrily looked at the stairs that led to the door, remembering the tree that trapped them inside.
"Somebody!? Please answer me! Over." Taylor shouted into the walkie talkie. He listened and still no one responded to his call.
"COME ON! I need help here!" Taylor angrily bellowed hitting the table with his fist making Snow jump and run out from under the table. Taylor sat down on one of the kitchen chairs with beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Fear overwhelmed him as he stared at the walkie talkie that shook in his hand.
"Okay Tay... just calm down here. You can't lose control." Taylor thought to himself when Snow came up to him making short yelping sounds, sensing that something was not right.
"Can anybody read me? Over." Taylor asked once again and then listened to the static. He licked his lips praying that the snow storm outside would let him get through to somebody. He didn't want to give up and he kept repeating the question over and over for the next few minutes. Frustration filled him as he grew tired of trying and gently put the walkie talkie down on the table. Snow sat in front of him looking up into his eyes. He reached out and petted the wolf softly on the head.
"I don't know what to do now Snow. Jason needs help and..." Taylor began as he his voice cracked with emotion with Snow coming up to him and placed his huge head on his lap.

Walker, Isaac, and Zac sat by the walkie talkie feeling frustrated.
"Why couldn't Tay hear us? It sounds like he is in trouble." Ike stated looking down at his feet feeling angry and worried.
"It must be the snow storm and it is causing a disruption on their side. Once the storm dies down then we should try to contact them again." Sam explained noticing that Walker frowned.
"It is going to be quite awhile yet. The weather report said that this storm will probably last all night into the morning. I just know that something is wrong up there. Taylor sounded very anixous and scared." Walker exclaimed sadly rubbing his hands down his legs as he sat on a stool next to the counter in Ben's store.
"What would it be? You think maybe something happened to Jason?" Zac asked swallowing hard.
"I don't know. Jason did talk to us eariler and he sounded okay then." Walker stated looking over at Ben who walked in from the back storage room.
"You couldn't get through to Taylor?" Ben asked sitting down on his stool behind the counter.
"No. We could hear his words, but he couldn't hear us trying to respond." Walker answered as he turned and looked at the window seeing the blizzard still raging outside.
"Well why don't you guys go to the house in the back and relax for awhile. I'm sure Susan would fix you something to eat." Ben suggested seeing the Hanson family look up at him sadly.
"I'm really not to hungry. I want to stay here and wait and see if Taylor trys to contact us again." Ike said seeing that his father and brother agreed with him nodding their heads.
"I will call you if Taylor gets through. You all need something to eat." Ben stated noticing that Sam was looking out the window shaking his head.
"But I..." Zac began when his father stood up and sighed deeply.
"You're right Ben. Come on...let's get something to eat." Walker said wanting his sons not to worry. Ike and Zac nodded and followed him to the back with Ben watching them sadly. He then turned looking at Sam and got up and walked over to him.
"It really looks bad. I wonder how we are going to reach them after this thing stops?" Sam asked sadly hating the snow as it buried the earth outside even deeper.
"What do you mean? We know where they are Sam." Ben questioned crinkling up his eyebrows and saw Sam turn and look into his eyes.
"I know we know where they are, but with the depth of the snow will we be able to locate them? Everything out there is buried under snow and that changes the landscape completely." Sam explained as Ben gulped hard not liking what the man was telling him.
"Hopefully some of the landmarks will still be clear enough to follow though." Ben stated with hope in his voice.
"Well we'll see Ben. We'll go up in a helicopter first and view the area to see how bad it is and then we will get a team out there on snowmobiles. I just wish this storm would get over so we don't have to stand here and wait anymore." Sam angrily grumbled crossing his arms over his chest.
"Don't worry we will find them!" Ben exclaimed as he gazed out the window and saw that the sun was setting in the distance.

Taylor got up and walked back over to the bed and sat down and noticed that the soup still sat there ready to eat.
"It's cold." Taylor murmured and then grabbed both of the bowls and walked back to the kitchen pouring the soup back into the pot. He didn't feel hungry as his nerves were knotted up in his stomach. He found a lid and placed it on top of the pot and lifted it as he limped over to the refrigerator and put it on the top shelf. Suddenly he saw some vials sitting in the back and wondered what they were. He picked up one and read the side noticing it was some kind of medicine not understanding the technical word. Carefully he placed it back in the fridge and shut the door.
"Must be some stuff that he was working on." Taylor mumbled walking and noticing his left side was throbbing a little. He felt exhusted as he approached the bed and took the towel that he was using and dipped it in the cold water of the pot and squeezed it out and then bent over Jason dabbing the cloth around Jason's face. Tears filled his eyes when he felt his forehead noticing that it was extremely hot to the touch. He knew Jason was very ill and was now in a coma.
"Why is this happening to us now? Why?" Taylor groaned still dabbing the wet towel on Jason's forehead feeling totally helpless.
"What would Jason do to bring down a fever? This isn't working." Taylor asked himself placing the cloth gently on Jason's forehead and sat down on the chair trying to think of something to do. Snow walked up to the chair and laid down wanting to be near them.
Taylor looked around the cabin and started to notice that Jason had a lot of books and folders by a desk that was near the stairs. Slowly he stood up again and walked over feeling curious and wanting to see what all the paper work was about.
"Hmmm... he was working on something here." Taylor whispered under his breath and pulled out the chair from the desk and sat down making himself comfortable. He slid a thick looking folder in front of him and opened it up peering at the writing.
"Ancient remedies? So this is what he was working on." Taylor mumbled shifting a little in the chair as he began to read. Taylor found the report fascinating as he noticed he was looking into native American cures and treatments.
"Huh! This is the stuff that Jason gave me for pain." Taylor said to himself reading the recipe of how to make the painkiller. He looked up and noticed that Jason had cataloged the different ancient remedies by time periods. He smiled as he reached for a folder on a shelf in front of him that was labled Anicent Rome.
"Wow! He really was into this. Maybe I can find something to help him." Taylor whispered as he opened the folder and began to read seeing many recipes for all of kinds of diseases and illnesses that roman physicians used to cure the inflicted. Taylor became absorbed in Jason's findings as he spent hours reading through Jason's notes and books through out most of the day.
"Ohhhh... I'm so tired." Taylor groaned and then yawned stretching his arms up feeling that his body was exhusted. He turned and saw that Jason was still sleeping soundly. Taylor turned lifting up a sheet of paper that he wrote down a recipe on that was for curing bad colds. He smiled but sadly he realized he didn't have all the materials and herbs needed to make it with.
"This poultice probably would relieve his congested chest... if only I could make it." Taylor said to himself looking down at the paper reading it over. He knew it wouldn't cure the pneumonia but it would make him more comfortable. He wished he had some penicillin remembering that would fight the virus that raged through Jason's body. He cringed thinking of sticking someone with a needle. Suddenly he heard Jason moan and bolted up as he ran over to him limping painfully on his left side.
"Man... my side is stiff." Taylor mumbled and then noticed that Jason and the sheets that he layed on were soaking wet with perspiration. Taylor slid his hand through his hair knowing he had to somehow remove the sheets and change them and Jason.
"Oh man! How am I going to do this?" Taylor questioned as he gazed down at the wet sheets around Jason. He walked over to the kitchen table and placed the sheet of paper on it and then walked over to Jason's dresser and opened up a drawer pulling out a set of pajamas flopping them over his left arm. He squatted and then jumped feeling a pain shoot through his left leg.
"Not now!" Taylor cringed biting his lower lip to combat the pain. He felt it subside as he opened the bottom drawer pulling out some sheets and a pillow case. He painfully stood up and then walked toward the bed and placed them down onto the chair. He looked down at Jason and then sucked in a deep breath letting it out slowly pondering how he was going to do this. First he took the cover off with the top sheet and noticed that Jason was soaking wet under it. He threw it onto the floor and then bent over placing his hands on Jason's hip and shoulder. Carefully he pushed trying to roll him over to the other side.
"Dang! You're one huge... man... Jason!" Taylor grunted using all his strength to roll him when finally his body flipped over onto his side. Taylor swallowed hard making sure Jason was okay by the move, then he pulled the sheet out from under the mattress. He walked around to the other side and then thought that before he pulled the sheet off he should take off Jason's wet clothes and then try to put on the pajamas. He slowly unbottoned his shirt seeing that his chest was soaking wet. He lifted Jason's arm and then pulled it out of the sleeve letting it drop. He pushed Jason back letting him land on his back as he worked pulling out his other arm out of the shirt. He then looked at his pants and frowned.
"This isn't going to be as easy." Taylor murmured and opened the front of Jason's pants. He walked to the end of the bed and grabbed the cuffs of his pants tightly in his hands and started to pull. He felt some pain in his wrists yet from being tied up by David. Taylor puffed out air finding it hard to get the pants off.
"Okay... on three Tay!" Taylor said counting and then pulled with all his strength as the pants came off making him fly backwards onto the floor.
"Ahhhhh..." Taylor groaned sitting up slowly squeezing his eyes shut feeling his left side throb. "That hurt... oh man that hurt."
He stood up slowly grabbing onto the end of the bed for support. He noticed that Snow was just watching intently not making a move. Taylor turned seeing that Jason's underware came off with the pants and now his body was starting to shiver. Quickly he grabbed the pajamas and first placed the pamaja bottoms around his ankles and slowly and carefully pulled them up to his waist working them under Jason's body. Taylor was sweating trying to hurry because he wanted Jason to keep warm. Lastly he put on the top. Taylor finished the work by making the bed around him and covered him up with some more blankets that he found in a closet near the desk. He then sat down panting out of breath.
"I don't want to do that again." Taylor stated through short rapid breaths, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his left arm. He leaned back into the chair wanting to take it easy feeling extremely tired and exhusted. He rubbed his hip hoping he wasn't causing it to become worse by all the activity that he was doing today. He knew if there was a way he was going to get Jason through this. Sleepiness overcame him as his eyes started to shut with his head sliding down the huge chair until his head rested on the arm. Fitfully he fell asleep with Jason still in a deep coma by his side.

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