To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 20 - A Winter Wonder Land

Zac looked out the window from the Johnson's living room window noticing that it was lightly snowing again. He couldn't believe how fast the snow piled up in just a few hours.
"What are you looking at?" Amy asked making him jump and turn around seeing her smiling at him as she sat down on the couch.
"Just looking at how deep the snow is." Zac replied smiling seeing Ike and Sherri come into the living room.
"The weather report said there is at least ten inches that fell and they expect more." Ike stated sitting down next to Amy on the couch making himself comfortable.
"I wonder how my Dad and Taylor are doing?" Sherri asked sitting on a chair near the TV set.
"I am just glad that they are safe in that cabin." Zac smiled and turned to look out the window again.
"Umm...Sam and Dad said that they contacted them about an hour ago. Jason said that Taylor is fine but they are trapped out there. The snow buried them inside." Ike informed them as Zac turned around hearing the news.
"Trapped? They can't get out?" Zac asked with worry sounding in his voice as he sat down on a chair next to the couch near Amy.
"Don't worry Zac. They are alright and anyways when this storm passes then we can go up there and get them out." Ike assured them not liking all the sad faces around the room. Sherri blinked rubbing her hands nervously together.
"If it wasn't for me and that David....Taylor and Dad wouldn't be in this mess." Sherri murmured as Ike turned and looked at her crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Sherri? Don't put the blame on you. It was David who started all this. You and Taylor were victims of his abuse. Not you!" Ike declared not wanting Sherri to feel this way about the situation that they were in.
"I know Ike. I just want them to..." Sherri began choking back a sob with tears filling her eyes. Zac stood up and walked over to her and squatted down in front of her.
"They will be fine Sherri! You have nothing to feel guilty about. Okay?" Zac consoled as she cracked a small smile sniffing back her tears as he reached out pulling a long strand of hair away from her face lovingly.
"I love you guys." Sherri rasped wiping away her tears. Amy sadly bowed her head not wanting her new found friend to feel this way too. Suddenly an idea sprung to her.
"Ahhhh...anybody want to go outside and build a snowman?" Amy piped in seeing everyone looking up at her.
"Build a snowman?" Zac asked in a unsure voice standing up.
"Yeah! I bet Sherri and I can make a better one then you guys! Right Sherri?" Amy smiled seeing Sherri's eyes light up at the thought.
Ike looked toward Zac and laughed.
"No way!" Zac bellowed accepting the challenge with Ike smiling and shaking his head.
"Well let's see then...Zaaac!" Amy shouted back smiling from ear to ear. They all bolted up and went to the kitchen as Mrs. Johnson turned around wiping her hands on a kitchen towel wondering why they were all putting on their coats.
"And where are you all going?" Susan asked squinting her eyes in question.
"We are going out in the back grandma and see who can build the best snowman. Is that okay?" Amy asked pulling on one of her boots.
"Aren't you all a little old for building snowmen?" Susan chuckled as Zac turned around flipping his scarf around his neck.
"Nah! There will always be the child in us!" Zac croaked in a funny voice as Ike opened up the door feeling the cold wind hit him in the face.
"Well then.... have fun!" Susan exclaimed liking that they were keeping themselves busy instead of worrying about the situation around them.

Zac and Ike started to roll the main body snowball into place as Sherri and Amy were doing the same. Zac started the next ball as Ike started one for the head.
"It's really a winter wonderland out here." Ike stated breathlessly patting the snow against his ball.
"Yeah ...I...I love it!" Zac grunted pushing his ball near the other one.
"Man you did that fast Zac."
"Well help me lift it onto this one." Zac smiled turning around and saw that Sherri and Amy were both pushing against another ball toward their snowman. He laughed watching them looking happy but tired.
Ike and Zac then placed the next ball on the top and started to pat snow around it so it wouldn't fall off.

"Think we can lift this?" Amy asked brushing the snow off her pants seeing Sherri smile.
"Sure we can. Hey? Let's make arms too for it. Bet they will never think of it!" Sherri exclaimed giggling devilishly at the thought. Amy smiled when they carefully lifted it into place. Amy bent down as Sherri held it grabbing up some snow and patted it around the ball.
"Now for the head." Amy mumbled as she started another ball and pushed it while the wet snow formed a bigger ball. She finally finished as she lifted it and placed it on the top securing it with more snow. Sherri was busy making arms on each side and then looked over at Ike and Zac's snowman and laughed as she saw Zac sticking branches in the sides for arms.

"What's so funny?" Zac asked turning around then frowned seeing the snow arms that Sherri was creating making their snowman look better.
"Uhh...Zac? I think they are..." Ike began smiling at Zac who looked up at him with determination in his eyes.
"Don't say it Ike!" Zac shouted and then cracked a smile.
"I think they won!" Ike finished as Amy came up behind Zac and glanced at their snowman with a smirk crossing her lips.
"I said don't say it!" Zac repeated and saw Amy smirking at him shaking her head.
"Oh WOW! Nice snowman there guys." Amy laughed seeing Zac frown. Sherri joined her knowing that their snowman looked way better then theirs.
"Hey! This is a masterpiece of art here." Zac stated looking at Amy who just laughed harder.
"Oh...okay...Zac. Any...anything you say!" Amy said when suddenly Zac picked up some snow rolling it into a ball between his hands. Amy backed away throwing up her hand.
"Zac?! You better not do what I think you are going to do there." Amy warned backing up farther as he smiled at her making the snow into a tight ball.
"And what is that Amy?" Zac asked smiling and blinked innocently at her.
"Zac?" Amy warned again and then ducked as the ball flew and hit her on the right shoulder.
"Ohhh...you are in for it now my boy!" Amy bellowed as she picked up some snow and rolled her's into a snowball. Zac ran around his snowman to block the ball that was heading for him.
"Coward! Come out and fight like a man!" Amy shouted picking up more snow smiling from ear to ear as Sherri and Ike watched the fight smiling themselves.
"I never said I was a man...woman!" Zac shouted back and then threw another snowball hitting her on the leg. She threw her's and caught Zac in the back of the head as he cringed from the icy snow dripping down his neck.
"Ahhhh...guys? That's enough!" Ike shouted smiling and then was caught in the head with a snowball thrown by Zac. Sherri burst out laughing seeing the snow drip down his shocked face as he shook his head.
"You really think that was funny Sherri?" Ike smiled as she nodded still laughing holding her sides. "YES!" Sherri bellowed when Ike picked up some snow.
"Hmmmm....nice wet snow." Ike mumbled seeing Sherri's eyes grow wide knowing who the snowball was for.
"Ike? NO!" Sherri shouted as she ran away trying to duck when it hit her on the back. She immediately picked up some snow also and threw one back at him missing his left arm.

"This is WAR!" Zac yelled as he threw another hitting Amy on the leg again.
"I am gonna get you!" Amy screamed as she laughed running at Zac who started to run away when she leaped and hit Zac with both of them falling into the snow. Amy straddled on top of him over his stomach with a snowball in her hand.
"Now please... don't Amy!" Zac shouted as he started to laugh at the look on her face.
"Why shouldn't I? You started this Zac." Amy smirked as Ike walked up seeing his brother laughing in the snow.
"Amy? I think you should." Ike smiled with Sherri coming up next to him.
"Hey! This is no fair! You are gaining up on me?!" Zac said with his eyes wide as he licked his lips.
"Where should I give it to him? Hmmmm..." Amy smiled talking in a devilish voice with the snowball sitting in her waiting hand.
"Now Amy? If you do this horrible thing to me....you know I will just have to get revenge." Zac smiled trying to talk her out of it as she lifted up slightly and then dropped down on his tummy, hearing Zac grunt with air rushing out of his mouth from the impact.
"Hmmmm...that's true. But I just can't...." Amy said as she pushed the snowball on the top of his head rubbing the snow into his long hair.
"Ohhhh maaaan!" Zac moaned and then bolted up throwing Amy unto her back and pinned her arms down into the snow and leaned in near her face.
"Did you like that Amy?" Zac asked as Amy smiled and nodded while Ike and Sherri laughed watching them for the entertainment.
"That's nice!" Zac bellowed and then shook his head with the snow flying from his hair as Amy squeezed her eyes tightly closed while Zac made sure all the snow fell onto her face. He chuckled as he stopped and looked down at her seeing her spitting the snow from her mouth. He felt her struggle trying to get away from his grip.
"Okay Zac! You win! You WIN!" Amy yelled as he backed off letting her go watching her sit up wiping the snow off her face with the back of her left sleeve of her coat.
"It's really starting to snow again." Ike stated looking up at the sky.
"Yeah. I guess we should go in now. I'm getting cold." Amy said smiling as Zac reached out his hand helping her off the ground.
"You okay Amy?" Zac asked seeing her face turn into a serious look, thinking maybe she was mad at him for what he did to her.
"Yeah... just looks like it's going to be another bad storm again." Amy murmured under her breath as they all headed toward the house.


Taylor jerked, waking up and looked down at Jason who was moaning softly. He leaned forward and noticed that Jason was sweating a lot. He gently put his hand on his forehead and noticed that Jason felt very hot to the touch.
"Jason?" Taylor rasped as worry filled him. He saw Jason's eyes flutter open as he looked confused staring up at him.
"Where am I?" Jason asked weakly licking his lips slowly.
"We're in the cabin. Don't you remember?" Taylor answered feeling suddenly scared. He swallowed hard wiping the sweat from Jason's forehead softly.
"Oh yeah...the cabin." Jason affirmed closing his eyes again falling back to sleep.
"Oh God! What am I going to do?" Taylor mumbled with fear looking down at Jason when he heard the wind outside whine with fury again.
"The storm is starting again." Taylor thought sadly knowing somehow he had to help Jason now. He sat back trying to think of what to do next.

The storm picked up speed again as more snow covered the ground. The tree was now being buried also under snow and ice. The sky grew into a dark shade of gray dropping its load once again over the earth below.

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