To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 21 - Caring For Jason

Mary reached out to him through the fire while the flames licked closely all around him. But everytime he reached out his hand to her she seemed to drift further away.
"Mary!" Jason shouted as he desperately tried to reach her. Suddenly he heard a scream of terror and spun around seeing Taylor fall under the ice. He could feel the icy cold of the water as he swam to save him.
"Taylor! I'm coming!" Jason screamed wanting to save the young man who needed him.
"Daddy! Please save me! He's coming for me!" He heard Sherri plead in agony.
"Jason! The baby! Something is wrong with the baby!" Alice's voice tore through the darkness.
Jason spun in a circle not knowing which one to save first.
"Hold on! I coming for you!" Jason cried into the black mist.

"Jason? Wake up! Jason?" Taylor shouted seeing Jason rolling his head back and forth knowing he was having nightmarish dreams due to the fever. Finally Jason fluttered his eyes open with fear covering his face as he looked into Taylor's eyes. He grabbed Taylor's hand that was petting his forehead gently.
"You're alright Jason. Just relax." Taylor winced as Jason squeezed his hand hard looking scared. "I...I have to save everyone. They need me. Taylor? I...I..." Jason cried out in his feverish mind.
"No. It's just a dream Jason. You were having a nightmare." Taylor crooned softly feeling him loosen his grip dropping his arm down onto the bed, sucking in rasping breaths of air.
"It..it's so hot in here. Turn down the heat." Jason moaned licking at his dry cracked lips.
Taylor frowned knowing he had to help in some way to bring down Jason's fever. Carefully he stood up and slowly walked to the cabinets in the kitchen area. He opened a door and saw some pots and pans. He reached in and grabbed a pot bringing it up to the sink. He placed it into the sink and then turned on the water filling it.
"I need a towel or something. Oh God...please let Jason be alright." Taylor thought desperately finding a dish towel and dropped it into the water. Carefully he lifted the pot feeling a twinge of pain bolt into his left side from the weight. He bit his lip ignoring the pain and limped back over where Jason laid seeing him staring at the ceiling looking scared. He put the pot down on the table and reached in grabbing the wet towel and squeezed out the excess water.
"Jason? I'm going to try to bring your fever down." Taylor said and sat down on the huge chair noticing that Jason didn't seem to hear him. Gently he patted the cool towel along Jason's neck and then placed it on his forehead.
"What? What are you doing?" Jason grumbled slowly turning his head looking up into Taylor's sad eyes.
"I...I'm trying to bring your fever down." Taylor stated with his stomach turning into knots. A feeling of dread overcame him hoping he could in some way help.
"I will be alright. I just need to rest. I guess I have a bad cold." Jason rasped as he started to cough. Taylor sprung back seeing Jason bolt up into a sitting position coughing violently with the cloth falling off his forehead.
"Jason? It is more than a cold." Taylor mumbled under his breath fearfully when finally Jason stopped coughing and slowly laid back down trying to control his rapid breaths.
"No...no it's just a cold." Jason confirmed running his hand over his forehead wiping off the sweat that was rolling down his face. He hated the intense pain he felt in his chest everytime he took a breath.
"You're very sick. I'm going to try to get through to Dad and...." Taylor began picking up the cloth that layed on the side of the bed.
"NO! Stop it Tay!" Jason bellowed and then started to cough again. Taylor swallowed hard watching and feeling helpless.
"Jason listen to me! You have a high fever and that cough sounds really bad. Maybe you have pneumonia and I want to...."
"You are not a doctor Tay! Don't..."
"Please let me help you. Okay... I'm not a doctor, but tell me what to do here. You know it isn't just a cold." Taylor forcefully stated placing the wet towel back on Jason's forehead again.
"I'm sorry Tay. I just don't want this to be happening now. You need me." Jason tearfully said realizing that Taylor only wanted to help as he saw the concerned look on his face.
"I am doing fine. Don't worry about me right now. I am more worried about you at the moment." Taylor said while he rubbed his hands together nervously. Taylor jumped when a gust of wind screamed outside from above.
"Sounds bad." Jason murmured looking up at the ceiling again. He felt frustration overwhelm him hating that this virus in him put him down.
"Yeah...the storm is still going out there. Man! I wish it would stop." Taylor grumbled angrily and then looked back down at Jason hating the pale look of Jason's face.
"Tay? We'll get out of this. Don't worry." Jason crooned shakingly reaching out and touching Taylor's arm wanting to comfort him, seeing the scared look on his face.
"I know. I know." Taylor smiled patting his hand on Jason's.
"I'm really thristy. Can you get me a drink of water?" Jason asked seeing Taylor nod.
"Sure." Taylor said standing up and limped over to the kitchen area again. Jason frowned watching him not liking how Taylor was still limping hard on his left side. He sucked in a breath hating the pain he felt in his chest.
"Oh god I think Taylor is right. I do have pneumonia." Jason thought sadly as he slowly went down the list of symptoms in his mind diagnosing the way he felt. He cracked a weak smile as Taylor brought a glass of water over to him. He reached out wanting to take the glass.
"No. Let me help you." Taylor cooed softly and helped him to sit up and held the glass to his lips while Jason placed his hands over his. Taylor watched seeing him swallow slowly. He pulled the glass away when Jason indicated to him to stop. Carefully Jason layed down again sighing deeply.
"Thanks. That tasted good." Jason affirmed as Taylor sat down and put the water glass on the table. Taylor saw the towel was on the side again and picked it up dipping it into the pot of water and rung it out. He placed the towel back on Jason's forehead noticing also that he was smiling at him.
"What?" Taylor asked leaning back in the chair.
"I just never thought that the tables would turn here. Now you are taking care of me." Jason replied seeing Taylor crack a smile.
"I guess it's payback time." Taylor teased but knew in his heart that he didn't know really how to help Jason through this.
"Tay? I don't want to worry you... but I think you are right. I show all the symptoms of pneumonia." Jason seriously stated watching Taylor's eyes grow wide with a look of fear.
"How do I help you? Tell me what to do." Taylor rasped fearfully with tears filling his eyes.
"First I have to get rid of this fever. The cold water was the right thing to do. I am going to need a lot of rest." Jason told him seeing him nod at his every word.
"Is that it? I mean...if you have..."
"Taylor? It is all we can do right now. Hopefully I will fight this thing." Jason stated hoping that his fever wouldn't rise. He didn't want to get to the point of delirlum.
"I...I know you will Jason." Taylor boldly said even though he feared for him deep inside.
"Just keep putting cold compresses on me Tay. That should bring the fever down and do this even when I sleep if you feel that I still am hot and clammy. Okay?" Jason swallowed hard seeing how nervous Taylor looked as he nodded his head.
"I will. I promise." Taylor vowed seeing that Jason closed his eyes. He sat back letting him rest. As the hours went by he kept putting on the wet cold towel, but noticed that the fever wouldn't seem to break. Hunger started to naw at him knowing it was getting late in the day.
"I need something to eat." Taylor thought and then stood up noticing that Snow perked up his head while he layed under the table. He walked over to the kitchen opening up the cabinet door where he knew the food was stored. Sadly he saw only a few cans and reached in grabbing two cans of chicken noodle soup. He reached under and pulled out a pot placing it on the stove.
"Where's the can opener?" Taylor asked as he searched in the drawers trying to get familar with the kitchen area. He turned looking back at Jason sadly noticing he was still sleeping. He then looked up at the ceiling hearing the strong winds blowing outside.
"Why don't you stop!" Taylor angrily shouted wishing the snow storm would finally pass so they could get out of here. He opened the cans and poured the contents into the pot and started the fire. He stirred the soup and then jumped feeling something at his side. He looked down seeing Snow looking anixously up at him.
"You're hungry to...aren't you fellow?" Taylor smiled and then frowned wondering what he could feed him. He let the soup heat up as he carefully looked into some more cabinets and then saw a huge bag of dry dog food.
"I found your dinner Snow." Taylor chuckled and dragged the bag out onto the floor with Snow sniffing and wagging his tail in anticipation.
"Just wait. Stop it Snow! I am going to give you some." Taylor said as Snow nuzzled his face by Taylor's hands as he ripped open the top. He then reached up and took a bowl that was on the counter and put it on the floor. Carefully he poured the food into the bowl watching Snow globbling it up greedily. He then put the bag back into the cabinet and shut the door.
"Must be some good stuff!" Taylor laughed as the stood up and checked the soup noticing that it was now ready to eat.
"I hope Jason can eat some of this." Taylor said to himself as he poured the soup into two bowls. He picked one up and carried it to the table on the side of the bed and placed it down carefully. He looked at Jason and noticed he was still looking bad. He quickly limped back and grabbed the other bowl and the spoons walking back to the chair and sat down. He turned seeing that Snow was still eating contently by his bowl.
"Now to see if Jason will eat some of the soup." Taylor mumbled and leaned forward.
"Jason?" Taylor said softly shaking his arm gently. He noticed he didn't respond and shook his arm again.
"Jason? It's time to eat something. Wake up!" Taylor pleaded and heard Jason moan turning his head toward him and opened his eyes looking confused.
"What? The baby is fine." Jason mumbled blinking his eyes trying to clear his vision.
"I have some soup for you Jason." Taylor sadly stated noticing that Jason looked at him not understanding what he said.
"Alice? Where.....?" Jason asked through his feverish mind.
"No it's Tay. We are in your cabin.....remember?" Taylor rasped fearfully seeing Jason frown at him. Gently he felt Jason's forehead and bowed his head knowing that the fever was now intense.
"Cabin? Taylor is in the cabin." Jason crooned smiling and then licked his lips wondering why he felt so hot.
"We are both here! Don't you remember?" Taylor tearfully begged as he started to shake with fear knotting up his stomach.
"I'm so hot. I have to cool down. Alice? Turn down that heat....NOW!" Jason shouted angrily as he flipped off the blanket that covered him wanting desperately to feel cool.
"No Jason! You need to stay warm." Taylor said standing up and reached over him grabbing the cover wanting to put it back on top of him, when suddenly Jason grabbed him as he sat up. He sucked in a sharp breath of air feeling Jason flipping him onto the bed across his legs and fearfully looked up into Jason's angry eyes as he held him down by the shoulders.
"Who are you? What are you doing to me?" Jason growled feeling disoriented and wondered who this person was that was causing him pain.
"Jason? It's me... Tay! Please... you're hurting me." Taylor shouted, desperately trying to take Jason's hands from his shoulders as he twisted his body trying to get away.
"Taylor?" Jason whispered as he started to cough violently again. He covered his mouth feeling something wet in his hand. He looked down and noticed that he coughed up a small amount of blood. He started to feel dizzy and sick to his stomach. He licked his lips slowly feeling confused and desperate.
"Ja...Jason? I..I.." Taylor began when suddenly Jason collasped forward on top of him.

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